Theory Thursday: The Madeleine McCann Case Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of The Madeleine McCann case. If you haven’t seen the first post, please read the one from Way out Wednesday which you can find here. Way out Wednesday: Madeleine McCann Case Part 1 Of course, I want to take another moment to say how this is a real case, and there is a real family suffering with the loss of their child. There are many more children who are missing that will never get this level of attention but still need their stories told. Maybe by paying a bit of attention to this one, people will dig into other unsolved cases that have been ignored. I am again going to link That National Center for Missing and Exploited because all of these children need to be heard!


We left off last time with a whole lot of confusion. There is more speculation than facts in this case, and there are countless theories as to what really happened to Madeleine McCann. We discussed how the police were called but the investigation was botched. The parents, Kate and Gerry, did a variety of strange things including washing items in the room, and refusing to answer any questions for the police. They gave a picture that was over a year old for her missing posters, even though they had more recent photos. The photos were altered to show a birth defect that Madeleine didn’t actually have, which was in her right eye. The parents left their children unattended and drugged, while they went on their routine dinner that they attended every night with a group of adult friends.The following is some theories of what happened with this case.

What if Maddie never made it past the first day of her vacation? Madeleine was only photographed 5 times during the whole holiday, while there were many other photos of the parents and the twins. The parents claimed that the photos they had of Madeleine were taken throughout the week. However, that was proved to be a lie because of a video the family took on the way to the airport to leave for their vacation. All of the photos, saved for one, were taken on the first day of the vacation. Every single person in the photo was wearing the same outfits as that video taken on the way to the airport. It is not logical that everyone would wear the same clothing day in and day out on a vacation. Why then, would her parents pass these photos off as spaced out?

The other photo with Maddie and the tennis balls has been digitally altered. This is her head, but it is not her body. When asked who took this photo both Kate and a family friend said that they were the ones who snapped the moment. In her book, Kate made a very big deal about running back to the house to get her camera and take a photo of Maddie because she looked so cute. The friend, who as also there, said she was the person who took the photo and Kate never left to get the camera. They can’t even agree on a photo! The only third person party outside of McCann family , their friends, and their staff who actually saw Maddie alive was the first day of the vacation. Since then, the only people to say she was alive and well were each other. Could this all be explained in a logical way? Yes, but it leaves a bit of a chill down the spin considering the only witnesses were each other, and the adults had their integrity called into question by their actions and lies.

That changes everything if Maddie was not witnessed again after the first day of the holiday. The timeline of her disappearing is wrong. What does this mean for this case? It means if this is true, then nothing can be trusted, and there is a criminal cover up that involves her very own parents. Of course the questions of why come up. While they will never be answered, there is logically speculation as to what happened. First, there could have been  an accident involving Maddie that cost her life. The family and friends covered it up due to panic. Or, it wasn’t an accident, but her death was caused by abuse or extreme neglect, and it was covered up. What if  Maddie was given to someone they know? It is such a horrible thought to even write down, but people have sold or used their children. What if Maddie was one of those children? What if she was taken for for blackmail, or for some sort of threat. Both of the McCann’s were doctors which means they had money. What if someone had targeted them, and there was a circumstance of blackmail that took Maddie away? Sobering thoughts, and still no truth.

As time went on, the McCann’s set up a fund to help find their daughter. While that is normal there has never been a case of a missing child that has gotten more money. Many celebrities donated money to this cause. Again, this is not unusual, but how the money was spent was strange. First, the McCann’s hired a private detective. That’s understandable, but they fired him. The PI said that reason he was fired was sensitive, but he had uncovered more lies from the family than truth. The  McCann’s also paid off a million pound mortgage with the funds from their missing child. While they spent a lot of their own money trying to find their child, they took donations and used them for their own means. The money will be running out in the next 11 weeks, so who knows what will happen at that point. It doesn’t matter because the amount of money and attention that has been spent has assured that you will remember this child’s name.

