Top 10 Moments of Game of Thrones:Season 7

If you haven’t caught up with Game of Thrones, Underdogs, then please do not read any further! This post will contain events that happened on Game of Thrones Season 7, so proceed with caution. For those of you who are still with me, these are the top 10 moments from Game of Thrones from this season. We have at least a full year to wait until season 8, and there will be lots of talk, theories, and speculation until then. Season 7 just ended hours ago, and it has been one heck of a very fast paced ride. If you ignore the fact that there is some time travel going on in Westros, then you can enjoy the story going on. These are my personal favorites!

10: The Stark Children:

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Even though Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven now, and kind of nuts, all 3 children being back in Winterfield was an amazing site. It was just a quick moment, but Bran, Sansa, and Arya were together and walking through the courtyard with Brieene and Pod watching. It was a moment where Brieene was able to see the Stark children back at home and served as a stand in for Kat,who never got to witness this moment. This is something the whole audience also wanted to see as well. These children all went through vastly different and equally horrifying things that changed them. They are now all young adults who are nowhere near who they were as children, yet even more fiercely loyal to their family than ever before. It was a nice moment, but this is Game of Thrones, nice moments do not last.

9: Sam Cures Gray Scale:

Sam took a gamble trying to cure Jorah from his Gray Scale. Jorah was basically given one more night to either leave, or kill himself. Sam wouldn’t let that be an option and stole books and did an experimental surgery on Jorah without any help, and with a lot of risk. While it was truly a gross scene, it worked and Sam followed the directions and saved everyone’s favorite friend. I hope Jorah and Sam meet again. This showed how truly amazing Sam really is, even if this got him into some trouble. He was very selfless in this act, knowing that failure was not an option.

8. Dany landing at Dragonstone:

The whole scene was silent as Dany arrived at her birth place. There didn’t need to be any words as she took everything in and her dragons quickly became accustomed to the place, just as though they have belonged there. Dany walked around and took down banners belonging to Stanis. She ended her long walk in the war room where she only uttered, “Shall we begin” Nothing would ever be the same after this moment for Dany. She was finally home and she brought a fleet and army with her. She was moments away from meeting Jon Snow, and finding out who the real war is with.

7. Lady Olenna’s Death:

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No one has ever won their own death scene before until Olenna Tyrell. While we didn’t get to see the sack of High Garden, we did get to see Jamie bring her death. Even though she had no way out of the situation, she had plenty of time to assure herself a painless death and get in a few more jabs. Basically, right after the Lady of Thorns found out that her death was assured to be without pain she broke it down for Jamie and let him know that it was her, and not his brother, that killed Joffery. And it was the last moments of her life, so what reason would she have to lie. Jame knew it was true, and all he could do was walk away. Lady Olenna still won, and was a bad ass until the very end. Someone needed to kill Joffery!

6. Tormund and The Hound:

Two of my favorite characters shared a few moments of on screen talk while the tried to find whites to kidnap. It was all too short, but boy was it worth it! Tormund confronted The Hound about his fear of fire and professed his love about Brienne. This is the couple I would love to see happen! (If Tormund survived the wall, I wasn’t too clear on that part.) It was very funny to see how both Tormund and The Hound “bonded” over their awe and fear of the big lady with blonde hair, blue eyes, and looks at you like she wants to carve out your liver. Good times!

5. Sansa and Arya:

After the fall of Litterfinger, Sansa and Arya share a moment which we were all hoping to see since Arya arrived back in Winterfield. We finally see that their fighting had all been a ploy to get Littlefinger exactly where they wanted him. They worked together as a family to destroy those who betray them which lead to the deaths of their parents, brothers, and Aunt. It was nice to finally see jusctice being served, and the girls truly getting along and excepting the people they have become. Arya is happy Sansa is the Lady of Winterfield, and Sansa still thinks Arya is strange. They remember their father and express how much they miss him. They will need to band as a family now more than ever, and the pack will survive.

4. Dany and Jon:

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Incest is best. These two smolder on screen and it is very hard to not want them to get together. I shouted more than one time at the TV, “I will go down with this ship, I surrender!” Yes, I understand that Dany is Jon’s Aunt, but they don’t know that. Does that make it any less creepy? Well, when you have a show that you can say, “well, at least they aren’t brother and sister,” and mean it, then you  have your answers.  I also want to remind you that Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are cousins. Incest in royal bloodlines is not unusual.  I worry what this information is going to do to them once they find out, because Sam and Bran both know the truth. Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne, and Dany is his Aunt. They are in love, but what will this information mean if they ever get the chance to find this out. I have a feeling there will already be a baby on the way when they find out this news.

3. East Watch:

Going beyond the wall to capture a white with 7 people was a stupid idea. It kind of worked, but the risk was far too great. At least we didn’t lose Gendry after getting him back! This was an epic battle and losing one of Dany’s Dragons was heartbreaking. It was nice to see Uncle Ben again for a few moments, knowing that he rather end it all after saving Jon, than be remain stuck in the state he was after so much time had gone by.. When the Night King brought the dragon back is when we all knew that this was a total game changer. Sh@t just got real, folks, and the war with the Undead just became a lot less even.

2. Field of Fire 2.0:

I don’t know what I loved more about this, Jamie and Bron just chatting or all the crazy! The Dothraki freaking surfed on the backs of their horses!! The Lannisters were literally no match for Dany and Drogon and they paid the price for what happened at the previous episode. I really liked seeing the army quivering in fear as Dany flew her Dragon in and how Jamie was stupid enough to charge a dragon! Drogon was like, “nope, not my Mommy you fool! I’m gonna burn you!” It was an epic battle and Dany proved that the losses won’t keep her down!

1. The Dragon Pit and The Wall:

It has been 7 years in the making, and it is strange to realize that this is the first time that all of these characters shared the same scene. How often can you say that about any TV show? Just Game of Thrones! These characters have had some interactions with one another, but not on this scale.  It was pretty cool to see The Hound and challenge what was left of The Mountain. We got to see Tyrion and Bron reunited, as well as Pod. Brieene and Jamie even shared a moment. The reaction of seeing the White was pretty cool, and Cersie didn’t disappoint in being truly evil. Jon, well, Jon is a honorable man that almost got them all killed. Even though their time together was brief, it was exciting to finally see everyone together.

Since this was such a huge moment, I couldn’t choose between it and the wall coming down. I picked both because they are both setting us up for the end. The Wall came down due to the blue fire coming from Dany’s dead dragon. The Night King rode him and burned a hole into the wall, bringing it down after it stood for thousands of years. This was what was keeping the Walkers out, but now they are coming in by the thousands. Did anyone else wonder if Bran was in the Ravens, or if he was in the Night King. Is Bran the Night King? Right now, that doesn’t matter. What does is that Winter has come, and so has the Long Night. The army of the dead is about to grow. I just hope Tormund somehow made it out alive.

So there are my top 10 moments from Season 7 of Game of Thrones. It was a very fast paced year, which is sad because we only got 7 episodes as opposed to 10. If they had all been long episodes, it would have been okay, but they were pretty normal in length. I know some of these moments that I picked were not super epic or even impressive. However, some of my favorite moments in this show are when people are just talking with one another. The small moments are sometimes the most profound. Now, we wait for at least one more year to find out what happens next. For now, these were my favorite moments of Game of Thrones, season 7.

7 Blessings to you all!


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