Updates, YouTube, and Moving on

Hello everyone, I hope that this post finds you well! I am excited to finally be able to connect with you all! I have had the WORST luck with this host lately, so I will be changing once my expiration date has come round. That will be in a few months, so until then, thanks for supporting me! I wanted to give you a few life updates and let you know about some projects which I have been working on since lock down started.

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How are you all doing? I know things have been rough. Around the world, things are in different states of sickness, confusion, and anger. Everyone has had some level of issues, and sadly, this is nowhere near over from my point of view. Everyone, please do your best to stay calm, and be kind to your fellow humans. We all have some very tough things on our plates, and there is no reason to judge what other people are doing. Please just me kind, and if you get angry or upset, step away. There is help out there for everyone! Don’t be too proud to seek professional help. This is something none of us has ever lived through before and we have no way to deal with it without support. Okay, just keep checking on your loved ones, and yourself!

So, what have I been up too? I am still in lock down because of a health scare. I really am sad that I couldn’t get on my site until now, because I’ve had a lot to say. I guess there is a reason for that. I have been keeping people up date on Facebook. I hope you have been able to keep up with me there. I have started up on Youtube, and I have started my own store site to purchase readings. Please visit that site at http://www.lisatebrinke.com

I have been super busy building up clients, slowly but surely! I took the plunge to get a site because I feel confident enough to do this now. I have been doing readings on the down low for years. Yes, I have a confidence problem sometimes, and this took me a long time to get over. I hope you go check out my site and purchase a reading` There are several different offers for you to choose from!


My YouTube channel will upload videos 2 times a week. On Wednesday’s, it is Wicked Wednesday. This is where we talk about all things spooky and paranormal. Friday is Freedom Friday where I talk about anything and everything! I have around 19 people following me. Like all my projects, it is a slow process, but I am trying hard! I do admit that it is a little rough, but I am willing to put the work into it! Maybe I will do some different types of promotions! Follow this link and comment, like, and subscribe! This is one of my latest videos. https://youtu.be/h5eLBkXgYZk

Okay everyone, that is a check in for now. I will be doing more follow ups and doing connections with my blog and my YouTube page! Keep doing the best you can, and we will all chat soon!

Lots of love!