Who are They: Forbidden Love Exposed

This is the 3rd installment of this series concerning the rape of Vinny by his childhood teacher, Kate. So far, we have gone over Kate’s early life including her close ties with politics, the tragic death of her younger brother, and her loveless marriage. We also have had the introduction of Kate’s warped mind when she started having feelings for Vinny when he was in second grade. Eventually, she would become his teacher again in the sixth grade, and at the age of 12, she started raping him. If you haven’t read the previous posts, please do so before proceeding.

But even before that, read the disclaimer about these posts. They are serious, and this is a real situation. If you have any issues with the following, do not read any more. From now on, Vinny and Kate will be referred to as their given names because the next amount of information is very public. http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/who-are-they-forbidden-love-part-2/

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Warning: This series of posts will be describing some very sensitive topics including, child rape, teen pregnancy, allegations of physical and emotion abuse, mental conditions, and other minor crimes. This case has been tried in a court of law for each incident, and the sentences have been carried out. This is your warning to not continue to read this post if you are sensitive to any or all of these topics. While this was a very public case, and is in the news again, the names of those directly involved will be changed and revealed. Real names of those not directly involved in this case, or current minors will not be revealed. The information is out there, I will not lead you to it. Your discretion is advised.

At this point, we find that Kate was in jail, and going to have Vinny’s baby. The world knew their secret, and the justice system did what they thought was best. They did everything to protect the identity of the minor known as Vinny. His name was not released to the public until he was 18 years old. They couldn’t protect Vinny from the damage that had been done, but maybe they could protect him from his rapist. This is where things get very messy.

Kate, who is in real life, Mary Kay Letourneau, was in jail for a short time. She was released on bail. Many people now believe the reason was because she was pregnant and the fact that a female pedophile was very rare. In March, Mary Kay gave birth to the couple’s first child. She would not have custody of this child, but Vinny, aka Vili Fualaau’s Mother would be raising the child. At her hearing, Mary Kay did plead guilty to child rape and was given 3 months in jail, then probation and she must be registered as a sex offender.

The other part of the agreement is that Mary Kay stop having any contact with Vili. The next 3 months, Mary Kay serves her time in prison, but deliberately ignored this ruling. Mary Kay would sneak letters to Vili via other prisoners. They were “love letters,” and plans of their future. Mary Kay was a good prisoner, so that got the attention of the judge. Her judge, Linda Laui, was convinced, like everyone else, by the act that Mary Kay played in court. She begged at her sentencing to be helped. She said she understood that she did something wrong, and if the court could help her, Mary Kay would get the help she needed. She would do what she could to make the rest of her life right, and help ease the pain she had bestowed on so many people. The Judge planned to have help in place for Mary Kay.

Mary Kay was released from jail after her 3 months was up. She was still on probation, and had to register as a sex offender. Part of the deal included attending classes on child rape. Mary Kay refused to participate in classes for people who are child rapists. She believed that she was not the targeted person for this class. Mary Kay said herself that she was in classes with “real rapists,” who did horrible things to children. She was indeed, not one of those people at all. Even her lawyer said that she wasn’t fit for a class such as this one. Mary Kay quietly quit the classes. She didn’t seem to focused on doing what she needed to in order to start healing and getting her life back.

It has since been revealed that Mary Kay met up with Vili between one to three hours after her release. This was in January of 1998. In February of 1998, police caught Mary Kay and Vili together in the backseat of a parked car. In the car was also over $6000.00 dollars, her current passport, and baby clothing. This meant another arrest for Mary Kay, and she did not have a bail set this time. Judge Linda Laui had Mary Kay back in front of her again less than 6 weeks after she got out of jail. The Judge was sickened, and charged her to the full extent of the law. Sadly, this was only an additional 7 and a half years. Mary Kay was pregnant again with Vili’s child.

Mary Kay gave birth to a second child behind bars. Again, she could not have custody of this child and was placed with Vili’s Mother. By this time, Mary Kay’s husband, Steve had filed for to divorce and got full custody of their 4 children together. Steve would move to Alaska with the children to attempt to give them as normal life as possible. So far, 7 innocent children have had their lives ruined by Mary Kay. Her first 4 children, her 2 she had with Vili, and of course, Vili himself. Why did she just stay away from Vili?

