Who are they: The story of Matt and Diane

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Warning: This post will be describing events which include drug use, sex trafficking, abuse, accidents, and abortion. These events are real, and a matter of public record. The real names of the people will not be revealed until the end of the article. This is not meant to harm, but to educate. This series is meant to make you think without the flashing lights, and public jury. Any and all court cases involved in these stories are done, unless stated otherwise. Do you still feel the same way about the person or situation after all of this is taken away, and left with nothing but evidence? Skip this post if this is something that could trigger you.

This story takes place in America during the 1970’s. Diane had an ideal childhood for a short time. She was the middle of three children, including her older sister, and little brother. Sadly, her Father was absent of most of her childhood, and eventually divorced her Mother. Even though she was a single Mother, Diane agrees that she held it together for the family. They were taken to church, school, and had a roof over their heads, and food in their bellies. Mother made it on a teacher’s salary, and eventually she feel in love with another man, whom she would end up marrying. While Diane at first did not like her Step-Father, she grew to care for him and they would go on to have a wonderful relationship much later in life. He also had a good and solid relationship with both her brother, and her sister.

Sadly, tragedy struck this budding family, and left a hole which would never be repaired. The family was in a car, and was hit. Everyone in the accident was hurt. Diane’s little brother died on impact. Needless to say, life was not the same any longer. What the extent of injury was on the other family members are hard to say, however, the mental pain was torture and lead to the Step-Father having a full mental breakdown, and being admitted to a mental institution. Diane’s Mother never recovered either, and become disinterested in life, and her living children. Needless to say, it was beyond a difficult time for everyone.

Diane felt very alone, and very lost. While she once had a stable and loving home, she now had nothing but grief, pain, suffering, and no one to help guide her through this very difficult time. Diane found her escape in music, and started attending concerts on a regular basis. That is where she meet Ivy, an older girl who took Diane under her wing. She taught Diane how to wear makeup, how to do her hair, and how to dress to get these amazing rock stars to actually see her. Ivy knew how to get back stage, and after several trial and error attempts, she knew Diane was ready. Why wouldn’t she be? Wouldn’t it be fun to lose yourself for a few moments with a rich and famous man? What if he liked her? What if he took her away from all of this?

Diane and Ivy wasted little time in catching the attention of a world famous rock star, Matt. Matt was the leader of a famous band, and was traveling the world. He was hot. He was exciting. He was rich. And he only had eyes for Diane. Diane was young, eager, and ready for adventure. She ended up spending a short time with Matt. By the end, Matt convinced Diane, and maybe even himself, that he was in love with her. He wanted Diane to be with him, no matter the cost.

Matt disappeared for a short time, but when he came back, he had amazing news for Diane. She could come with him on tour! When Diane started to protest, Matt told her that everything was taken care of and not to worry. He had gone to her parents, and they had signed over guardianship of her to him. He was now her legal keeper, and they could travel over state lines. By the way, Diane was 14 years old, and Matt was 28.

Diane was shocked, hurt, and confused. Why would her Mother sign her over so easily? She didn’t even know Matt, but she knew of him. Her Step-Father must not care either. With her sister out of the house, Diane took this all as a sign to leave her home, and all the heartache behind. She wasn’t wanted or needed in her family home. After all, it carried sadness, grief, and suffering. Her Mother had died right along with her little brother, and Diane could see no way back. This was a new start, and she was going to take it.

Diane was taken out of school and spent the next several months on and off tour with Matt. This was a drug fueled orgy of bad choices. But one thing that was certain for Diane, was that Matt loved her, and he was going to take care of her for the rest of her life. After all, he was her legal guardian now. Diane lost touch with all of her friends back home, but it didn’t matter, because she had Matt’s friends. Diane eventually found out that part of the deal of gaining custody of her was she must attend school as much as possible. This never happened. But Diane didn’t care, because her and Matt were closer than ever. She knew it. She had proof.

After being together for a year, Matt and Diane were living in his apartment in his home town. Matt, full of love, and wonder, asked Diane if she ever wanted to have children. Diane said of course, and Matt couldn’t have been happier. He then asked Diane to have children with him, and Diane quickly agreed without much thought! Matt took Diane’s birth control pills and tossed them off the balcony, and left their fate up to the universe. It was meant to be. After all, Matt loved Diane so why wouldn’t they have a family? It took over a year, but Diane would become pregnant as a minor.

