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Way out Wednesday: Did Michael Jackson Fake His Own Death?

Hello Underdogs, I hope that you are doing well. I am really excited to bring you the first Way out Wednesday! This theme day is all about the stranger things in life. It’s all about the things that are so out there, that they may be beyond a” traditional conspiracy theory.” For example, this story is so out there even for me who is a known conspiracy theorist. I fell so far down the rabbit hole on this one that I had to divide it into 2 parts. The second part will be part of Theory Thursday so stay tuned!

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Michael Jackson’s entire life has been filled with mystery, intrigue, and controversy. He was a very talented singer, dancer, and artist who was undoubtedly The King of Pop. While Michael Jackson was a global pop star he was not immune to the darker side of life. I am not going to go into great details here, but we all know about the allegations of child molestation, drug abuse, and behavior that can only be categorized as untreated mental illness.  No matter how you felt about him, you can’t deny the major impact that M.J. had on music, and the world at large. His videos were groundbreaking. His music was heard all over the world. His concerts were events, and his TV performances out did themselves time after time.

Sadly, on June 29th, 2005, Michael Jackson very unexpectedly passed away at the age of 50.

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Fake News?

He was about to embark on a multi-million dollar tour that was either supposed to be a comeback, or a farewell tour. He left behind 3 children, several siblings, his parents, countless fans, and more questions than answers.  The official story is that Michael Jackson went into cardiac arrest after his “doctor” injected him with several drugs. This included propofol, an anesthetic used during surgeries that is not for the consumption for the public at large. In fact, it’s not a street drug, or anything like that because this is used to induce the deep sleep people need for surgical procedures. It does not cause a high, or even restful sleep. It is impossible for a person to inject this themselves because of how quickly it takes affect, and how easy it is to overdose. This means that “a typical drug addict,” would not try to find and use this drug. In 2011, Doctor Conrad Murphy, the man who administered the drug, was officially charged with involuntary manslaughter.

There were many strange things that happened with this whole ordeal, and given that it was Michael Jackson, it comes to no surprise that not even his death was simple. People are convinced that M.J. faked his own death. There are hundreds of hours of video and photos, as well as countless theories that support people’s claim that M.J. is alive.  They are pointing out several strange things that seem to not quite mesh with the official story.  While I do see some of their points,I have a very different theory on what happened to M.J, so please check out my previous blog to see my own theory on what happened to him. The King of Pop Conspiracy #1

First, is that people point out that Dr. Conrad was attempting to do CPR on M.J. but did it incorrectly. This was after he suspected that he had gone into cardiac arrest and 911 had been called. Apparently, he administered CPR on a soft bed, when he should have put M.J. on a hard surface such as the floor. I am certified in CPR, and while CPR should be preformed on a hard surface, it may not be possible. You have to make the choice based on the situation at hand, and it may be dangerous to move the body to a harder surface. If he thought it would do more harm to move him, then he made the correct call. Please realize that it is not like what you see on TV or in the movies. When you give CPR, the person’s chances of living are only about 30% and that’s if you do everything right. I am not talking about mouth to mouth only, but full CPR. When a person is at the point where CPR is needed, it is a very dire situation and the statistics are against them.

The second thing that people point out is just how jolly The Jackson Family was during Michael’s funeral. Several times almost every member of their family, including his children, were laughing. They were on the stage talking, seemingly joking, and having a good old time while they buried their relative.

What’s so funny?

Why would they seem that way? Because not only was Michael Jackson alive and well, but he was also in attendance in the audience. I will come back to that in a moment.  People like to point out the the casket was closed and that must mean that there was no real body.  Again, I can see why these things can be alarming, even strange to some people, anyone who has grieved might be able to relate to this “odd behavior,” and the choice to have a closed coffin.

I can understand why some people may think that laughter is maybe not what is “appropriate,” during a funeral. However it is not unheard of or even unusual. People who are under great stress such as grief, will do all sorts of things including laughing and crying at strange moments.  For instance, I was under a great deal of stress planning my Dad’s funeral, and I would randomly laugh as the day got harder and harder. I couldn’t even really control it. I knew could be deemed as rude or inappropriate, but I couldn’t help what I was doing. I was told by the funeral director that I shouldn’t worry or feel bad because people laugh when they grieve. I also want to point out that the family being jovial, joking around and laughing together is also not unusual. First, this family is not close. They put on a public face, but even the siblings admitted in interviews that they have gone months without speaking, and years without seeing one another. When do families get together most often? The sad answer is during weddings and for funerals. I had some fun with my family during the time of my Dad’s funeral service because I hadn’t seen or spoken to some of them in a very long time. It may be sad, but it is a bonding time, and it might be one of the rare moments you are with members of your family. Sometimes, you take what you can get.