Mary Kay would later answer this question as to why she just didn’t stick with the program, and move on afterwards with help. Mary Kay again used her children as the excuse. Hand in hand with the probation and classes came a no contact order with any minors. This included her own minor children. She could not speak to them, or see them at all. Mary Kay said she was going crazy not having the chance to see her children. So instead of making it through all the steps needed to get to see them again, she went ahead and got herself caught because she knew in prison she would at least be able to have phone calls.

Of course, it made more sense to go back to raping the minor she went to jail for in the first place, than speaking to anyone about her issues. Plus the passport, cash, and baby clothing must have just been some sort of misunderstanding. Vili recently has said in interviews there was never a time where Mary Kay didn’t contact him. He is an object of obsession for Mary Kay, and she felt like she owned him. She didn’t care if she had to use her own kids to get to him. She had done it before by making her oldest son and Vili become friends so she could take advantage. Mary Kay never left Vili alone, and would threatened him if he ever left her.

Vili tried to move on with his life. At this point, he was minor with 2 babies of his own. For the most part, Vili was kept out of the media storm and tried to live his life. He admitted that he had no clue how to be a Father, let alone try to make it through school. Sadly, Vili did fall through the cracks. Today, he asks why they made it very clear that he was taken advantage of, but no one stepped up to offer him the help he needed. This was also a huge financial burden on their family. Vili was not given the tools to grasp what happened to him. He would be the butt of many jokes on late night TV. People kept saying this was a boy’s fantasy come true. He got to sleep with his hot teacher, so how could this boy be a victim?

Vili was, and still is a victim to this day. Even though his name was kept out of the news doesn’t mean that his town and peers didn’t know it was him who everyone was talking about. The lengths that Mary Kay went to in order to own Vili was insane. She followed him, called him at all hours, took him from school. The person who was supposed to protect him was abusing him. That made Vili believe this is how things were supposed to be. He attempted suicide several times. That would still not get him the help he needed, and his family could not afford to help him. The justice system left an abused child out in the cold to figure out fatherhood and how to move on with his life all on his own. He was failed.

Time in prison was not kind for Mary Kay. She was back and forth between general population and solitary. It was for her own safety seeing as even people in jail for very serious crimes have a hard time with a child rapist. Eventually, she would be able to find a way to be safe enough for a few hours a day to teach other prisoners to help them get their GED. This doesn’t mean they liked her in the least. She was still a teacher who’s skills could be put to use.

Again, Mary Kay never stopped having contact with Vili. She would sneak letters that started off as giving him the chance at freedom. Vili took it and ran, but still got letters. He read them because this woman was the mother of his children and it may have something concerning them in the letters. Vili was dating girls his own age, and trying to get through school. Mary Kay once “jokingly” wrote a letter that for every single girl that Vili “cheated on her with” would be one inch that she would remove from his penis.

It is unknown why Vili didn’t reveal this to the authorities. This would have most likely gotten Mary Kay more time in prison. Maybe it had to do with the fact that Vili’s Mom sued the school district for not keeping her son safe. There was plenty of rumors and even some evidence of the affair. The case was dismissed by the courts. Maybe he didn’t think anyone would take him seriously or believe him. It honestly seemed that way.

Sadly, Vili most likely was suffering from guilt, shame, and even Stockholm Syndrome. This is when someone who is the victim begins to identify with their abusers. They start to have trust, affection, and even in extreme cases, feelings of love. Vili was taken advantage of by a teacher who was an authority figure. At his young age, he learned that this was the way of life, and was not capable of separating abuse and feelings. In a way, a very sad way, Vili did have feelings for Mary Kay.

Mary Kay served her full sentence without release for good behavior. She got out in 2004. Vili was now 21 years old and there was still a “no contact order” from the courts legally keeping Mary Kay away from him. Obviously, this had never stopped Mary Kay before. Vili felt he had to petition the court to overrule this order. The same Judge agreed, as he was a legal adult and there wasn’t anything the court could really do if he currently wanted to have contact with Mary Kay.

Via her letters, Mary Kay had proposed to Vili and was going to marry him once she got out of jail. Again, within hours of her freedom, she was knocking on Vili’s window. Apparently a teacher has a very hard time following directions. In May of 2005, Vili and Mary Kay get married. While Vili wished to stay out of the spotlight and work on raising his daughters, Mary Kay went into defending their relationship as a full time job.

Mary Kay and Vili even went so far to write a book which was only released in France. This was because they were more open minded than the rest of the world, and would not judge their love story. Their book tanked as many people from France were upset about an American Female rapist trying to defend her abuse of a minor. Mary Kay would grant an interview with anyone who was willing to listen. She go on and on about how they had a real relationship, and a real connection. Even from the second grade, Mary Kay knew there was something special about Vili. Mary Kay, kindly remind everyone at every turn that it was Vili who made the first move. It was him that kissed her, and he who said “I love you,” first.

