Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

Just in case you are new here, I love conspiracy theories. In fact, this is how this whole blog was born. My friend adored my theories and my research on several topics. She asked me to start a blog and I did! Fast forward a few years later and we are here today. Things are a bit different as I have some other theme days as well, but conspiracy theories is still the corner store of this page. This isn’t just a passion, but a love that I shared with my Dad and my Grandpa. Now that they are both gone, it’s just one more thing that connects me to their memory. I have covered several theories over the years, but I haven’t ever done a top 10 of my favorites. These are the reasons that I got into this, and started the very blog that you are currently reading. I hope you enjoy these in no particular order!

1. JFK:

What happened to John F. Kennedy was a tragic and terrible event that shaped the entire nation and changed the way many people thought about the world around them. Many theorists will pin point this as the major event which started their passion for conspiracy theories. There are no answers to why our President was shot in daylight in front of many witnesses, yet the case has never been solved.  My parents and grandparents were much older than any of my classmates, so when this event happened, they were working adults. My Mom and Dad’s stories were filled with where they were. My Grandpa was the one who sat me down and told me that there was no truth to this and that Lee Harvey Oswald was a scapegoat. This startled me as a child because who would question something as powerful as the government. I was pretty little so I didn’t know any better. The rabbit hole I fell down never ended, and I became a person who looked for answers and started questioning everything that was the official word.

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2. Amelia Erheart:

Another theory that I shared with my Grandpa was about Amelia Earhart. He was the first person to tell me about her, and show me picture books about her journey. First and foremost, his goal was to show me that women could do anything. Second, he wanted me to use my head to try to figure out what happened to her when she vanished. It was such a strange story and while logic could dictate that she simply drowned, that is one of many possible outcomes. This is one of the reasons that my dogs middle name is Amelia. Yes, my dogs all have middle names, don’t judge!


3. Aliens:

I grew up in the 1990’s and alien mania was in full force. If you look back there were things all over TV such as Alien Autopsy and the X Files. Stories were everywhere about the little green men from Mars. Except the longer these stories went on, the more the image changed from creepy beings to things that look more human. I was so afraid of the concept of an alien as a child. We used to go look at the stars to see the movement. It was very hard to grasp that we were the only things out there. When I got older, I realized that there is no way that we are the only beings in a universe with an unknown amount of time and space.


4. Jim Morrison:

As a music fan,  I knew about Jim Morrison from a very young age. When I finally got to visit Paris when I was in my twenties, I talked to a lot of people about what they thought really happened to him. Nothing adds up and no one believes for a moment that he died in a bath tub. When I went to his grave it felt so empty. It didn’t seem right for some reason. I couldn’t shake the feeling that Jim Morrison either died in a very different way than what we were told, or he never died in the first place. I did say in a previous post that if anyone faked their own death, I would believe that Jim Morrison could be the person who would want to pull this off. Many people try to spin their own story, but I know the truth will never be told.



5. John Lennon

The facts are these: John Lennon was murdered outside of his New York City apartment by Mark David Chapman. What is the conspiracy there? Well, take a look at the film, “The US Government Vs. John Lennon.” There is proof that John Lennon was being not only wire tapped, but was being followed by the FBI and the CIA. The fact that Mark David Chapman also seemed to be a person who as planted to kill this mega star. There is a whole film called “Chapter 27 “which was from the “Catcher in the Rye” which was the book MDC was carrying when he killed John Lennon. People think he was triggered by the government or someone else to kill John Lennon and take the fall for the dirty work. Who knows for sure, but the world has suffered since his death.


6.Big Brother is Watching:

While this has become a silly reality TV show for the last several years, Big Brother is a phrase coined in the book, “1984.” This book was meant to be written as a warning, not a guide book. Today, everyone is watching everyone else. We give away our privacy every single time we log on to anything. We get ridiculed for having a view that differs from the norm. People have little to no rights. History is being changed and people are forgetting how to write with a pen. The IQ of the average person is dropping. Why is this all a big deal? It means the public at large is very easy to control. Every Smart TV comes with a warning that you shouldn’t have any sensitive conversations around. Cell phones have so many apps that routinely say they access every phone call, and all your information not limited to your photos and your microphone. Why is this being done? I’m not 100% sure but it is very scary that our information is owned, and we are so willing to give up any privacy that we have.


7. The Moon Landing:

Did the Moon landing actually happen? There are so many arguments on both sides of the debate. However, it is hard for many people to believe that we actually landed on the moon. If we think about it, we have more technology in our pockets than what it took to get to the moon. Our cell phones and everything to come after the moon landing are amazing feats. Could we really have had that same technology back in the 1960’s? It doesn’t seem likely, but it can be impossible. Or can it? People site the movie, “The Shining,” as a confession of sorts as to how the moon landing was faked. Many theorists have tried to prove their thoughts on this matter. I think science and magic is the same side of the coin. It’s hard to say, but I think the truth could be ugly!


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8. Jesus and Mary:

Yes, there is a whole world of debate about these two historically figures. There are countless books, movies, and even classes about Jesus and Mary. However, it is hard to not wonder about their personal lives. If you believe that they were real, then of course it is normal to wonder about their personal lives. Did they get married? Did they have children? I never come at this from a place of emotion, but from just wanting to know because I am human. I am not going to go into a lot of details here because so many people are so committed to their views, it can be overwhelming. You may never see a full post about this from me because of this thought process.


9. The Mandela Effect

Do you recall the phrase, “Luke, I am your Father,” or “Life is like a box of chocolates?” If you do, then you are wrong! Those phrases never happened! Do you recall Nelson Mandela passing away in the 1980’s, or in the last few years? Is your memory wrong, or is it an alternative reality? Is it another universe, or are we all just living in a computer simulation? Take a look at my past posts about this, and I will be making more in the future! There are so many examples of this happening that it’s hard to not look at. While it may not be what we think, something strange is going on here!

10. Time Travel:

I believe that time travel is not only possible, but is a reality. This could go hand in hand with the Mandela Effect. It may not. However, I think someone out there has the ability to travel through time and space. Maybe Doctor Who isn’t so far fetched. There are a lot of movies and stories about time travel. Is that because we all wish it’s true, or we got the concept from time travel itself? It’s hard to know for sure, but if I have a chance, I’m going back to Woodstock!




Those are my top 10 favorite conspiracy theories. What are yours? Leave your comments down below.



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