Someone, in the course of my research, someoneImage result for madeleine mccann said that Maddie became the brand of missing children overnight. That was all due to her parents. The questions is, how could her own parents be guilty or have knowledge of what happened to their daughter if they were willing to use all their resources to find their child? The simple is misdirect. What better way of covering up a crime than  by overkill. The attention of this case was overkill, and people questioned why this one child was getting so much coverage? Yes, her story was important, but why would it all over the media? The McCann’s have friends in high places. Part of the money that was for the case went to pay for a media spokesperson who gave almost every interview asked. The family used their pull to get on media outlets such as the Oprah show. It was excessive, like please look for our child and ignore all of the facts that does not add up! I can see if my child was missing, that I would do everything in my power to make sure the world was looking for her. However, I would also be transparent, and cooperate with the authorities. For example, I wouldn’t have refused to answer questions, or tampered with a crime scene, or even left my other two children when I realized that one of the 3 were missing. I would also made sure that the most recent photo of my child was used for a poster, and not a picture that was taken over a year earlier. I can’t blame them for using what they could for the attention, but why were so many willing to give them air time when this child is one of many who are missing? Are they not just as important as Maddie?

There are so many strange theories about this case that go way beyond her parent’s cover up. People have said this case involved people from the Clinton camp, from the Catholic Church, and the British government. People have said that Maddie was adopted or even a clone. People say they were at this well known spot vacation spot due to the fact that this area is famous for child abductions and sex trafficking. They choice to stay there was on purpose. The strange list of theories go on and on! The media circus around this ordeal was insane. It is so strange that a case with this amount of money and attention still has no real answers, nor real leads. All  we know for sure is the child is gone, and with her, the truth of the night.

I want to take a moment to address the parents. While it may seem clear that I think they had something to do with her disappearance, nothing is known for sure. They have been cleared as suspects, but that doesn’t mean they are innocent. At the very least, I believe that her parents, and all the adults who were on holiday, were all guilty of neglect. There is no excuse to leave your children alone while you go out and eat. There is too much that can happen to a child, let alone 3 under the age of 4, all alone in an apartment. They were stupid to leave their children alone and defenseless. They were stupid to  sit at the same table, at the same time, every single night. It was stupid to leave the door unlocked. This was like an open invitation to have something terrible happen. Anyone who was observing them could know when they would be eating, and when they would be up and making their checks. The parents drugged their children, damaged the crime scene by washing the curtains and other items. They gave the press an old photo of Maddie even though they had newer photos, and the refused to cooperate with the police. If the parents are not guilty of something illegal to do with this case, then they are guilty of extreme neglect.

There are so many theories and thoughts about the case, that I could write an entire book on just one theory as to what happened to poor Maddie! Many have written books and made movies about this case. The strange thing is that many of these people are doing this for free. Meaning they have put in the money for their books and documentaries, but they aren’t making any money. They are letting all the items they have produced be used for free for the use of the public. They do ask for donations to help support their efforts, but for the most part, even that money is going to helping missing children. There are people that are so passionate about finding the truth about this case, that they will stake their professional reputations. What this tells me is that there is strong belief from enough people that think something is very wrong with this whole case, and the truth has been covered up time and time again. At the end of the day, 10 years has gone by. Legally, she can be declared dead at this point. Since she seemed to vanish without any sort of trace, I feel that her being found alive today is not going to happen, although still hoped it will be the outcome.

Could Maddie have wondered off and gotten hurt or had a an accident that caused her death? Yes,but since the children were left alone, no one will know if that is the case. The search dogs and search parties never picked up any sign of this, but anything is possible. Could she have been kidnapped, sold, snatched, ran away? We just don’t know. It is very scary to know that a child could vanish into thin air without any trace. It happens, but it never should. There were three children for the taking that night in that one apartment alone. Why was only Maddie gone? Why was she chosen, if she was taken when there were many options? How has so much time, money, and efforts be put into this case with no results? It’s like she vanished into the cold night air, and it is so scary to know that there no end to this nightmare for those who knew and loved Maddie. We all hope for answers that will never come. In the meantime, always be an advocate for those who can’t speak. Take care of your loved ones and never fall into a false sense of safety. Take your own measures about your child such as keeping their photos off social media as well as not posting where you are, or what your travel plans might be.  Always be wary of your surroundings and keep a watchful eye out always. Safety is an illusion but we can all take measures to protect and prepare for the worst case. Keep all the lost and missing in your thoughts because we all want them to come back home.






*All photos used were made public domain by the McCann family.