Who are They: Forbidden Love Part 1

When two people fall in love, how far are they willing to go in order to keep their relationship? Does it matter that it will cost them everything? Are they prepared to lose their friends, family, and even their own children? Is the pull towards another person worth all this madness, or is it something much more sinister? What is love? This is a question that has been asked since the invention of the word. Many people say that love can’t be explained. If that is true, than is there any real rules when it comes to what a person is willing to do under the guise of love? Love may be undefinable, but the law is not. It’s very specific, but when you decide to ignore the law, one needs to realize that love is not a defense.

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Warning: This series of posts will be describing some very sensitive topics including, child rape, teen pregnancy, allegations of physical and emotion abuse, mental conditions, and other minor crimes. This case has been tried in a court of law for each incident, and the sentences have been carried out. This is your warning to not continue to read this post if you are sensitive to any or all of these topics. While this was a very public case, and is in the news again, the names of those directly involved will be changed and revealed at the end of this series. Real names of those not directly involved in this case, or current minors will not be revealed. The information is out there, I will not lead you to it. Your discretion is advised.

There are two sides to every story, and then there is the truth. This story has a lot of things presented as truth to the public, but when researching, there is more darkness, and pure sadness than anticipated. In order to understand the present, one must look towards the past. None of this is an excuse of the behavior of the people involved, but it may shed some light on what took place. This story centers around 2 people, but we will start with Kate, and work our way forward before the introduction of the second person.

Kate was the fourth of seven children, and grew up in California. She had an idealistic childhood on the surface. She had two loving parents, who were devout Catholics. She loved her siblings, and had wonderful friends. Due to her Father being a State Senator, her family was able to enjoy the upper middle class lifestyle. Sadly, a very tragic event happened that would change all of their lives. While Kate and her older brother were swimming in their pool, they were not paying attention to what was going on around them. Their youngest brother, aged 3, got into the pool and drowned while his siblings played only feet away. No one knows for sure if Kate and her other brother saw this, or didn’t know until it as too late. There is no reports if either their parents were present when this happened. Kate was reportedly 4 or 5 years old at the time.

Just like everything else that would happen in her life that was tragic, Kate downplayed the event. While her best friend, Abby said that Kate was devastated by her brother passing away, Kate never showed this, or spoke about it to her parents or husband. It is hard to say exactly how much this changed her since she was so young. However, her later actions may steam from her brother dying. No one walks away from something as sad as this and not be bruised.

The family moved on, and life quickly changed. While Kate was 2, her Father was elected for his first term. She was too young to really recall any of this, but his political career took off. Her parents, Betty and Adam, became highly involved in public events, and were seen and interviewed all of the time. Betty would eventually become a public speaker who spoke out against women’s rights, which included equality and treatment in the work place. People were always making comments on how well spoken Betty was, and how she was very charming. However, they said while she spoke well, she didn’t have strong arguments.

Adam was also a very good public speaker, and very charismatic. He had his sights set very high, and was going to get to where he wanted even if his family was ready or not. Adam moved on from a State Senator, to a member of the US Congress after a special election was held to fill the spot of a former member who passed before the end of the term. While he was defeated for reelection, Adam decided to switch parties from Republican to Independent and won another seat. His sins will be counted later, but his actions lead to his daughters. After he retired from political life, Adam became a teacher.

Even after the death of her brother, Kate still put on a public brave face as the whole family was instructed to do in front of the cameras. Kate was not a good student, and almost didn’t graduated high school. Kate and her best friend Abby would constantly get themselves into some pretty serious situations. At the age of 16, they were routinely cutting school and going to Mexico to spend their money on drugs, booze, and lodging. Abby always said that Kate knew how to have a good time, and she knew how to get into trouble.

Even though she was a poor student, Kate was able to get into Arizona State University. Her tendency for finding a good time followed her to college. Kate had a string of lovers, and participated in anything that you can think of with a typical college life. Eventually, she met Bill, who was a longer term lover, and a fellow student. Kate brought Bill back to her meet her family during a holiday because he had nowhere else to go. Abby was very confused as to why Kate was even with Bill. He seemed her type looks wise, but they had little to nothing in common. Abby questioned if Kate had any feelings for Bill at all.

Those questions were answered when Kate found out she was pregnant. Her family was very upset and demanded that Kate and Bill get married quickly. A tremendous amount of pressure was put on both of them, and they did marry. Kate gave birth to her first child shortly after the couple moved for Bill’s new job. The couple only stayed for a short amount of time, and then moved again to Washington, where they would settle for the rest of their married life. Kate would go on to have a total of 4 children with Bill.

Their relationship was not without issues. Kate and Bill openly admitted that they were not in love with one another. Bill was accused of beating Kate, and mentally abusing her. Kate ended up in the hospital twice because of his abuse. However, there were never any documentation of this, nor any files charged. It is questionable at best even though their neighbor made statements that Bill was abusive. What wasn’t questionable was the fact that they were struggling for money, and had a lot of pressure on them, and their large family. The total lack of love between them also lead to affairs on both ends, with many partners.

Bill didn’t have the best job, and Kate wasn’t working. She decided to go get her teaching licences, and things did start to look up. Kate taught elementary school, and really excelled at her job. She was known for spotting and helping children with different types of learning needs and helping them on a positive path. Kate was also on several committees and would work into the wee hours, only to be up early the next day for her students. Her dedication to her students seemed so admirable. That is until Kate did the unthinkable and changed a large amount of people’s lives forever.

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