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Titanic Size Theories

On April 15th, 1912, one of the biggest sea disasters ever happened after the ship called the Titanic sunk. Spoilers if you haven’t seen the movie, but over 2000 people are killed. For years, people have been enchanted by this true story of tragedy which has lead to many doing research and finding some things that just don’t add up. The Titanic was being sold as the “unsinkable” ship, but it not only hit an ice burg, but it split in half, sending many people to a terrible death. There wasn’t enough life boats to save even half of the passengers, which could have been avoided if proper precautions were taken. This boat only made one voyage, but it was such a terrible accident that people were driven to find answers. Could a single ice burg really take down an entire ship, or was it due to fire? Or, was the Titanic real at all?

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 The Wreck of the Titan:

In 1898, years before the Titanic sunk, there was a book that mirrored the fate of the ship written by Morgan Robertson. The book was called, “The Wreck of the Titan.” The Titan was a British ship that also was hit by an ice burg and killed thousands of people during the accident. They also didn’t have enough life boats to get all the people to safety. While this book was updated by the author after the sinking of the Titanic, it doesn’t take away the fact that many of the things written in this fictional book became a reality. Did the author know something that we didn’t? Was this a warning that needed to be paid attention to, or was it just a story in a book? No matter what you think, it is very strange indeed.



Big ships like the Titanic were fueled by coal fire. While useful, it could be very dangerous for several reasons. First, the people shoveling this coal could not only get burned, but they also were breathing in the coal that would coat their lungs. Secondly, this wasn’t the most controlled way to make a huge ship like this run, which meant that a fire could break out at any time. That was a very real fear and a real danger. There have been people researching this accident for years, and many wonder why an ice burg could take down a ship this size even though the ice burg itself was huge. These same scholars point out photos of the evidence of fire before the Titanic even took off! They believe that the fire started in the lowest deck, and even burned up to 3 decks higher. The theory is that a perfect storm caused this major accident to happen. This included the fire, the cold water, the ice burg, and the excessive speed that they were traveling. No matter what you think, it was a terrible accident that many can learn from.


The Olympic:

The Olympic was the sister ship of the Titanic. This means they were built by the same people, funded by the same people, and looked like twin boats. The Olympic had an accident which was very costly, and the repairs. How were they to recoup all of the losses? Why insurance fraud of course! The plan was born to switch out these two ships. The Olympic took the place of the Titanic with the intent to sink the ship and collect all the money that the insurance would pay out due to the accident. This may seem very far fetched, but there are letters written from people who worked on the project. They had a short window to make the transformation, then after they completed the job, they were all fired. Another strange fact was that backer, J.P. Morgan had booked a ticket on the Titanic. He decided at the last minute to not board the boat. The reason was never revealed, but many take this as a clue that he had knowledge that the boat would sink. What else would keep a person with such clout away from the biggest event in the world at that moment? While it did save his life, was this at the cost of thousands of others? There are also books written about this theory with very detailed connections.


Those were 3 Titanic size theories about what really happened that day. No matter the theory, it was a very tragic event that cost many lives. Hopefully, lessons were learned from this accident and future lives were saved because of the mistakes made here.

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