Tupac Lies: Part 3

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This story has taken so many twists and turns, that it is hard to keep up. No matter what you believe, we know that this murder is famous and unsolved. So far, we have explored the realistic situation that the world was in at the moment of his death, and how Tupac had a lot of people that wanted him dead. I will not be going over the 7 day theory in this post in order to explore other possible theories that are more evidence based. I will put on my tin foil hat for that and other theories surrounding Tupac’s death at a later time. Right now, let’s look at realistic things and inconsistencies that making faking his own death seem like a real option. Remember, while all theories, these are real people involved in this whole drama, and real people are no longer around. This isn’t meant to harm, but to open up a dialog of an unsolved death.

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Before Tupac passed, it was revealed that he had been acting strange. Snoop Dog talked about the last time that he recorded with Tupac. Tupac was deeply obsessed with getting as many tracks done as possible. He worked at the pace of a mad man and Snoop found the whole situation strange. He said normally when they would record, they would put down a track, then listen to it and figure out what to do differently. After that, they would rerecord and the process to make one song could take hours or even days. Tupac went through several songs an hour, and didn’t stop. He didn’t listen to the track after recording, but kept going and going, causing many of the house musicians and rappers to walk out in order to get some rest. What does this mean? It could be that he was a workaholic and wanted to produce his art when he was in the zone. Or, like Snoop suspects, he could have been preparing for something. This could mean he had a feeling that he was going to die, or he was faking his death and made sure that the music kept going and that his loved ones would be taken care of off of the sales of the records. Either way this strange event is just one in a line of many that may prove Tupac is alive.

Of course, the biggest things to look at about inconsistencies is the newscast directly after the shooting. Keep in mind that this happened in the 1990’s and cameras were not everywhere. There was not instant news and not everyone was so connected. (Each of these videos in full length are visible by a simple search on YouTube.)  This means that several news outlets came after they found out that there had been a shooting involving 2 major stars. They didn’t have one major script to go off as they do today, so hardly any of the reporters had the same story, or even the same information. Information was not as manipulated then as it is now, so the truth may have slipped through the official story just by reporters doing their job.

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The official story is that Tupac was shot, and Suge Knight drove a mile before police pulled them over where they were put into an ambulance. One eye witness was interviewed and told the reporter that she was there for the Mike Tyson fight. They came after the commotion of the shooting and witnessed Tupac being taken away in a medical helicopter. Medical helicopters were dispatched in the area that night, but it has never been confirmed as to why. While the official story was that Tupac was so hurt he never was able to speak again, the police officer who arrived on the scene had a very different story. He was interviewed and asked Tupac if he knew who shot him. Tupac answered, “F@$K You,” and closed his eyes. The officer could hear Tupac talking as he was taken away. At the hospital, a reporter was outside and talking about how he had spoken to the family and their team of doctors had made a statement. That statement was that Tupac had been shot, however was doing well and was expected to make a full recovery. Of course, the official story was that Tupac was placed into a medical coma and died from cardiac arrest. Or was that the real cause? Conflicting reports say that Tupac had a major surgery to remove his full lung after being shot. A second report says that he bleed out due to internal injuries, while a third says he had a stroke. Even Suge Knight jumps back and forth on his story about Tupac’s condition. He at first said he was fine, and that they were even joking before he left to go home. Then he said Tupac was in terrible shape and he knew he was going to die. A third time, he states the Tupac never gained consciousnesses after the shooting.

This isn’t the only strange and conflicting things with this story. First, Tupac had an autopsy done and was quickly cremated. The person who cremated Tupac promptly retired and has been under the radar since. He never was given a funeral or any other service after he died. An autopsy was strange enough because those are done in order to find the cause of death. It was known that the cause of death was the shooting. Yes, they went to recovery the bullets, but that is not the same as doing an autopsy. Now, the photos of the autopsy is out there, but I will not direct you to them. However, I will show you a few things that may make you question the reality of the situation. It is very clear that the official autopsy photo was lifted from a still from the California Love music video.  The photo here (found via nyahela.wordpress.com) shows in grey what the basis of the photo is from. It was taken and made to look like Tupac was cut open. However, it was missing a very key things. Tupac, at this time didn’t have a neck tattoo, but when he died he did have one. The autopsy photos no neck tattoo at all, which would have been visible. The report also states that Tupac weighed over 200 pounds when his licence said he only weighed 168 pounds. That isn’t just a few pounds off, but 32!

