Theory Thursday: Paranoia in the 90’s

Hello Underdogs!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I was a 90’s kid, and I loved it! My life was filled with lots of TV because I didn’t have any friends. I’m not trying to exaggerate or gain sympathy, I am just stating fact to give you reference as to why I was so involved with pop culture at such a young age. For example, for my 10th birthday, my Mom kept asking me for a list of 5 friends to do an activity for my birthday. I avoided the conversation as long as possible until I finally had to tell her that I didn’t have any friends. However, all was not lost because this made me the creative person that I am today!  I made the most of the colorful cartoons, the silly sitcoms, and of course, WWF wresting.  The combination of all of this, and my Grandpa, helped me become a writer, and a conspiracy theorist to this day!

I would sit with my bowl of Coco Pebbles and watch TV at all hours. Then, I would go the library and read whatever I could put my little paws on!  For some reason, around that same time there was a huge influx of all things paranormal. There were Big Foot sightings, alien autopsy, and eventually the X-Files. Shows like “Eerie Indiana,” and “Are you Afraid of the Dark” sprang up for younger viewers. Unsolved Mysteries took a turn from crime to the paranormal. To this day, the voice of Robert Stack sends chills down my spin! So, what happened? Why was all things paranormal all of a sudden front and center in all forms of pop culture? I’m not going to lie, some of these things scared me, and I spent many sleepless nights wondering when the aliens were going to come and abduct me in my bed! I was convinced by the time that I was in fifth grade that my Mom had been taken by aliens and I was living with a replacement pretending to be her. I wasn’t afraid of ghosts, but boy, what would happen if I ran into Big Foot unprepared?

I have questioned this for years, and have had conversations with some friends about it, who also think it’s strange that all of this paranormal stuff came out of nowhere. I have to assume there is a reason for it and I think I may have a few answers. The first is something actually happened. Sometime in the 1990’s, either someone was actually going to publish or leak something that showed that there were actually aliens. What better way to distract the public at large than to hide the truth in plain site? While this leak may have been stopped, it didn’t happen without some escaped knowledge! The corneal of truth about aliens, and other paranormal things was out there. To distract from the full reality of the situation, people in Hollywood were given an absurd about of money to make their art about anything mythical. Some of these shows seemed to have a pretty big budget, so why not believe that there were being sponsored by the government as a distraction. What would be more iconic than distracting the public with the truth by hitting over the head with it, and call it entertainment?

If there wasn’t a story that was about to be leaked on a large scale, then what else could this all be about? What if there was another alien landing. and this was all part of a cover-up? Unlike today, in the 1990’s we didn’t have cell phones. Hardly anyone had a computer, and if they had the internet at all, it was for work. No one surfed the web, or even knew what to do with it. Technology has grown in spades since those days. It really hasn’t been that long ago. Think of it, when I was a kid, a cell phone was only something that the very rich had, and it only functioned as something to make calls with. I would never have dreamed that I would have a tiny computer at my finger tips, with the government tracking me at all times. It was the stuff of science fiction, and some people’s nightmares, but it is a strange reality today. What if this technology came from aliens?

It is really amazing how fast technology has risen in such a short amount of time. Today, we have a more powerful computer in our pockets than what was inside Apollo 11, which made it to the moon! We have had some pretty significant advances in medicine as well. At the same time, we have such an increase when it comes to diseases. Now, more than ever people are getting cancer, and  all sorts of other diseases, that it can be considered a crisis. Did something happen in the 1990’s that caused the surge of technology, pop culture, but left us with debilitating sickness? It is a very sobering thought, but something has to be causing all of this illness. Something caused all of the technology, and it’s hard for me to believe that the stars aligned for the right people to sudden have this explosion of creativity.  What happened? Did the creative people of the world know something, an

To this day, I am not sure if there was actually anything going on that caused all of this paranormal in the media. You couldn’t turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or go to a bookstore without something from the world of aliens or Big Food being in your face. Was this just another fad? It might be, but it really was dominating the air waves. I think there is some truth to thinking that there was a cover-up going on. We didn’t have the instant access to the world as we do now, so it wouldn’t be impossible to sweep something big under the rug. I can tell you that all of this stuff made me a bit crazy, and I still am worried about meeting Big Foot unprepared, but the truth is out there. We just ma never find out what the actually truth is without paying the price for the knowledge.


What do you think? Was all of this media covering some big event up, or was it just entertainment. What was your favorite show for the 1990’s? Leave a comment down below!


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