Theory Thursday: Did Michael Jackson Fake His Own Death, Part 2

Hello Underdogs, welcome to the second part of the post, “Did Michael Jackson fake his own death.” Please check out yesterday’s post if you haven’t already!

As discussed in the previous post, many people believe that Michael Jackson faked his own death. This is due to many theories not limited to the strange things that happened surrounding his death, his family’s odd behavior at the funeral, and people who looked like they could be M.J. in disguise. This theory goes from something that could be plausible, to border line insanity. I am a conspiracy theorist, and have no problem with people having their own ideas and theories. However, doing research for this was unlike anything I have ever read before. It goes deep, into places that I can’t even comprehend. The amount of work it would take for one of the most famous people on the planet to fake his own death, is outstanding. Especially in the age of instant access and the lack of any personal privacy. Micheal Jackson is not above the power of the internet. I will say, if he did somehow fake his own death, even he will not be able to disappear into the background. He will be found, or it will just be another conspiracy that will remain a mystery. I am going to touch on a few of these theories surrounding his death including why he would fake his death, and why people think he is alive and well. It will just be a few because I could fill up a book of these theories.  Keep an an open mind, but read with a skeptical eye.

1.Michael Jackson: World Traveler?

Image result for Where Was Waldo
Where’s M.J?

What would a person who just faked their own death be up to since they are free to do anything? Why not travel the world? If you have access to lots of money, a security team, and have a heck of a make-up artist, you may be able to roam around freely, and without fear of being recognized. For a dead guy, M.J. seems to get around a lot! In fact, there is a website dedicated to Michael Jackson’s sightings. This is after he “died.” Here is the link if you would like to check it out for yourself. Micheal Jackson Sightings   There are sightings of M.J. all over the world, within days of each other. While this is nearly impossible, people have explanations for the many sightings. Decoys. Their theory states that one of these people truly is M.J. while the others are distractions. Some of these sightings have actually been people seeing a filming of a movie, and an actor portraying M.J. but people were unaware of what was going on. Others will say that these movie sightings were just another decoy to take your attention away from the real Michael Jackson who is busy living his life in private. While I do find this kind of hard to believe, there is a very interesting video on this site from a couple in Paris. They are walking down the street, involved in their vacation, when they happen upon a man who really did look like Michael Jackson. Who knows….it is worth a look.

2.  Micheal Jackson faked his death to get out of debt.

Image result for money
Money: The solution and cause to all life’s problems.

It was reported that Micheal Jackson faked his death due to the strangle hold that his touring company had on him.  While there are conflicting reports both on his health, his mental state, and his ability to tour, there is no question what would happen if M.J. backed out of the contract. If he decided that he no longer wanted to tour, he would owe millions of dollars. Why would that be a big deal for someone who was worth so much money? Well, he didn’t actually have the kind of money that one would believe. M.J. was famous for his outlandish and even crazed spending. He was in financial trouble when he bought The Beatles catalog and made money by selling the rights to those songs. The sales from Michael Jackson’s records declined and he never got back to the status of the days of “Bad,” and “Thriller.” His spending and his bills supposedly outweighed the money he actually had coming through the door. Everyone knows that when a celebrity dies, their net-worth goes up and up! The money that would come from his death would bring enough to pay off any outstanding debt, and still have money left over to start a new life away from the public eye.  There would not only be record sales for his music, but the other projects that movies, stage shows, book deals and on and on could also go towards making the estate more money. Why not fake his death so he could escape the money problems?

3. Danger and Privacy:

Image result for privacy

Being a celebrity does not come without a price. That could be your freedom, your privacy, your sanity, or even your very own life. Even though you have lots of money and adoring fans, that may not be enough to make you happy, or even keep you safe. As most people know, some fans can obsessive to the point of stalking or even murdering their favorite star. There have been several celebrity death’s at the hands of a “true fan,” such as John Lennon who was killed by Mark David Chapman. M.J. was very aware of this and famously kept his children’s faces covered for years. I’m sure why he changed that, but it is a little strange that these kid’s faces are now all over when their father tried so hard to shield them from the public. Although, this type of privacy has to be agreed upon by all. Meaning that a kid that is tired of having things on their face is very real. I’m guessing there was some fights when it came to covering the kid’s faces all of the time. The thing is, as big of celebrity that Michael Jackson was, he could never have a safe or private life. His whereabouts were always being recorded and reported on. He only had the privacy that he was allowed to have, which could be said about anyone. However, on such a large scale, it is more apparent that privacy is an illusion. Danger is around every corner. Why keep living your life like this when you can fake your own death and enjoy the rest of your days in safety and privacy?

