Try it Tuesday: Koala’s Lotte

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Hello Underdogs, and welcome to another Try it Tuesday with Koala’s Lotte! First, I hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day and were able to spend some quality time with loved ones doing something fun! I have been wanting to try out Koala’s Lotte for a while now. I have had a different version of this in China Town while I was in Chicago. I love trying out snacks and foods from around the world. I think one of the best ways to learn about other cultures is through food. I remember back in high school when my Spanish teachers Mrs. Harrison, and Mr. Martinez would bring food in to the class to share the cultural experience. I believe this helped us learn a lot. When I traveled to Mexico later on in my life, I had a nice understanding of the food and culture. It was really nice, so I encourage you to do the same thing! I know that Koala’s Lotte is an American version of a Japanese product. The reason I got these are simple, it was cheaper than the Japanese product. While this company is based out of Michigan, they do import ingredients from Japan.


If you have never tried Koala’s Lotte before, they are tiny cookies with a filling in the middle. They are in shape of a small Koala bear and have different pictures stamped on them doing various things. The filling in the middle is either chocolate, strawberry, matcha green tea, or chocolate banana flavor. The cookie is like a shortbread or even a sugar cookie. They come in a 1.45 oz box with a foil package in the middle. The package is very colorful and fun, with several games and even some trading cards when you open up the box. You can also feel good about your purchase since this company helps save Koalas in Australia. For more information about this, please check out their website here. purchased two flavors, the chocolate and the matcha green tea! Here is what I thought about these two!


The first Kola’s Lotte that I tried was the Matcha Green Tea. For those of you who don’t know about Matcha, it is a green powder traditionally used to  make tea. It comes in many different varieties but mostly you will see a light, and a dark powder. It has a very natural, almost earthy taste to it, and is pretty good for you. It can be considered an acquired taste, especially if you haven’t grown up with it. I really like Matcha, and got a real taste for it while I was working at Starbucks and made so many Green Tea Lattes that it really grew on me. I tried these out but was a bit hesitant  because I was not sure what they would taste like. However, I was very excited to find out!  I was a bit disappointed, however. When I took a bite, all I could taste was white chocolate, which is part of the filling in the middle of the cookie.  I couldn’t  taste any Matcha at all. It didn’t smell like Matcha either. The cookie is crunchy and sweet, but not overwhelming. The white chocolate is a nice match, but I wanted the flavor. After eating a few more, I started to get a hints of it.

I was pretty disappointed in this flavor. While you can taste the Matcha powder, it is very little. I would say if you have never tried Matcha before, then this could be a nice introduction to the flavor. In fact, I would recommend doing just that, and then move up with more flavor from there. Matcha can be an off putting flavor for some, and I think if you gave it a chance, you may actually enjoy it. This would be a 5 0ut of 5 for a matcha starter. For me personally, I give this a 2 out of 5 because the flavor was too muted for my personal taste. There was nothing wrong with this, as long as you are expecting a white chocolate flavor with a hint of Matcha.

The second Kola’s Lotte was the chocolate flavor. While it looks like it is milk chocolate on the package, it tastes like a darker chocolate. I tried to find out exactly what kind of chocolate was used, but came up empty. The first taste was a nice burst of chocolate. It also complimented the short bread flavor of the cookie. It’s not an overwhelming taste either. Since this is a chocolate flavor, I think it is pretty straight forward and pretty good. I give this a 4 out of 5 overall. I just was confused of the type of chocolate that they used.

Overall, these are nice snacks. Koala’s Lotte are bite sized treats that are good for a small snack, or even a desert. I love how cute these cookies are since they have so many designs on the face of them. It’s super cute! I love sweets, and these were a lot of fun! I would try the other flavors when I come across them in the store.They were fresh, and nothing tasted stale. None of the cookies were broken in either package either, which is a nice plus!  I don’t think there is anything wrong with trying out an American version of an international treat because it might be the only way for you to experience it. I also say when you are traveling, try version of an American treat there and see the difference. It might be really close or vastly different. It’s all part of the experience! I encourage everyone to try some international snacks and dishes whenever you can!


If you want to try Koala’s Lotte for yourself, follow these links to get your own!