Who Are They: The Missing Leading Man

Like many people in the USA, I enjoy movies. When I think back to movies that I have watched over and over again, this actor is either the star, or a huge supportive member to the team. I have always enjoyed his movies, and the various TV shows which he has been part of. That’s why it was so strange and random to see the roles he ended up taking as time went by. They were not up to the caliber of his past work. Then, he just vanished one day without much noise. Or was there a lot of noise that was silenced? This is the story of Gary, a former Hollywood powerhouse.


This post is based off of true events. It is meant for entertainment purposes and not to harm anyone. The events have been covered by the media. While no formal charges were brought up, the detailed record of abuse is a matter of public record. The names have been changed and will be revealed at the end of the post. No names of minors will be revealed. If you are sensitive to discussions of sexual abuse, depression, and medical issues, then please stop reading this post.

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Gary was born in Indianapolis, Indiana but many people believed that he was born in Canada. This must be due to the fact that he and his family moved around a lot. This included places all over the world like Toronto, London, Switzerland, Germany, Scotland, and many more places. Gary was the youngest of four boys of his American Mom, Leah, and his Canadian Father, Peter. Gary also became a duel citizen of the US and Canada along with his Mom and three older brothers by the time he was a teenager.

As a young man, Gary’s claim to fame was his Uncle, who won a Gold Medal in the Summer Olympics. His very close family was so happy for the Uncle. Gary can speak both English and French fluently, and wanted to work as a teacher when he was a child. When he was in a Boarding School in London, Gary went to his first stage play and fell in love. From then on, all Gary wanted to do was become an actor. He went to a Fine Arts College in Seattle, Washington, and continued his education in New York City. He had many small parts, but his sights were set on Hollywood.

One of Gary’s first gigs was being a actor in a segment of “America’s Most Wanted.” After that, he made his film debut in a small movie that didn’t make a lot of money. Even though it didn’t do as good as everyone hopped, Gary caught the eye of another director, and cast him in the movie that would skyrocket his career. The next decade, Gary starred in several top grossing films, and lent his voice to animations. You would see Gary also win a few awards for his work. People liked Gary, and Gary was a pretty likable guy.

Then, all of a sudden, Gary just dropped out of sight. No one really knew what was going on with him. While he had a few movies that did decently, it wasn’t like Gary still wasn’t in demand. Many people theorized that he wanted to have a private life with his wife, and his growing children. While much wasn’t spoken or reported about Gary, it was revealed that he had moved out of Hollywood and raising his children in a different state.

While Gary lived his life, Hollywood forgot about him. At least it seemed that way. Once in awhile, Gary would be photographed looking overweight and became the butt of many jokes. Rumors were running rampant about his life, his health, and even drug habits. Nothing but silence came from Gary, and the roles weren’t coming. In truth, Gary had some very scary health issues going on. He was in and out of the hospital for seven years for many reasons. This included a surgery on his vocal cords that many rumored were cancerous. That was never confirmed, but many surgeries were performed on his vocal cords, as well as his legs, ribs, and spine.

Gary also was busy raising his own four children, and sadly ended up getting divorced as well. He and his ex wife shared equal custody of the children, but Gary was ordered to pay over $900,000 a month in child support. Gary kept going to court to show he no longer brought in the kind of money he once did. While his ex accused him of hiding funds, Gary was truly insulted that anyone would believe that he wouldn’t take care of his children. Gary did the last thing that he ever wanted to do to prove his worth. He went back to Hollywood to face his demons, and try to provide for his kids.

Gary had been gone for years. People no longer looked at him as the star he once had been. He didn’t look like the same dashing man that he did years ago. He had been deathly ill, and very depressed. While Gary’s health and the divorce was a huge toll on him, it wasn’t what caused him to disappear. It also wasn’t the cause of what would eventually be diagnosed as PTSD. Gary had been sexually assaulted by a very powerful person in the World Press. This caused Gary to pull up his roots and leave Hollywood quickly. He reported the incident, but then everything was swept under the rug.

Gary meet with Mr. Paper after he was nominated for an Academy Award. Mr. Paper felt that Gary could be an even bigger star, and he should start doing different movies and more dramatic roles. While discussing his options, Mr. Paper tried to force himself upon Gary. He managed penetration, and Gary got away. He went home and told his wife what happened. Gary then went on to have a massive breakdown. Even though Gary and his ex have had their issues, she has to this day stood by Gary and said he was telling the truth. Together, they went to report the incident to the police.

