Top Women’s Perfume

Underdogs, I am not an expert in much, but I do excel at selling perfume. I made my living for years doing just that. I have loved perfume since I was a small child. In the meantime, I have taken many classes, went to lectures, and even make some makers of perfumes and bottles. I am an expert in matching a woman with her signature perfume. While I have been out of the game for a bit, these are my personal top 10 perfumes that are a must have for anyone!

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1.Stella: This is the first perfume for Stella McCartney, daughter of famed Beatle and singer Paul McCartney. While Stella had a lot of success with the Chole line, breaking out on her own was a great idea. This perfume is a call back to the clean and simple English Rose. The bottle is also simple and beautiful with the signature Stella written out in dots. I adore this perfume and I would wear it on any occasion.

2. Very Irresistible: This early 2000’s fragrance from Givenchy is also my top favorite. I had to choose one for the top spot, but honestly, either one of these would work. I have a huge passion for this perfume. This uses a brand new rose called the Liv Tyler rose, which was named after their first spokesperson. I am not happy that Liv is no longer the spokesperson even though this is literally a product made inspired by her. The bottle is adorable. It is a bright pink slice of glass that almost looks like a slice of ice. It has a slight cure as well. This perfume also has hints of other roses mixed in as well.

3. Coco by Chanel:

The house of Chanel needs to be studied when you are working with perfume. This is the second fragrance that Coco made and it was a huge hit. However, I have never seen a huge number of young women wearing this and I believe they are missing out. They choose the lighter and newer version of the product. I like the old school Coco that came out in the 1940’s. It is a harsher smell than most, and a little goes a long way. However, it is a show stopper and a must own for any serious perfume people. You need this in your collection. I wear this on a nice night out. With this, you should get the EDP, and not the EDU. There is a huge difference in smell.

4. Angels and Demons by Givenchy: The version I am talking about is in the light pink bottle, and no longer sold in the United States. It was released for a short time in the US, and now is in Europe only. In fact, the picture that I have found is the not the actual perfume. I can’t begin to describe how beautiful this perfume is to me. It smells light, and like summer. I bought it while I was in London a few years ago, and I only use it on very special occasions.

5. Blue by Ralph Lauren: I love that the smell of this perfume reminds me of the color blue. The bottle is a simple blue, almost square bottle. I always said if the color blue had a smell, and a style, this would be it. There is a tiny bit of chocolate in this perfume and it is very enjoyable. There is also peony, musk, sandalwood and amber.

6. Armani Code by Armani: I am a huge fan of scents that have a citrus base, an this sleek perfume is it. It is a light clear purple bottle with black flowers. The scent is light lemon. It also has orange, honey, and ginger. This is one of the most understated perfumes out there. You can wear it on any occasion and make this your daily use perfume.

7. Grapefruit By Marc Jacobs: Sadly, this was a limited edition perfume that came out in the early 2000’s. Marc Jacobs makes a lot of wonderful perfumes, but sadly, he only has them on the market for a short time. It is exactly what it seems like. The huge block of ice which was the bottle was filled with a light pink color perfume that smelled just like Grapefruit. If you don’t like the smell of Grapefruit, then you won’t like this. However, there is a version of Daisy that smells close to this now. Sadly, there is no photo for this perfume anymore.

8. Hypnotic Poison by Dior: Dior is a very old house, and Poison has many versions. However, the very best in my opinion is Hypnotic Poison which is in the red bottle. It is shaped like a round red apple representing Snow White’s red apple filled with poison by the evil witch. We all call this our “boy getting perfume,” which goes without saying. You will get attention wearing this perfume, that has a vanilla base. It is spicy and delicate at the same time.

9. Be Delicious by DKNY: I am talking about the original green fragrance. There are several versions of this including red, purple, and gold. However, the green is the very best. If you like the smell of fresh apples, you will really love this fragrance. I adore this fragrance. It is sweet and fruity without being too much. The bottle looks like an apple. The only downside is since I worked with fragrance so much, this bottle design is pretty, but it doesn’t work great. It is not easy to spray and when it gets down to a certain point, you have to flip the bottle upside down to get it out. Still, the smell is amazing!

10. Chanel No. 5 by Chanel: If you didn’t know about this perfume, you have missed out. This is the original fragrance made by Coco Chanel. It’s called No. 5 due to the fact that this was the 5th try while trying to make the perfume and what she liked the best. This is a very classic perfume worn by many superstars throughout the years. My preference is the Parfum, not the EDT or EDP. The smell difference between the 3 is huge. I don’t like the EDT at all and you can’t get the same experience as you do with the Parfum. Like the little black dress, this is essential for any woman.

Those are my top 10 favorites. I would love to do another one with other favorites and the best men’s fragrances. What do you think? What did I miss and why should I try your favorite?