By this time, the couple was now living full time at Matt’s apartment. Diane had little contact with her family, but they knew about her pregnancy. Matt was still working his full time rock star job, but wasn’t on tour at this point. Matt decided to take Diane to his family, to tell them the good news, and as a very important question. Matt wanted to know his family would give their blessing for he and Diane to get married. Matt wanted to use his Grandmother’s ring if she was willing. Thing didn’t go how Matt planned. While they were kind to Diane, they were not happy at all that Matt had gotten such as young girl with child, and there was no way this was going to end well. Grandma kept her ring, and told Matt to think about his life choices. They left empty handed, and Matt was full of doubt.

Upon arriving back home, both Matt and Diane threw themselves back into the rock star lifestyle. This included freebasing cocaine even though she was expecting. Matt became more and more distant, and become less interested in Diane. She was sure there was another girl, but she was going to have Matt’s baby, and he was legally obligated to take care of her. He was going to do some things that she didn’t agree with, but at the end of the day, he was hers. Right?

Matt, however, was going back on tour after the break, and headed out without Diane. She would be alone in Matt’s apartment with no money, no food, and no way to get around. She didn’t have a driver’s licence, or an education since she was never enrolled in school after Matt took custody of her. Diane had no one to talk to, no friends, and was afraid. She called Matt and begged him for money for food. She hadn’t eaten in days, and Matt kept saying he would help her. Eventually, Matt agreed to send his friend, Brad, over with food for her. He wouldn’t give her money to go get her own food. What happens next remains to be a mystery to this day.

Brad did come the next day, and all Diane could recall is that she let him in the house. The next thing she knew, she was on the floor and waking up coughing. The apartment was on fire, and the couch next to her was burning. Confused, and overcome with smoke, Diane recalled lessons that she learned in childhood to help her survive the fire. She climbed into the empty fireplace in their bedroom, and prayed. The next thing she knew, she woke up in the hospital.

Matt was there as she woke up. He told her the apartment was gone, but he was so thankful that she was alive. He never asked Diane what happened, but sat silently when the Doctor spoke to hear. Diane had suffered smoke damage, but thankfully, she was going to be okay, according to her Doctor. He also said that the baby was still alive and kicking. She was assured that things looked very good, and she was lucky to be alive. The Doctor did mention an abortion to Diane, letting her know while things look good, they can never be 100% sure. Diane said no, and was told by her Doctor to stop doing drugs if she wants a better chance of a healthy child.

The Doctor left the room, and Matt followed. He was gone for a long time before returning. He seemed serious, and was upset. He told Diane that she must get the abortion. Diane, shocked, told Matt under no circumstances was she going to have one. Matt then went on to negate everything that the Doctor had just told Diane. Matt told Diane that she actually wasn’t okay. Her lungs were full of smoke damage, even though her X Rays were clear. Diane was unconscious, and therefore could have brain damage. If she wasn’t getting enough oxygen to the baby, there is no telling what kind of shape it was in! The truth was that Diane had been exposed to smoke, and had been unconscious for an undetermined amount of time, but all tests pointed towards Diane being healthy, and the baby had a strong heartbeat.

Matt told Diane that even though the baby had a strong heartbeat, it didn’t mean anything. For hours, he argued with Diane about the abortion. Even though she kept saying no, Matt kept wearing her down. Matt eventually told Diane that he was going to send her home to her Mother and that she could have the baby there. Diane panicked. She was sure her parents no longer wanted her. After all, they signed over legal rights to Matt so easily. If they didn’t want her, they defiantly wouldn’t want her with a baby. Diane was convinced that Matt would not provide for her and the child no matter what. She had no money, no education, and no health insurance. She was 100% dependent on Matt for everything. He may not even pay for this hospital visit, and she would be stuck trying to figure it all out on her own. She was mentally beat down, and finally gave in to Matt.

The abortion was done at the Hospital. Diane later said that no one explained to either one of them what was going to happen and what to expect. She was 5 months along, which was almost too far for one to be done during this time. It was very painful and was very traumatizing for both of them. As soon as the procedure was over, Matt took a hit of coke off of the medical table that held the instruments that aborted his unborn son. Matt withheld the gender from Diane to bring up during another argument. later on. He also made it impossible for her to see the child, which Diane deeply regrets still to this day.