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Of course there is the question of the very last photo that was taken of Tupac before he was killed. This photo was supposed to be taken right before the women in the cars stared talking to Tupac and Suge Knight, and prior to the shooting. While at a glance, nothing seems off, but a closer look shows something strange. Tupac is in the passenger seat and Suge Knight is behind the wheel. The car is paused, but was being driven. It is really hard to drive a car when there aren’t any keys in the ignition. The time stamp for this photo is the day after he was killed. If you didn’t live through the ages of taking real photos, then you may not know about time stamps. Time stamps were made on the day that they were taken, not the day they were developed. This means that this photo is either photo-shopped, which wasn’t around then or staged. Many people believe this is a manipulated photo which took different photos of Tupac and Suge Knight and placed them into this car.

The car itself raises a lot of questions. People say that the car shown in the photo, and the car shown after the shooting are two different cars. In fact, just this week, the very car that Tupac and Suge were shot in came up for auction. It has been repaired, of course. The strange thing is that one of the people at the auction house said that this wasn’t the car that Tupac wanted to drive that night. There had been rumors for years that he had a bullet proof car, and according to the auction house, he had one but it was not used that day in Las Vegas. The car itself, that was shown during news reports seemed to be in rather good shape for taking 14 to 15 bullets. Honestly it looked like a brand new shiny car.

We also want to take a look at the other strange things that happened during the whole thing. As I have said before, Tupac didn’t want to go to Las Vegas but randomly changed his mind at the last minute. His security team was told not to come with weapons that night, and there was no one else in the car besides Tupac and Suge Knight. It is strange because normally there would be several people in the car including friends and body guards. This has been confirmed by Tupac’s personal security team, who were appalled at the request. Especially since the only thing they had to protect him was their person, and they were no where near him at the time of the shooting. This was all due to the request of Tupac and Suge Knight.  Tupac wore a bullet proof vest everywhere except for this one time that got him killed. The huge fight at the MGM Grand seemed staged to several witnesses. They believed that it was a cover up to distract from the plan of setting up the fake shooting.

The last thing to look at is all the sightings. Tupac has been seen everywhere. Just this week the rumor of Tupac being in Somalia has surfaced. While there are no photos, there are stories. There are also people who have seen him in Cuba. Why Cuba? Tupac has several family members who are in political exile for their associations for crimes committed during the time they were members of the Black Panther Party. His Aunt, cousins and brother all had been on the FBI most wanted list and fled to Cuba to avoid prosecution. In 2012, President Obama pardoned a large group of people who were in this situation including some, but not all of Tupac”s family members. This made the rumor mill go crazy and people were expecting that Tupac himself would show up. He had a lot of eyes on him, and he was being watched by the FBI and CIA. He had reasons to run outside of having a lot of people who wanted him dead.

While we aren’t sure if Tupac is alive or not, one thing sticks out to me. Anyone who looks remotely like Tupac seem to be deemed to be him. People don’t take into consideration that they style he was famous for is still very popular. The photos taken of people who look like they could be Tupac, seem as though they are around the same age he was when he died. Tupac was only 25 when he was killed. He was a very young man with a whole lot of life left. He would look different over 20 years later than he did when he was at the height of his career. It’s all very confusing because the one person who actually knows what happened is not a reliable witness. Suge Knight is a very dangerous person, and has proven this time and time again. He got away with a scratch from a terrible shooting, which seems a bit too lucky. He also can’t seem to keep his story straight. He jumps from Tupac being alive and faking his death, to watching his Mom pull the plug. He says he talked to Tupac after the shooting, yet he never regained consciousness as well. Suge says he knows who killed Tupac, and names Puff Daddy, or several other people, and then says he didn’t see anything. None of this adds up which leave room for lots of conjecture. Tupac was shoot and killed for a reason, but who knows if it was all an act, or reality.

Next time, we will look at the 7 day Theory. What do you think? Did Tupac fake his own death?



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