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Way out Wednesday: What is the Deal with Katy Perry?

Hello Underdogs! Lately, I have been reading and seeing some very strange and way out there theories about Katy Perry.Image result for katy perry non copyrighted photos Katy Perry is an American singer who has several number one hits such as, “I Kissed a Girl,” and “Dark Horse.” She is 32 years old, and has been making albums and touring all throughout the 2000’s. Her music is very pop, and her style has changed rapidly throughout the years. For some reason, people are now focusing on some very weird theories about her. However, her recent strange behavior hasn’t been helping her out much. I am pretty taken aback by how out there some of these are, because some don’t make a lick of sense. Let’s take a look at how Katy Perry went from Pop Star, to a person who is actually a dead girl.

  1. Katy Perry is JonBent Ramsy:Image result for katy perry conspiracy theories Um, what? For those of you who are not familiar with JonBent Ramsy, she was a 6 year old, American girl who was killed 20 years ago. The whole case surrounding Jon Bent is filled with controversy. The investigation was botched, and her killer has still never been found. Her case became very big because she was a child pageant star, and both her parents, and even her brother were suspects in her kidnapping and murder. Everything that happened with her case was strange, and it was lie on top of lie. We will probably never know the truth of what happened to this poor girl. Unless you believe that this whole thing was staged and Katy Perry is really JonBent Ramsy!

The story that people came up with is that JonBent’s family were involved with some sort of ritual for either the Masons, or the Illuminati. Her Mom and Dad had to take part in this sacrificial ritual to kill their daughter,or there would be Hell to pay for the whole family! Instead of risking the life of their daughter, they staged an impossible kidnapping and murder so JonBent could live in the shadows, only to emerge later on as an adult as Katy Perry! Even though Katy Perry would have been 6 years older than JonBent at the time of her death, people seem to think that these 2 girls were one in the same! Apparently, Katy Perry and JonBent’s parents look similar. However, JonBent’s Mom died several years ago, while Katy Perry’s Mom is still alive and well today. Why people think this is a viable theory is beyond me! They don’t look alike, and nothing adds up. You can argue that Katy Perry’s records have been faked, but it all just seems to crazy to be anywhere near real.

2. Katy Perry is a robot:Image result for Microsoft Free Clip Art robot There is no Katy, only robots! At least that is what some people are saying. Once upon a time, there was a pop star named Katy Perry. She was loved and adored by millions of fans who were fooled by the Illuminati that created a perfect robot to spread their evil agenda! Or, Katy Perry was created for Science to see how far that they could go with realistic robotics! This explains why Katy Perry sometimes seems like she is on drugs, confused, or spaced out. She recently took a spill while she was on stage performing. Katy said something like she wasn’t feeling well and become incoherent. This was just the robot malfunctioning and it needed to be rebooted or worked on. Either way, a robot Katy Perry could be the ultimate test in robots to see how the public reacts. What better way to introduce a robot to the world than a fun, loving pop star?

Image result for free clip art pyramid   3. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are working together to become the newest heads of a cult: Whatever kind of cult that you would like to call it, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are going to be the next big thing! Most likely, people are referring to the Illuminati since that seems to always be the buzz word. The rumor is that when Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kayne West during the MTV Video Music Awards, that was her start into the climb to be the head of the Illuminati! She had to be publicly shamed in order to get sympathy so people would be more willing to listen to what she says. As far as Katy Perry, currently, she has been acting pretty odd lately. Katy  mentions that she would love to be part of the Illuminati in several interviews. Her music videos and her live performances also seem to be filled with symbolism and messages. They say Katy is heading for a break down, which would mean that she might be publicly humiliated. Then, she will gain sympathy and people will be more willing to hear her message. This means that Katy is a bit behind Taylor, but both will soon be the highest ranking officials of a strange organization, or a strange cult.

Those are just a few of the rumors going around about Katy Perry. I am fairly confident that Katy Perry is not JonBent Ramsy. As far as the other two theories, who knows? If we already have such advance robots in this world, then we need to be more concerned with a Sky Net situation. Is Katy trying to become a head of a cult? She could be, but it is just as laughable to think that any of this is true. Katy has been acting strange lately. She has appeared to be confused, or out of it while doing interviews. She could be nervous, sick, or she could be on drugs. But, it all could be a show for a deeper, more sinister reason. I will continue to have fun with her music, but sort of be worried about the path she seems to be going towards. Maybe, Katy Perry just needs a long vacation!


What do you think? Could Katy Perry be involved in something strange? Leave your comments below.

Witness [Explicit]

In the meantime, enjoy some of Katy’s music that you can purchase here: Katy Perry’s Witness


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