These Things I Believe

These Things I Believe

Underdogs, I realize that my wonderful readers may not know me very well, including what I believe. I thought since it’s supernatural Sunday, I would give you a list of things that may seem spooky or other worldly and let you know what I believe. What I like about beliefs is that they can grow and change. What I don’t like about them is some people hold on to what they believe with all their might. However, it might be very damaging to do so. For example, believing that looking at the sky will turn your hair purple. You spend your entire life looking down, and miss a good chunk of the world around you. Here are some things that I believe.


I have always believed that ghosts are real. I think that I have had plenty of things happen in my life that makes me believe that there is something out there beyond us. I have seen people that aren’t there. I have heard things such as my name being called. I have had that prickling feeling down the back of my neck where all the hairs stand on end.  It’s such a strange thing, but I think ghosts are real. I am a skeptic, so I do look at each story and try to take each one of them as they come. There are some that I can disprove, and move on from. However, there are several that I can’t find any explanation for, and ghosts are a big one.


It would be crazy to believe we are alone in the universe. We have no clue how big the known universe is since we have no technology to help us. The universe could be as big as infinity for all we know. I think it is very vain to believe that we are the only living and intelligent beings. The odds are so vastly against that, I don’t think it’s even calculable. We are not alone, and I think we have had visitors. I think we will have proof in our lifetime that aliens are real.

3. Men in Black:

There are 3 movies and a Marvel comic out about this topic. I’m not talking about any of them. I’m talking about the group of people who apparently show up after an encounter with a UFO. I don’t have permission to talk about the story that I have heard, however I think these beings are real. They are supposed to be men who are bald, and wearing black hat and suits. They look identical and seem to read your thoughts. The MIB have been described as looking as though they were wearing masks. Like the skin was not real, and was pulled over like a mask. They seem like they are wearing make up and don’t look “real” at all. I think they are the keepers of alien information and they are trying to control what they can shield from the public.

4. Reincarnation:

This is where people believe that after you die, you will come back again as another person. Over half of the world believe this, while the other half does not. I think reincarnation is very real. I have written about some of my experiences in the past and will expand on them later if you want to hear my stories. I have memories of things that did not happen in this life. I don’t think this, I know it to be true with ever fiber of my being.

5. The Lock Ness Monster:

Something that is a bit funny. I had to add it in here. I think it’s possible for beings like the Lock Ness Monster to be very real. Nessie is a magical being that lives in Scotland. There is no proof outside of some old photos. Could a huge being that we don’t really know anything about be real? Of course! We haven’t explored the depths of every pool of water or every ocean. I’m sure there are animals that we can’t even imagine because we have seen so little of the number of animals on and off land. Nessie could be real.


Those are just a few things that I believe. There is a lot of wiggle room on these beliefs. I question them, but I think it is always healthy to do just that. If you don’t break it down and explore why you believe in certain things, you are doing yourself a disservice. You need to understand why you believe something before you are willing to debate and defend it.

Do you believe in any of these things? Leave your comments below.

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