When Mary Kay asked why she didn’t do all she could to stop this from happening, she said nothing wrong was going on. Mary Kay was already in love with him, and she felt like a teenager with Vili. She would go on to admit in 2018, that she was not mature enough to handle the situation, although she still claims she did nothing wrong. One thing that is in common for every single interview with the two of them is that Mary Kay never lets Vili talk. She treats him like a student, and even berates him if she doesn’t like what he says. Usually it is something that paints her as the person who did wrong and started the relationship. She would constantly interrupt him and tell Vili that he was wrong and demand that he set the record straight. At first, Vili would do this and move on. As the years went by, he stopped and told people that it was indeed Mary Kay who was always in control.

In 2015, the celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary. In 2017, the briefly separated. The reason given was because of a job Vili was trying to get. Since his wife was a convicted child rapist, he could not work at their company. It seemed like it was a temporary thing. They were both interviewed again for Mary Kay to defend his relationship.

A very telling interview happened with the Australian show known as Crime and Indiscretions. This interview was very strange and extremly abrasive from Mary Kay. Normally, Mary Kay looks very put together for the cameras. This time, she seemed hung over, and very angry. At points in the interview, she would trail off. She would attack the interviewer by calling Vili a child when she started having sex with him. She got even madder when the interviewer asked if her own kids were being taken advantage of by their teacher at the same age, how would she feel. Her mask, and her poor answers finally started to slip, and people started to wonder if her mind all there.

This interview was the first time Vili had a small chance to speak on his own without the forceful voice of Mary Kay. Vili admitted that he loved his children so much. In fact, that’s about all he wanted to talk about. He didn’t regret the past, because he would have missed out on his kids. However, if he had the chance to go back and give himself advice as a child, he would tell himself to run, and do it! Vili was actually defending himself in this interview, and would refuse to let Mary Kay bully him into telling her story one more time.

Vili has since filed for divorce from Mary Kay. As of this posting, it has not gone to court yet. Today, both of their children are legal adults, so there would be no custody battle, which some believe this is why Vili stuck out the relationship so long. As an adult in his thirties, it seems as though Vili is coming to terms with his situation and understands that it was indeed abuse and not love. The only one still sold on this idea, even if she’s shaky, is Mary Kay. People are finally looking at this woman for who is truly is, which is a pedophile, a child rapist, and a sick human being.

No matter how Mary Kay tries to spin her story to make it seem okay, it doesn’t change the reality of the situation. She did something unforgivable. She did something illegal no matter how she tries to defend her actions without outdated notions and a sob story. This doesn’t change the fact that she ruined the lives of her children, her ex-husband, her siblings, Vili’s family and the school district. She put every single one of her students in danger. Her obsession and the fact that she used her children as an excuse to get what she wanted was beyond sane. It’s horrific. Her 2 youngest children know how they came about. What does this do to them? They are innocent, just as Vili is innocent.

Mary Kay looked at a 7 year old student and had a sexual attraction to him. She made this relationship into a reality only a short time later. If it wasn’t Vili, it would have been another student. In fact, there could very well be another student out there that she molested. Statistically speaking, the abuser usually doesn’t just have one victim. Make no mistake, Mary Kay Letourmeau is a criminal. She should not have been, or ever be trusted with children. She broke the law. She raped a child repeatedly. She took advantage of him, threatened him, and made him believe that everything going on between the two of them was real. Mary Kay would even say in this last interview in 2018 that she was not in love with Vili, but she wasn’t going to let him go. My hope for the future is that Vili and his children will be able to live out their lives in peace, and that help is given to them as it is much needed. Their isn’t a guidebook for this, but maybe their story can actually save someone else from going through the same lifelong abuse.

This completes the saga of Who are They: Forbidden Love. However, there is more to this story to tell. I wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t explore some of the deeper issues and conspiracy theories surrounding this case. It is a lot deeper and darker than even what is presented here. This will be coming in the future as I like to gather the most research possible. I want to present the best post as possible, so there may be another few posts between.

I highly encourage you to take a look at the following sites that help exploited children. This is very important. It is happening to someone you know. It is happening in your neighborhood. It is a real life problem, and not something made up to scare you. Know the signs so that you may protect your loved ones. Help spread the word. Check out http://www.thorn.org as a starting point



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