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Hello Underdogs, today for Try it Tuesday,  I am trying out a pore mask called Black Mineral Mask. This is a product for Avon which is something that I sell. Yes, this is shameless self-promotion because Mama has got to eat! Please follow my link to my Avon page for this and other deals: I know that there is a huge charcoal craze going on at the moment. However, this is a mineral mask with iron and other minerals. The tube comes in one size which is a 2.5 oz squeeze bottle. The cost is $6.99 and based on the use from me and my roommate, I think you can get a between 6 to 10 uses in this bottle. With most face mask costing between 1 and 15 dollars, this isn’t a bad deal. I went ahead and gave this a try to see if it was worth the price, and if I would recommend it to anyone.


The directions state to spread an even, and thin layer over the skin. Leave the mask on your skin for between 10 to 15 minutes, or until your face is grey. The mask will go from black to grey, which is when you know it is time to go a head and take off the mask. You will need to use warm to hot water to remove this mask. Cold or room temp will work, however, it will take longer to get everything off. Because I have a nose ring, I always like to mention if I keep it on or take it off when I use face products. I decided to go ahead and keep it on to try and see if it would make much of a difference. I didn’t have an issue keeping it on, so if you have a facial piercing, you don’t need to remove it in order to use this mask. Remember that you will have a small piece of foil to remove before use.


I applied the Black Mineral Mask to a clean face. I smelled the product and I had a hard time pinning down how describe the scent. It is a strong scent, but I can’t say that it is chemical, just strong. It is not fruity or anything like that, so I just think it smells like the combination of the minerals. It isn’t so strong that I would not use this product. It was very light, and cool application process. It wasn’t runny or hard to apply at all. I smoothed around my entire face, avoiding my eyes and my lips,  and then went to hang out in the living room as I waited for the mask to turn colors.



It didn’t take long at all for the Black Mineral Mask to start to harden. In face, within about two minutes, I could feel my skin begin to tighten up. Before long, it had gone from feeling tight in a few places, to very tight and feeling like my skin was being pulled. I felt this the most in my cheeks, and the middle of my forehead. As the mask hardened, it became harder and harder to talk or smile. I had light itching, but since I have a skin condition, I knew that could be an issue. It wasn’t a lot, nor was it enough for me to stop the face mask. I think most people will not have any sort of an issue with your skin itching while using this mask, however, anything is possible.  As always, you know your situation better than anyone, if you don’t think you can use this product, then it’s not worth the risk!




I was going to set my alarm to for 10 minutes as the directions say, but decided that I would just wait to see how long it would take for my face to turn from all black to grey. It was pretty close to what the bottle says, so you don’t need to use an alarm, but just pay attention to what is going on with your face. By the time I washed it off, my face had become very tight, and I looked like a weeping angel. Again, you will need to use warm water to remove the mask. It wasn’t hard, but colder water takes a lot longer.



After removal, I patted my face dry and waited for about 10 minutes to even feel my face. I think it takes a bit of time for your face to calm down after doing any sort of treatment like a Black Mineral Mask. I also don’t like putting on any sort of lotion on my face directly after a mask, in order to give my skin some time to breathe. One thing to keep in mind is that your face may not feel smooth. In fact, your skin may feel dry. That is normal since the mask is taking away the black heads and gross stuff out of your face. I think to get the optimal experience, you will need to clean your face first, and then after about an hour use the Black Mineral Face Mask. My roommate did not wash her face first, and I did. Her face felt more filmy after, while mine felt a bit softer and I didn’t feel any. There was light itching for both of us, but again, nothing that wasn’t expected.


Final thoughts on Black Mineral Mask is that it worked as directed. It didn’t leave my face overly itchy, and it did dry out the gross stuff. I wish it was a peel off mask instead, but for a mask like this, I think it was a pretty good deal. I would get this again. I really felt my face and the skin tighten and even pull while I was waiting for it to dry. I would give the Black Mineral Mask a rating of 4 out of 5. The reason I didn’t give it a 5 is because I  personally would prefer a mask that I could just peel off. But this will be a nice mask to use a few times a week.


What do you think? Have you tried the Black Mineral Mask at all?  Leave your comments below.

In the meantime, don’t forget to check out my Avon Page for this and more products!

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  1. This is a great in depth review. I am constantly seeing how great these are without knowing all the details. Thank you for sharing! Now I have a better idea whether or not to try this!

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