Where is Bruno Borges?

Hello Underdogs!Image Do you know where Bruno Borges is, because no one else does! He seems to have disappeared off the face of the Earth without a trace, leaving nothing but riddles behind. Bruno Borges is a young UFO researcher from Brazil who had dinner with his family, and then vanished. There was no note, no demand of ransom, no clues as to what happen to Bruno. It is a very sad fact that people go missing every single day. It is heartbreaking and every single one of those people deserve for their stories to be told, and their families deserve to have hope and attention drawn to their missing loved ones. The thing that makes this case so strange is what was found in the apartment of Bruno Borges and all the the hundreds of questions that were raised.

The story of Bruno is not a simple one. Right before he disappeared, Bruno was doing research for 20 days which he spent mostly in his home.  He had asked his family for help with money to back his research and the time it would take him to write some books. It wasn’t just any old novel that Bruno was writing. According to his cousin who backed him on the books, Bruno was writing a series of 14 books that would change mankind for the better. He did write the books within a month’s time, but they were filled with signs and symbols that were confusing to anyone but Bruno. Bruno had also been very busy with other art. His room was filled with writings, paintings and a statue. This was unnerving to his friends and family and baffled investigators.


After he disappeared, his apartment was searched Image result for bruno borgesand they found either a map into madness, or information that could change the world. All over the walls were strange writings, photos and art. There were several hand-written volumes of books. This is Bruno’s research throughout his life that he coded into vast and complicated system that people are still trying to figure out. In the middle of his room, Bruno had a statue of a philosopher Giordana Bruno, who was a philosopher who did research on extra-terrestrial life.  It is a huge life size statue that dominates the room. Bruno’s entire apartment can be unnerving, but it could also hold the key as to what really happened to him. No one believes for a moment that he just ran away.

This case is so complex that they have brought in top coders to try to figure out what Bruno had written. One computer as able to crack one sentence. One, out of hundreds, and this is what he had written. It is easy to accept what you have been taught since childhood and what is wrong. “It is difficult, as an adult, to understand that you were wrongly taught what you suspected was correct since you were a child. In other words, if you fit into the system, your behavior will be determined, making you at the mercy of beliefs already provided and well established in dogmas and rituals, with the masses.” Source: https://everipedia.org/wiki/bruno-borges/#ixzz4pSk6FwZy

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While all of this is strange, it still doesn’t explain what happened to Bruno. But it could be the reason that he is missing. Bruno has been gone since May, 2017, so just a few months. Could Bruno have actually uncovered something very important? If he had, then why was his room untouched? Or was it? Is his room filled with pictures and codes just a distraction from what he really found? Was this given to the public so they would waste their time looking in one direction when they should be looking at another? If he had found something damaging, then wouldn’t that be silenced along with Bruno? I think there is lots of misdirects to lead a person in the wrong way, which is farther from the truth of what happened to  Bruno and the real knowledge that he had. So, what really happened to Bruno? Did he run away, or did he know too much?

We need to consider all of the possibilities including the most obvious. What if Bruno just ran away? He was a young man who was broke and living off money from his friends and family. What if he became embarrassed that the fruits of his labor got him no where and he ran away instead of telling people who believed in him that he failed? I don’t think this is very likely since he had so much that he created, and had supportive and loving people around him. I think if his adventure didn’t pan out, he would just tell them. There is no indication that any of this happened. The second is what if Bruno was a random abduction or crime? He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was he was a victim. People are taken and hurt all of the time, so could Bruno have had this happen to him? Yes, it is plausible that he was a random victim.

Of course, the biggest theory is that Bruno was silenced. This means that he was taken and possibly killed for what he uncovered. This could be by his government, the church, or even aliens who want to keep their secrets in the shadows. Bruno obviously is very intelligent. What he wrote is coded so well that it is taken experts to try to crack them. He is very organized and has volumes of books that he wrote that is beyond research. He took great measures to protect his work and it was important enough to him to organize it in such a way that it was not easy for just anyone to understand what he was doing. Why would someone go to such lengths? They either found something huge or they are just really into codes. We may never know the answer as to what happened to Bruno, but even worse, we may never know what he was trying to tell the world. I still wonder if what was found in his room wasn’t everything. If it were me, I would carry the most important information with me at all times. Maybe that is why he is missing, and why no one knows what happened to him.

This is a very strange case indeed, but this is about a real person, who has a real family who misses him. Bruno may have had some strange things in his room, and some odd hobbies according to some people, but his story needs to be told. It seems too likely that he was silenced for things he uncovered. If he was, the public will never know. However, his poor family deserves to know the truth of what happened to their loved one! I hope his truth discovered, and I hope that we are able to find what he was so desperately trying to tell everyone through his books, writing, and his art. He may have paid to spread the word with his life.


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  1. That is insteresting. I always enjoy reading about the mysteries like that. It is too bad that the mystery of where he went will never be solved.

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