World Market Haul

Hello Underdog! As much as I love Cost Plus World Market, it is not a sponsor. Maybe that will change someday so until then, I will let you all know about my most recent trip to this awesome store! World Market is a store that has a variety of furniture, decorations, clothing, bath and body items and of course food, from around the world! I honestly feel that one of the best ways to learn about other cultures is through the food. It can be very hard to get food from other areas of the world, especially if you live very far away! That’s where places like your local markets can come in handy. However, if you grew up in a very small town like I did, I didn’t have access to anything like a Chinatown, or anything with authentic food out side of Pizza Hut. Cost Plus World Market was my first introduction to foods from around the world and I have continued to find it a great place to go, especially after I have been fortunate enough to travel. Take a look at my World Market haul!


First, the most important thing needs to be addressed! World Market carries Clearly Canadian! I repeat, World Market carries Clearly Canadian! This is something huge for any of us who grew up the in nineties! It is flavored sparkling water that has a variety of flavors such as peach, grape, and cherry. They run about $2.99 per bottle, which honestly isn’t that bad since I recall this drink being more of the expensive treats to get at the convenience store when I was a kid. I can’t begin to explain how happy that I am that Clearly Canadian is back and in stores. It tastes just as good as I remember. I drank 3 or 4 to really make sure for you guys! This still also has the added benefit of what I remember as a child, which is to help calm an upset tummy. It still helps you if you have a bit of acid problems like I do. I’m so excited about this, I may have to go back for another 3 or 4!



I also got a bunch of the mini cheese balls at World Market. I know they are for Halloween, but they were on sale so I stocked up! These will take a very long time to go bad so I have no issue buying several boxes. Each box has 35 individually wrapped snacks size bags filled with cheese balls. An interesting side note, these are great for people who are going through chemo. That is the reason that I bought so many. They are mild enough for the person to eat, and still get a mild and tasty flavor. My cousin, who is currently battling cancer, will eat these so I buy as many as I can until they go away. They are only around for Halloween. These are made with real cheese as well so don’t feel too bad about yourself if you eat a few bags!




The next item I got was some Japanese candy called Super Lemon! This is the funniest packaging I have ever seen since it is made to look like old fashioned comics. That is honestly why I bought them. That, and I love lemon so I was willing to give these a try. I wasn’t prepared for how sour these were! The first taste is just like biting into a real lemon but worse. I would equate this to a war head! After a few very long moments, it starts to calm down and eventually will taste like a regular lemon head. And then it will punch you in the gut again! I actually like these a lot, despite the powerful amount of sour that is involved in this candy. It is a lot of fun, and it’s even more fun to share with your friends and challenge them to a taste test!

I’m not 100% sure where the next item I got came from, but I think it might be French. The candy bar called Coffee Crisp has French¬† writing all over it so I can assume French or Canadian. It does say on the packages that it makes a nice light snack, and comes from natural ingredients. The smell is¬† heavy, like dark chocolate, and espresso beans. With this strong of a smell, I was surprised how light and sweet that this tasted. The flavor of the coffee is just a hint. As you eat, it starts to taste more like a flavored coffee drink. This is a layered candy with the outer chocolate, a crispy cookie, followed by a layer of chocolate flavor and coffee, and then another crispy cookie. I like this a lot, but a little goes a long way.

The last item that I got is called Every Burger. This is another treat from Japan and it’s written all in Japanese so I’m still not sure what it says yet. I am a big fan of the candy kits, and this looks like it could be one. It might just be a box full of tiny gummy shaped in the form of a hamburger. I’m actually going to save this for another Try it Tuesday. I have a few candy making kits so I want to try all of them at one time. This was just one thing that I had to get from World Market while I was there because this looked like so much fun! Stay tuned for the a future Try it Tuesday with the candy making kits from Japan!


That’s my haul from World Market. I hope that you enjoyed it. I love finding gems like these from other countries because you can learn so much about the world through food. I love too learn,and I love eat, so this works out pretty well! What are your thoughts about these items? Would you try any of them out? Leave your comments below!