Who are they: Forbidden Love Part 2

Kate’s story continue in this post. If you haven’t read part one, please make sure you read it before going on to part two. It won’t make sense without the background information. I highly urge you to remember that the people talked about in this story are real. Terrible things happened, and many innocent people were hurt by the actions of one person. Also, take heed the disclaimer below. This will be placed at every single one of these parts for this story. Here is the link for the first post, if you haven’t had the checked it out yet. http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/who-are-they-forbidden-love-part-1

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Warning: This series of posts will be describing some very sensitive topics including, child rape, teen pregnancy, allegations of physical and emotion abuse, mental conditions, and other minor crimes. This case has been tried in a court of law for each incident, and the sentences have been carried out. This is your warning to not continue to read this post if you are sensitive to any or all of these topics. While this was a very public case, and is in the news again, the names of those directly involved will be changed and revealed at the end of this series. Real names of those not directly involved in this case, or current minors will not be revealed. The information is out there, I will not lead you to it. Your discretion is advised.

While Kate struggled through a loveless marriage, she was excelling at her job as a teacher. She won many awards, and the community took notice. Everyone was happy that she was teaching and Kate’s future looks bright. Kate still kept a happy face on in public, but she was hiding several things. First, she was spending little to no time with her family, including her own children. Kate made herself very busy by taking on project after project, and spending very little time at home. At this point, her husband Bill, was not even trying to hide his string of lovers anymore.

Kate also was getting close to the same age of her Father was when he truly ruined their family. Adam had been keeping a secret from his wife and children. He had been actively cheating on Betty, and had an entire other family. This strict Catholic politician had another woman and 2 other children who were around the age of Kate. When Betty found out, and so did the public, she stood by her man. No one can tell what actual things went behind closed doors. It is safe to assume that it wasn’t pleasant. Kate, again, seemed like this didn’t bother her in the least. It didn’t seem to bother her Mom, Betty either. Hurt is very deep, and you can’t hide it forever.

Kate was working hard as a second grade teacher. Again, she was known for helping children with different learning curves. She also was very good at helping children who were budding artists. A second grader caught her eye, and she wanted to help him with his gift. His name is Vinny. While Kate’s life is well known, Vinny’s story is not.

It is believed that Vinny grew up in a single parent home. However, that is not confirmed. The assumption that most people express about Vinny is that the family was poor, and he could easily be one of those who fall through the cracks of the system. All we know for sure is that Kate saw something in Vinny that was special. What she had in mind was far different than anyone ever imagined.

Before we move on to the next part of the story, I have a bit of a plea. I will assume that many of you will figure out who this story is about at this point, but I ask you to continue on this journey with me, and see just how far this went, and how tragic the whole thing truly ended up being. There is no happy ending here. While you may know their names in real life, you may not know the whole story. It is shocking. Let’s keep a dialog open about the level of crimes committed by Kate.

What happens between this time, and 3 years late is not known for either Kate or Vinny. Kate continued to work as a teacher, and Vinny continued through grade school. Eventually, Kate changed from working with second grade to sixth grade, where Vinny would be her student once more. Again, Kate took a special interest in her 12 year old student. She saw something in him that she wanted to nurture. Too bad it wasn’t his schooling.

When children are in school, it is not unusual for students to develop a crush on their teacher. They do spend a lot of their day with this person, and this could be the only attention these children are getting. These crushes are hardly ever more than a feeling that is also exacerbated by hormones. Being a preteen is very difficult no matter what time period that you are speaking about. It was not strange that Vinny had a huge crush on his teacher, Kate. He even told her one day about it. The first time that Vinny told Kate about his crush, she acted calm and said thank you. She was flattered but didn’t go beyond that. Inside, Kate said she was so happy because she had a crush on him since he was in second grade.

Let me repeat that so when you read the continuation of this story, you will remember that a grown woman had a crush on a child that was 7 years old. Don’t let anything fool you about a happy story. Remember, this isn’t one. Do not forget through any of this that Vinny is a victim.

The crush didn’t end with Kate saying thank you. In fact, Vinny had a plan. Vinny wanted to kiss Kate, and one day he worked up the courage to do so after school. From that moment on, it was over for both Kate and Vinny. Kate and Vinny began sneaking around, and had sex for the first time on the school grounds, when Vinny was 12 years old. Kate convinced Vinny to befriend her oldest son in order for them to have an excuse to have Vinny come to the house. Kate had no issue using her child for her own sick game.

Kate and Vinny’s relationship was the worst kept secret. Their saving grace was denial by pretty much everyone. Kate would take Vinny out to her car to have sex during the day, and in their classroom any chance that they could get. They did get caught once, and it was only by a misunderstanding that stopped an investigation from going any further. Kate and Vinny were parked in a car in the middle of the night. A police officer knocked on the window and found Kate and Vinny in the car. They were not doing anything. However, the police officer didn’t like what he saw and arrested Kate.

Underage Vinny drove Kate’s car to the police station. Before any booking happened, the police decided to call Vinny’s Mom. Kate kept saying he was a friend of the family and he was staying with their family. Vinny backed this up. Vinny called his Mom, and because of the “friendship” between Vinny and Kate’s son, she said it must be nothing wrong. It all must have been a misunderstanding. Kate was let go, and her and Vinny left the police station to have sex somewhere else. Again, they made no attempt to be cautious. Vinny had an excuse as he a sexually abused child who didn’t know any better. Kate honestly didn’t think that anything she was doing was wrong. In fact, she was in love with Vinny. He was also in love with her.

Eventually, Kate’s husband, Bill found out about the relationship. His reaction was questionable at best. Instead of being sickened or freaked out about his wife sleeping with a child, Bill decided to threaten Vinny. He told him to stay away from his wife, and Vinny said no. For some reason, he didn’t see that this was seriously wrong. Eventually, the story got out to one of Bill’s family members and they took action. They called the school and told the principal that one of the students was having sex with a teacher at their school. The phone call ended, and no more information was given. The principle did what he could by having teachers, including Kate, look out for any behavior that would be inappropriate. The next day, the caller called back and was able to say that the teacher having sex with the student was Kate.

Things moved very quickly after this phone call happened. Vinny was tracked down and taken into custody for questioning. His family did not have a lawyer at first. Kate was arrested at school. Some of her students did see this, as well as all of her fellow teachers and co-workers. Life was about to implode, but this wasn’t the only issue. Kate was facing yet another very serious issue. She was going to have Vinny’s baby. Kate was 100% sure that she could not pass the baby off as Bill’s as her friend Abby suggested. Abby knew that Kate was cheating on Bill. This was one of many affairs that Kate had. However, she was sickened and beyond shocked to realize that her friend has been rapping a child. A child that Kate had started telling Abby about since the second grade. The horror of the situation had really just begun.

Stay tuned to part 3 soon.

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