Try it Tuesday: German Village

Hello Underdogs! Have you ever been to German Village before? It is located in Columbus, Ohio. German Village is a  neighborhood that is filled with cobble streets, and several German eateries, bakeries, and lore. Most of these places are run by people who with German heritage, many times they are people who are third or forth generations. German Village is located just south of the downtown area of Columbus, Ohio.  It started sometime in the 19th century due to the large influx of German immigrants settling in the area. They made this place a slice of home which is wonderful for them to keep their traditions, and wonderful for everyone else to get a taste of their heritage and learn more about their way of life.

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One thing that you need to keep in mind when making your travel plans, is this is a historic area. This means that many of these locations withing German Village are as close to their original structure as possible with very little updates. They may not have air conditioning and no wheelchair ramps. This is not true for all locations, but if you need to worry about this like I do, you definitely need to do your research first. I don’t have an issue with keeping things as they were, but it can be difficult for those who have certain needs. For example, there is one place I went into that had a bathroom in the basement. There were many stairs so it was rather difficult to get there when you have a bad leg. They do have a website for German Village with lots of helpful information. I would suggest going there and maybe even calling some of these places ahead of the time if you need to find out this type of information.

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The first place we stopped was a cute little place called Juergens German Village Restaurant and Kaffee. When you walk in, there is a case filled with breads and pastries. This includes pretzels, cakes, and so much more. There is also a few shelves full of German food for sale like mustard, teas,and yogurt. There are several tables, a small bar and a wonderful smell of baking bread! The menu was very simple with a good amount of choices. We all ended up ordering the same thing, however, which was pretty funny! We ordered the bratwursts platter which came with 2 brats, German potato salad, and sauerkraut. They also provided us with a bread basket. If you like to get soda with your dinner, it is available in cans.

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It was very busy, and there was only one girl who was working. We are pretty laid back, so that wasn’t an issue for us. My group can entertain themselves, and we were not in a hurry. However, this did bother other people there who had less patients. I did see that you can get orders to go, or you can come in and just buy items in the bakery case. The brats were wonderful. I have spent time in Germany before, and this food was authentic! I loved the potato salad and even enjoyed the sauerkraut. I am not a big fan of sauerkraut, so if I didn’t mind it, then that means it must be really good for those who enjoy it. We all cleaned our plates because the brats were mild, yet flavorful. They had a nice snap when you cut into them. The potato salad was light and had a cherry tomato severed on top. I cut up that tomato and mixed it into the potato salad which made a great combination. The bread basket had several choices of bread but I wasn’t sure which was which. They served it with as side of German butter, which is amazing and rich! I loved this place, and would go back again! If you ever have a chance to get there, I would definitely take it!

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After walking around for awhile, we decided to try out a place for desert. We came across a place called Katzinger’s Delicatessen.  When you walk in, there is an entire section filled with bread. Most of it is self serve, so you can grab your bread and then go pick out more items. Next to that is a full deli with several different kinds of meats. It smelled really, really good!  Next to that is where you can order food ranging from several different kinds of salads to sandwiches and other items. They also have a huge selection of deserts, and coffee. Besides all of these things, they have a wine selection where you can purchase bottles to take home, as well as many other items that you can buy to take home. They also have a big barrel of pickles that are free to people who are dining in who ordered a sandwich. We ordered slices of cherry cheesecake, and two orders of potato latka severed with applesauce and sour cream.  I have never had latka before, but it is like a potato pancake. This was very thickly cut and had hints of onion flavor. I was told these are abnormally thick compared to what most are used to. I really liked using applesauce as the dip, and the sour cream was just okay. The cheesecake was amazing! It was creamy, rich and fresh! I loved the cherry taste mixed with the creamy cheesecake. It was so good! I wish that I would have brought a cooler so I could have bought some of the deli items back home with me. When I go back, I will make sure to keep that in mind!

I would highly suggest going to visit the German Village. We went on a Saturday and I see that many of the places are closed on Sunday, and even on Monday. I urge you to check out the websites posted above before you make your plans to go, because it would be very sad to miss out on these wonderful places. I would love to go for October fest and spend more time in the area when I didn’t have so many other things going on over the weekend. I love seeing other cultures. When you can’t travel overseas, you can travel to a place like German Village to get a taste of the experience. It is important for us to learn from other cultures and traditions. The world is an amazing place and we all have so much that we can learn from one another. This is a great way to start, and I encourage you to go to your local Villages in your area, and travel when you can! There is so much to learn and so many things to try. Might as well get started!



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