What Happened GOT?

I know it has been a fortnight, but what in the Hell happened to Game of Thrones. Before I begin, I want to get a few things clear. One, there is nothing wrong with fans. Fans are invested and just because something doesn’t go the way we want doesn’t mean we are wrong. I understand that not everyone is going to be happy with an ending, but this ending never should have happened. Dan and Dave are public enemy number one right now. However, we need to give them credit for bringing Game of Thrones to our screens. It was their hard work that got this show going. They should have stepped aside when they got lost, but they did do some very good things. As long as you don’t count the last 2 seasons. I am not upset with the hard work that everyone did on this show. What I, and many people are upset about is how terrible the writing was, and how every single character took 20 steps back. This entire last season was checking off points on a grid with no story at all. Let’s take a look at some of the many things that didn’t work.


While I love Arya, and have no issue with her killing the Night King, what the Hell happened to her? How in the world did Arya live while every single person around her died and was burned? What was the point of the white horse? It wasn’t deep or meaningful, it was strange. Why did the last few seasons push the pack staying together, for her to randomly go sailing on an adventure. Her brother, Bran is the King of Westeros, and her sister Sansa, is Queen of the North. All of her training would have been really good to help keep them safe. Nope, instead she just goes off and stops caring.


Cersi Lannister was one of my favorite characters. She played the game so well. Then, she lost all of her personality and did nothing but stare out a window. What was the point of her in season 8? Why did her maybe having a baby make any difference? Why didn’t she kill Tyrion, Dany, and everyone else when she had a chance? She was hardly in this season and she was one of the main characters! Her death was worthless. Cersi deserved better, and she got nothing!


First of all, they have no clue how to write for women. A real woman wouldn’t be okay with being beaten and raped, and have those acts make her the person she is now. Sansa became a sad, water downed version of Little Finger. Blood was on her hands, and her choices were terrible. Sansa hated Dany for helping them beat the army of the dead, and the fact that she was sleeping with her brother/cousin? Seriously, why did Sansa hate Dany so much. There was no reason for this level of hate. Sansa played everyone and become the Queen of the North. She didn’t care what it took to get there. Sansa, at one point, had a heart and the ending left her being cold and uncaring, plus plain stupid.


There is no question that once the books ran out, no one was smart enough to write for Tyrion anymore. What was the point of him at all? Why was his word meaningful at the very end? Why did he get to choose the King? Why did people listen to him when he was a prisoner? Why did Tyrion believe his sister, spread the truth about Jon, and on and on and on and on? Why?? Why did they spend so much time with Tyrion trying to believe a sister that he knew hated him? What happened to his strong mind? A lot of this was his fault as well. His thinking for a long time got us nowhere.


What in the holy hell??? Jamie spent years on an amazing arch, and then threw it all away for no reason. Jamie was not a good person, but at the same time, he did many good things. The things he did for love had him ending up abandoning Brianne and going to die with Cersi. Again, what was the point of Jamie leaving if he was just going to right back and stupidly die right by Cersi. By the way, if they would have walked 10 feet over, they would have lived. Look at the last show, because they could have lived. It would have made more sense if he at least tried to kill Cersi. Instead, he goes back with the tail between his legs and rolls over. Why spend so much time building him up, just to tear him down in a moment. It just wasn’t right.


What was the point of Jon Snow? His birth was a huge secret, and the reveal meant nothing at all. He didn’t do anything the last season. I don’t care that he didn’t kill the Night King. I wish there was more of a stand off. Anyone could have killed Dany, so you can’t tell me that he was brought back to life just to kill Dany. You know nothing, Jon Snow, and there was no point to you either. Congrats, you went back to a wall that really didn’t need to be manned anymore.


I hate everything they did to Dany. I will break it down in a bigger post. However, they betrayed her so much, that it was pitiful. Before anyone can say I am just a Dany fan, and that’s why I am upset with her arch, hold on. Yes, I am, and always will be a Dany fan. If they did something to support her becoming a Mad Queen, I would be okay. with this choice. But what was their proof that Dany was slowly going crazy? She did things that many men did, but instead of saying it was part of war and the law of the law, the use it to call it madness when it came from a female. Lazy and sad! The Mother of Dragons, and Breaker of Chains would never murder thousands of children in the way the show set it up to happen.


I am not shocked at all that Bran became the king. I wish that he was the true evil of this story. He really did manipulate everyone around him. However, it was so glossed over that no one seemed to care. Bran was protected for what reason? Because you think he holds the memories of man kind. Guess who else does? Any human that is alive!!! Sadly, they could have made this so much better, and they didn’t. Bran was worthless, and still was able to play the game and become King. That’s what you deserves, Westeros, you get Bran freaking Stark.

The Night King:

I wish he would have won.

What the Hell happened to Game of Thrones? It was a race to the end even though HBO was willing to give them more season. George RR Martin was supporting more seasons. The entire fans, cast and crew wanted more seasons. They raced to the end and ignored the story. The last show didn’t feel like a wrap up, it felt like a train wreck. I stopped caring about what happened very early on in season 8 because I saw how bad it was. I was invested, and stupid because I hoped something would get better. It didn’t and it was so sad. Yes, not everyone will be happy with the ending. You can’t please everyone, so instead, you piss everyone off and forget what story you were even adapting. I know there will never be a redo, or anything else, and that fact is the saddest thing. This is the end, and the end wasn’t worth the journey.