Try it Tuesday: Face Mask

Hello Underdogs,

It’s try it Tuesday! I am excited to try a brand new face mask which I found at Walgreen’s for $2.49 before taxes. The mask is from Garnier called Skin Active Moister Bomb. This is a mask that you place on your face and leave on for 15 minutes. It was quite an experience. This came in a big pink, foil package that was bigger than my hand. When I opened the package, which was very easy, I was met was a light floral smell. I am a bit uneasy about putting anything perfumed on my skin, but it didn’t smell overwhelming. I am assuming it was natural so I went ahead and tried it. The second big thing I noticed is how sticky this mask is. They aren’t kidding in the least when they call it a Moister Bomb! It is actually very moist and considering what the product is for, that makes a lot of sense, but wow! It was pretty excessive.The following is a photo journal of what went on, and my thoughts on this Garnier product.


  1. This is the back of the product. It is a 4 step process to place the mask on your face. I had to look at this a few times because it said to make sure that you put the blue part facing up. That was understandable. Then it asks you to peel away the blue part. Let me tell you, that was almost impossible! You are supposed to smooth over your face, then peel the blue part off. That was so much easier said than done. I tried 3 times to peel it off my face before giving up and then taking it off of my face take off the blue part, and placed the white back on my face. I was then able to smooth it out. I instantly wondered if I should have taken out my nose ring.

2. This is the blue part of the mask. I literally have no clue what the purpose of this part. I understand it was so sort of barrier or protection, but it wasn’t like this was the part that was going on my pretty face. The blue part is peeled from the outside. Personally, I am annoyed with the waste of this blue part, and wonder if it is something that I can use later if I put it in a zip lock bag.  I also felt as though I was in Silence of the Lambs or something like that. I put the blue part aside and tried to think of what to do with it so it wouldn’t go to waste, while I attempted to smooth the mask on my face so I could still breath.



3. After several attempts, here is the mask on my face! It feels as strange as it looks. Again, I have visions of Silence of the Lambs running through my head. I found that it didn’t matter if I kept my nose ring on or not, so if you have a nose ring, you don’t really need to worry about it with this kind of mask off because it does not harden. If you feel better, by all means, take it off, but you don’t have to to get the full effect. I smoothed it out, washed my hands, and set my alarm clock for 15 minutes as the package instructs. I went and watched TV while I waited to see what would happen. The first thing I noticed was the itching around my eyebrows, and the middle of my forehead. I do have very sensitive skin and it sometimes does not take a lot to have any sort of reaction.

I also noticed that this face mask was very cool. Meaning that it was cooling, which is very nice. That never stopped, so the entire time that I had the mask on, my face was cool. I am a huge fan of  a mask that cools the skin! My face also felt tighter in my cheeks, and my forehead. The itching also didn’t stop, but it wasn’t so bad that I had to take the mask off. I decided to keep it on and see what would happen next.


4. After my alarm went off, I quickly went to take this off. Normally, I am not so strict about the amount of time that I leave a mask on. If it goes for a few more minutes, it’s not that big of a deal. However, since I had itching and it didn’t stop, I wanted to go ahead and take it off at the recommended time. The directions say to peel off the mask, and then rub in the excess mask stuff into the skin. Then, you do not rinse your face. I took off the mask with ease, but there was lots of excess left on my face. I ended up massaging it into my face, neck, and top of the check because there was so much. I mean the whole neck too, both front and back. I look shiny for a reason, and to tell the truth, I kind of felt gross. There was a lot of goo on my face and it was just too much!

5. After several minutes, I got over my gross feeling and I really concentrated on what I felt went right, and what I thought that could use some improvement. The back of the package gave a list of things that say what women feel after one use, and then after one week after use. The first thing that the package suggest that the user will notice is skin looks fresher. Well, I think anytime you wash your face, it looks fresher than it did before you started. That isn’t a real big surprise that your face would look a bit fresher. I can say that I think mine did, but again, it’s not a leap. The second point is skin seemed softer and more comfortable. It did feel more comfortable after getting the mask off because it was itching! It was hard to say right away if it felt softer because my skin was goo filled for a long time. It took awhile to absorb. The final thing it says that you will notice right away is that your skin will seem soothed. That I can agree on! The cooling effect was very soothing, and I really enjoyed that part!



6. About an hour later, I revisited my face and took another photo. I noticed the following things. First, my skin still felt cool. It also still felt kind of sticky and when I brushed my hand across my cheek. I did see that there was a reduction of blackheads on my nose, but the itching on the eyebrows hadn’t gone away. I guess this may have had an ingredient that disagreed with me. I also had a few red bumps appear around my chin and my cheek. I know this can happen and normally those bumps will go away after the skin calms down after a day or so. I can say that there was not any spot on my face that felt dry, or that was rough. My skin has dry patches, and I didn’t see any after using this mask.

My final thoughts on this face mask:

I thought it was worth the price of $2.49, but I wouldn’t pay much more for it. The smell was nice, but not overwhelming. The application was not easy and I thought the blue section was just a waste. That actually was very annoying. The goo went everywhere and it made me feel gross at times. Like I really wanted to wash my face even though the instructions advise you not to. I can’t say much about the itching because I already know I have skin conditions that could give me issues. I think the average person would not have a problem using this mask. If you do have a skin condition, however, I would advise you to use with caution. Maybe try a test patch to see how you will react. I love the cooling part of the mask! I would buy it again just for that! The cooling last for at least an hour after use, which is pretty nice. I think this mask could come in handy if I was running a fever. I could see the cooling part being very soothing if I wasn’t feeling well. I did see a s some difference with my skin in the blackheads being reduced and the dry patches gone. My face does feel soft and cool to the touch. I do have a few bumps, but it isn’t a huge concern because it isn’t abnormal to have a few bumps after using a mask.

I give this product a 4 out of 5 stars. I didn’t give it a 5 because peeling off the blue part was awful! It took forever, and it was not easy! I had to take it off of my face, peel it, then put it back on my face which was annoying! However, the price point was fine, and I love, love, love the cooling effect!  I would recommend trying this mask out at least once.


Have you ever tried a face mask before? What is your favorite kind, and one that I should try?


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