Theory Thursday: Dream Man

Hello Underdogs, have you ever had a dream man? That one man that you find in the middle of your dream that sticks out to you. Can you describe him? Is he someone that you have seen in your real life? Would you be surprised that thousands of people may be dreaming of the the exact same person, yet they have no clue the identity of the man. For the last several years, people have been reporting a man that appears in their dreams. It has become so big that the world is taking notice. So, who is this man that is the star of so many people’s dreams? Is he real, or just imagined, or is the truth much more sinister?

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The background of the story is a psychiatrist was listening to one particular patient talk about a man that she had been having vivid dreams about. The Doctor decided to sketch the man, but didn’t do much more than leave it on her desk in a pile of papers. A separate patient told the Doctor after spying on the paper that he too, had seen this man in his dreams. He had also spoken to him on many occasions. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, but it was unnerving that the Doctor had also seen this man, and so had others. The Doctor decided to show other patients and it snowballed  from there with many saying they have also seen this man. In fact, the person in the drawing started being referred to as This Man. (Insert this land joke from Firefly here) A website was set up with the original drawing to get feedback. Strangely enough, people from all over the world have reported seeing This Man in their dreams. You can see many of these stories on a Facebook page and see for yourself how far this has gone, and the wide variety of dreams.


The most logical reason behind so many people having the dream about the same man is that the face is recognizable. This Man could be anyone. He has the features of a person that almost anyone has seen before in their life. They may have come across someone who looks very similar in their real life and had a dream about him. This Man may just be a compilation of many people seen on a daily basis. The flip side of this is pictures and new stories have been going around about This Man for awhile. People see his face in the background or even paid attention to what they were seeing and then had a dream about him later on. There is nothing sinister in this at all, but it’s like dreaming of a movie that you keep seeing advertisements for over and over again. Or it could be suddenly wanting a pizza and not knowing why when you have been bombarded with commercials all day that you were not really paying attention to.

Other people think that This Man is a lot more than just a recognizable face. They believe that This Man may actually be God, or some sort of protector, who comes to you in dreams to offer words of advice and wisdom. People have more of an open mind while they are dreaming and that may be the only way that a higher being can communicate with you. What an interesting way to get some advice and help than a strong presence in your dreams. Many people have said that This Man has come to them in dreams when they had a rough spot in their life, or were at points of great stress. He was able to offer advice, a smile, or just a general feeling of warmth and peace to the dreamer. There are several religions who have recorded stories of visions in dreams. A little more creepy notion is that This Man is actually a real person who can travel in dreams. That means that someone can enter into another person’s dreams and walk among them. This may be to be helpful, or it could be to manipulate the dreamer and get information that they may want. While this might be creepy to some, this is actually called Dream Walking which is something many traditions believe in, and it’s not evil at all. If This Man is a dream walker, then he is most likely trying to heal and communicate with others.

The other theories about This Man includes a real person who is using his abilities to spy on people for the government and get information. There are people out there who believe that This Man has something to do with the Mandela Effect. He is proof that this world is just a simulation and his presence is actually a glitch in the matrix. I have read dreams where people dream about This Man and soon after something very tragic happens to them. They aren’t sure if he appearing to warn the dreamer, or if he is causing the havoc. Or, This Man could be something that governments are testing out as a form of mind control and the whole thing is an experiment.

What is the truth? No one knows for sure, but it is hard to not question the origins of this story. The whole thing is actually pretty vague. This could easily be anyone making this story up and using a Doctor as a point of reference to make the story look more legit. There is little other information out there about this Doctor besides what is posted on their own website. Why would someone make this up? For starters it could all be a product campaign for something like a new movie or TV show. This has been done many times in the past, such as The Blair Witch Project and The Charlie Charlie game which seemed like real things, but were just hype for movies. Another reason is to profit form this hoax. How many books and papers could be written about This Man if it’s real at all? This could lead to the potential of lots of money. It could a be a story that someone has made up just for their own entertainment.

Dreams are a mystery, and Doctors and Researchers can’t agree on why we dream, or even how we dream. There is a lot of unknown which leave a lot of room for theories. We have studied dreams, but we have little to no results except what happens to the body while a dream is going on. Could there be a person out there visiting us all in our dreams? It is possible. I have never seen him in my dreams, but maybe some of you have. I like to try to keep an open mind about these things because the dream world may be like the ocean, undiscovered gems that we can’t begin to process.  We don’t know much, as humans. We understand so little of the world and how it works so I think anything is possible. I just find this a little hard for me to swallow, but if I dream of This Man, I may change my tune.



What about you, Underdogs? Have you dreamed of This Man before? If so, post a comment below and tell us about it!

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