Nothing was the same between Diane and Matt ever again. Everyone around her, including Matt, went along with their lives as though nothing had happened. They moved to another apartment, and no one brought up the baby. Diane was sickened about how Matt was acting. He wouldn’t talk about it. He wouldn’t let her talk about it. Life was moving on. She had enough, and found the strength to leave Matt, and go back home to her parents that welcomed her with open arms.

A lot had changed since Diane had been gone. Both her Mother, and Step-Father got a lot of help, and were starting to live a life again. They were unaware of most of the things that happened to Diane after they had signed the rights over to Matt. They were not in their right minds, and eventually worked out that they were all taken advantage of during grief and tragedy. Things were so depressed, lies were told, and Matt painted a very pretty picture. They were hoping he could give her a life that they couldn’t. He took advantage of them all.

Diane’s Mother went into overdrive to help her daughter to get the help that she needed. Diane was able to get clean, get therapy, and get her GED, all with her Mother’s help. Her Step-Father also became active in Diane’s rehabilitation, and the whole family became closer. Diane was able to move on and have a promising career, got married, and had children and grandchildren of her own. She now speaks out against abuse of children, and helps both children and families understand what sex trafficking is all about.

Matt went on with his career and is still very successful . He has millions of fans around the world, most of whom don’t know anything about Diane. If they do, they take his side of the story. Matt wrote his side of the story and describes Diane as an object and attaching little humanity to her. It’s a way that people who abuse can distance themselves from their victims. He also made up lie after lie about her, later admitting that he did this out of spite. Ironically, he now funds a home for abused children. He also has several children of his own. While Diane was pregnant, Matt had gotten another woman pregnant as well. This woman saw the writing on the wall, and left. She didn’t tell Matt about the child until the little girl was older. She gave the child the option of deciding what relationship that she wanted with her Father. The child didn’t carry Matt’s last name, and was not listed on the birth certificate. Mom had complete control of this situation.

The amount of abuse that happened to Diane is mind boggling. While this happened in the 1970’s, it was still extreme for a man to get legal custody over a child that he wanted to have sex with. He used charm, money, and mind games to get what he wanted. He isolated Diane from everything that she once knew, and left her dependent on him alone. Diane didn’t have an education, was afraid that her family rejected her, and by her own admission, didn’t understand any legal rights that she had. Diane was groomed by Ivy, and Matt basically bought her to do whatever he wanted with her. It would never have been a forever arrangement because once Diane became a legal adult, Matt owed her nothing.

The fire was awful. Diane was sure she didn’t set the fire, but what happened, and why did she think that? She has mentioned this several times in interviews. Was there a small part of her trying to get out of the situation that she found herself in? She had no food, or money. Was she afraid that Brad would never show up? Did Brad set the fire, and was it on Matt’s request. Obviously, at this time, Matt didn’t want children even though he was about to have two.

How cruel was it for Matt to beat Diane down and talking her into having an abortion? She felt as if she was in a no win situation, and she didn’t know what to do. She did what she thought she had to do out of distress. Diane was also a child, and was made to believe that she had nowhere to turn, and no answers. She was so isolated that she had no one to turn to but Matt, and he wasn’t leaving the hospital with her still carrying his child.

This is all text book trafficking, and abuse. No one knows for sure how far this abuse went, but we know how the story ended. Diane was very lucky to get out of this situation alive. She was caught up in a fairy tale. A handsome, rich man comes out of nowhere and sees her! He takes her away from her terrible life, and gives her a new one. He proves himself with gifts and a never ending supply of drugs. He made promise after promise for a good life for Diane, but in the end, when he was done, he took everything away from her and didn’t fight when she left him. She didn’t get prince charming, she got the wicked witch. Make no mistake, Diane was a victim of sex trafficking.

So who were these two people? Are you ready to be surprised. You may not know her name, but you most likely know his.

Diane’s real name is Julia Holcomb:

AKA Diane in the book written by the rock star called, “Does the Noise in my Head Bother You?”

Matt is from the band Aerosmith, and his name is Steven Tyler.

You can find both of their stories down below. The evidence gathered came from countless research, reading interviews, and articles from both sides of the story. You can check for yourself and see what you believe, but I stand with her, and the other woman who ran: Bebe Buell, also known as the mother of Liv Tyler.

Ivy and Brad were never named.



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*Author’s Note: There is a a question of the actual age of when Julie and Steven first meet, on both ends. It has been stated by both that she was either 14, or 16. Since 14 was mentioned by both more times, I went with 14. She was still underage by the time she got back to her parent’s home.

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