Who are they: The Series

Happy New Year, underdogs! I am trying out something a bit new with my content. I am always trying to improve and update what I am doing in hopes that someone out there will actually read these, and stop using this site as a spam dumping ground. I have decided to start a series of famous stories, or true crime cases. However, I am changing the names of the people involved in effort to see this story differently than what the media has portrayed it. Sometimes, if you take out the names, the real tragedy of the story has a bigger impact.

This series is not meant to cause harm, but to raise awareness of crimes that have taken place. It is also to show people that they are not alone, and bad things have happened to people from all walks of life. Some of these stories involve lies, drugs, rape, abuse, and death. If you are sensitive to these, please consider skipping. There will be a disclaimer at the start of every one of these posts for you to take into consideration how you would like to proceed. I ask that if you choose to read, and then comment, be kind or your comments will be removed and you will be banned. These are real life events.

The events described are a matter of public record. If there have been any court cases, they have been tried in the court of law and that is that. Unless I state otherwise, the case is over. The point of this series is to not question the courts, but to see the reality of how horrific or even odd the crimes and issues here which will be discussed. If they have not made it court, I ask you to consider the big question of why, and if you believe anything horrible actually took place. We have a cancel society, and a society that judges guilt before evidence is permitted. If big names, or large media attention was not attached, would you still feel the same way about the events and the people?

Justice is always a goal. However, it hardly ever happens the way that we want it to. We must consider that things will not turn out, and the bad person may get away. Nothing may happen to them at all, when we all feel it should be another verdict. “To believe that we will get justice, means that we have to assume we live in a just world. That simply is not true.” Dr. Lance Sweets.

I urge you to put on your thinking caps during these stories. Don’t try to solve who they are, but pay attention to what is going on in the story. When you find out who they are, does that change your opinion on the case, on the people involved, or the situation? I will reveal who the stories are about at the end of the post, so I beg you to not skip ahead and actually read the situation. Some truths are so much more horrible than any fiction that even I can imagine. The first story is going to be a huge surprise for any who aren’t familiar with what happened. It has been attempted to be buried with time, but it happened, and it’s disturbing.

These stories are for those who were victims, who didn’t realize they were victims, and for those left behind. This is not meant to hurt or harm anyone who are innocently involved in this case. For that fact, none of the names, except for those directly involved will be revealed at all. You can find them, I’m not going to lead you to them.

So here is to a new series to help open up some eyes and minds. As always, I highly recommend that you don’t take my word for it. Use my post as a jumping off point for your own research. Do not forget who the victims are in this story. No matter how famous, or infamous the people or the situation are, it is a real story, with real people.

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