A closed casket does not mean that someone is alive and well. It is people’s preferences. Micheal Jackson and his family were Jehovah’s Witness, which is a religion. I am going to give a very general description, because like every major religion, it is a lot more than what a few sentences can explain. I encourage you to do your own research on the subject if you wish. It is a religion that was 1870, and currently has around 20 million followers world wide. They generally believe that their fulfillment will come in the Kingdom of Heaven and therefore do not take part in many traditional celebrations such as holidays and birthdays.  According to their funeral customs, men wear suits and ties, while women wear dresses and something over their heads. This is why most of the girls had hats on instead of trying to hide their faces as some have suggested.  A closed casket is a tradition in some sects of the religion, so M. J.’s coffin being closed could simply be a matter of religious tradition.

Then why the dark sunglasses? The people who think M. J. is alive point out his family and close friends had sunglasses on during the services. His children did not. People say the reason that they had sunglasses was to hide the fact that they were looking right at the real, living Michael Jackson right before them, therefore, they needed to shield their eyes to people wouldn’t follow their gaze, or see that they were laughing instead of crying. I agree that they were using sunglasses to conceal themselves. Pain is very personal and some people need to have that barrier to deal with their grief. I personally wouldn’t want millions of people watching my face as I had to bury someone that I loved. I get why they would wear sunglasses. It could also be a nod to M.J. who famously wore shades in out in the public.

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Was this Janet looking at her brother?

There are those who say that the sunglasses and hats were not used as a privacy measure but in an attempt to keep them from giving away M. J. In fact, people point out the blonde woman who was front and center, and sitting next to actor Chris Tucker as non other than Michael Jackson in disguise. Micheal Jackson had been known to hire doubles, and had been known to dress up in order to walk around in the public without drawing attention to himself. This did include prosthetic make up, wigs, and different types of clothing.

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A closer look with an Adam’s Apple

While looking at this person, I can’t deny that it could be a man in drag.  I have seen several photos of this person and they are not very clear. There is not one that I have seen that is a good, clear angle that I can honestly give a good personal opinion. I can see where people think that this is a man in drag, because she looks like she has manly features. However, there are many women out there with more manly features and that doesn’t mean anything more than certain biological aspects are more prominent. The most that I could agree with is that this person could be a man in drag based on this one photo, and this one photo alone. Until we get one that is clear, then I don’t think anyone should jump to the conclusion that this is M.J. Even though she was the only one who gave a thumbs up to stage during the standing ovation after the family sang. A thumbs up proves nothing more than approval for the song and performance.

At the same time, other people are saying that this man was actually M.J. and not the blonde female.

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Wait…is this…

This older man was in attendance but sitting a little further back than the blonde woman. I think that anyone who looked even a bit out of place, or a little bit different became Michael Jackson in disguise. This wasn’t just limited to the TV funeral, but all of the other services as well. So many people were said to be M.J. that if they were him, then I am impressed with his level of make-up skills and being in two places at once.

And lastly, from the TV funeral itself, people tend to point out how the children were treated and how everyone was wearing ear pieces. For some reason, people equate ear pieces as proof that there is a conspiracy and someone is feeding them lines to cover the truth. This was a production, and a funeral. The people running the show had their voice in everyone’s ear who needed it. This does not mean that it could be a conspiracy but just part of a production. Or, it could be, and people for some reason are using this method to help keep a lid on it getting out.  I don’t buy that part at all, nor can I find a good reason why this supports the theory that he is still alive. The children, on the other hand, were something that could be questionable. There are many times that you can see that the children are being hidden, pushed behind their aunts and uncles, talked to very closely, almost scolded, and we even saw some moments that looked like anger. There could be very good reasons for this.

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Hidden Blanket

First, they are children and their father has just died. They are being paraded in front of millions of people and expected to speak publicly when their life has been so private. The family acting the way that they did could simply be a way of giving the kids some privacy and shelter. The scolding could be do to them acting up, being angry, or refusal to speak. They were kids who were being expected to act like mature adults during the worst moments of their lives. Of course they are going to have tantrums, act up, and even be angry.  People think that this is proof that M.J. is alive because they are hiding the kids from accidentally giving their father away. If you believe that someone in the audience could be M.J. in disguise, then you could see why the kids were being hidden. They were going to laugh, or they were pissed that they were being forced to pretend that their Dad was dead when he was right there! Why put your children through that kind of torment? To keep them safe? Because these kids are now more exposed and having issues such as attempted suicide. What good has this supposed cover up done for these kids?

This is literally just scratching the surface. There is more than the strange reports to do with his death, and the funeral. While we know for sure that there was something afoot with Michael and what caused his death, we haven’t even gotten to the sightings, the hidden signs in plan sight, and the words of his own family members. We haven’t gotten touched the surface of the Illuminati, or how M.J.’s death was used to distract from a super strain of the flu which was killing so many people. We also haven’t talked about the escape from fame, and the amount of money that it would cost for M.J. to stay alive as opposed to how much was to gain if he died. This goes deep, too  deep for one installment! In the meantime, check out my links down below. Leave me a comment if you think M.J. faked his own death!


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