Gary hired a lawyer independent from anyone working in Hollywood. The case was investigated by police, but sadly, it became a case of one word against the other. The Hollywood higher ups said that there was no way that they could prove that there wasn’t consent. between the men. The real kicker is that Mr. Paper admitted to everything! So, if there was a report, and an admission, this should mean that Mr. Paper would be brought to justice? That’s assuming that we live in a just world that isn’t corrupted so nothing happened. Gary demanded a public apology after Mr. Paper admitted to his crime. The apology came in the form of, “it was a joke, get over it.” As well as, “I apologize that I offended Gary and hurt his feelings.” There was no ownership for any of his actions.

Gary, in the eyes of Hollywood, committed a cardinal sin. He didn’t shut up and take it as many have done in the past. Gary was open about his sexual abuse, and made it clear that he took legal steps to hold a very, very powerful person accountable for his actions. Power and money usually speaks more volumes than the truth. Mr. Paper was able to pay off several people in the legal system to get this to go away. Charges were never dropped, it just went away. Gary paid for using his voice. He became Blacklisted by Hollywood. No one who work for Mr. Paper would hire Gary. They wouldn’t call him, and let him out of his contract with a movie studio. Gary was labeled a troublemaker, and he lost his job.

Slowly, Gary’s life came undone following the attack by Mr. Paper. He did really want a quiet life for his family, but now he felt for their safety, they had to leave Hollywood. Gary left quickly, and sadly went down into a spiral of depression, PTSD, and dealt with all of his medical issues. Gary denies having any sort of drug or alcohol problem. He was too ill to indulge in any of that crap. Plus, he had a family that needed protected. All jobs stopped and no one knew where Gary went.

That was until the start of the #MeToo Movement. Gary took to Instagram and Twitter to support the women and men in Hollywood who had been abused as he had been. Then, he shared his story to a public that most likely didn’t know what happened to him. People who had made fun of him in the past were now eating crow. They had made the mistake of believing an issue with weight had to do with being poor, being a bum, and being a has been. Gary, like many females sexual abuse victims, was battling dark demons, and turned to food to cope.

Today, Gary is slowly coming back into the spotlight. This time, it’s as a advocate for survivors of abuse. That today is the time to speak up about the abuse and those who abused them. Hollywood is famous for their worst kept secret. Everyone knows that men and women are forced into abuse situations, and then are owned by those terrible people. They threaten to ruin their lives, because they can. They say no one will believe them, because they have so many people on their payroll including dirty cops. Sexual abuse is as common as a cold in the world of actors, and Gary was no stranger to it. But unlike most people, Gary spoke up and was crushed by the industry. It didn’t stop him then, and it hasn’t stopped him now. Gary is coming back with fire and blood, and is no longer afraid to stay silent in the wake of being punished for telling the truth.

You can read about Gary’s story in his book. (currently difficult to find) He tells his story and outlines all of the things which happened to him during the decade of not being a blip on anyone’s radar. It makes me very happy to hear him speak out of his own abuse, because one more person is giving us who are victims of abuse a voice. (Yes, #MeToo) I hope as any of you go through a hard time, you will think about watching one of the movies he was so famous for, and support his career. My favorite Brendan Fraser movie is The Mummy. My all time favorite roll of Brendan’s is a very small, but very powerful role he had on “Scrubs.” Of course the cult classic, “Encino Man,” will always be a classic.

Mr. Paper is the former President of the Hollywood Press, Phillip Bark. He has been accused by many people of sexual abuse and rape. He was forced to have a leave of absence due to the claims against him. Recently, actor James Woods has also come out with his own story of abuse at the hands of Bark. Brad Pitt is also rumored to be getting ready to start his own suit against Bark, but those are still in the rumor stage. No matter what, none of this can be passed off as a joke. Holding power over a victim is a very real thing. It happens to every day folks all of the time. It isn’t a big leap at all to believe people who are much richer than we are, and have more sources, would do the same thing. Abuse doesn’t end at the act. Control and abuse in other aspects of the victims life happens more often than not. Too many people are not believed, but maybe if more people use their fame to help, maybe others will feel safer to tell their own story. Maybe some good will come from this ordeal after all.

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