4. The Illuminati:

Image result for who are you

This is where it gets muddy. According to some, M.J. was deep into the Illuminati. If you are not familiar with the Illuminati, neither is anyone else. This was an organization that did existed at one point in history. However, it reportedly stopped and faded away from reality. Others say that it is an alive and thriving organization and it is to blame for…well, everything.  They have been blamed for trying to take over the world, of spreading their message of the New World Order, and are the reasons that anyone is famous. Not a little bit famous, but Beyonce level hysteria famous. The legend goes that these people sell their souls to the Illuminati in exchange for fame and fortune. It can cost more than your soul since they now own you. These celebrities must spread the message of the devil, or New World Order, or their favorite cookie recipe or else! They own the celebrities’ lives and they decide how well they will do in he world of fame, as long as they obey. The theory about M.J. is he was just many who sold their souls for fame. It was time for him to cash in with the upcoming concert. Meaning that he had to spread the will of the Illuminati and even recruit his fans. When they found he wasn’t well enough to do the tour, they agreed to fake his death in order to collect on the money train that would be pouring in!  His messages of the Illuminati would live on through his music, videos, and appearances. His grief stricken fans would gladly follow into the ways of the Illuminati just to keep the memory of M.J. alive.

5. It’s all a stunt:

Gather around and see a trick you won’t believe!


Just like a magic show, everything that has happened with Michael Jackson and his death has been nothing but an elaborate stunt. It’s all an illusion and like a magic show, you will see a person disappear and reappear before your eyes! M.J. was famously into tricks, illusions, and magic. Some think that this is all a set up to one of the greatest performances in history. What is a better joke, or trick than to fake your own death and have a successful comeback? Andy Koffman couldn’t achieve it, so why can’t someone with greater resources pull off the biggest trick in history? It has been said over and over again that some of these very famous celebrities who have passed are just pulling a prank. However, how long does the punchline go on for? How long must the public at large wait to see that curtain pulled back and find their long lost celebrity laughing in the wings? When does it stop being an illusion and just plain cruel? There is no doubt that M.J. had the money, the time, and the know-how to pull off a stunt of this size. Isn’t a trick more than picking up the hat to pull the rabbit out of it, but instead of pulling out the rabbit, you just wait? The trick has the element of surprise, but you have to have more than the first step, there needs to be some pay off. If this is an elaborate stunt, then it’s more than cruel, it’s illegal.

6. It was a distraction:

If you look on YouTube under ConspireTruth, you will see several clips on the day of M.J’s death. The CNN clips with the scroll of news going across the screen as people are being interviewed are very important. In my opinion, the scrolls are a very strange thing because normally, they actually have the biggest news stories rather than what is happening on the screen itself. If you look at the scrolls while they speak about M.J’s death you will see something very interesting. First, there was a report of a super strain of flu that will killing hundreds of Americans. No vaccine would touch it and they were afraid to could turn into a pandemic. Also, there are reports the the terrorism alert was on high that day. What would be a better distraction from this very scary news than a celebrity death. Not just anyone, but one of the biggest stars out there. This level of celebrity would be enough to distract the general public from the very real threats going on while they were upset at the news of his death.

My Final Thoughts:

Be kind to yourself, and to each other.

This has been strange to say the least, and I don’t believe that Michael Jackson is alive and well. If he is, then he is in a world of trouble. What his fans are failing to see is that there are several crimes that are committed in the process of faking one’s death. While the act of faking death itself is not illegal, everything that comes with it is. For example, if there is any insurance at all is collected, that is considered fraud. If any debt or anything else was paid off via the funds paid out through insurance, those companies can sue. If there was any police time involved that investigated any crime, it is fraud. The city, and state can bring charges against you for defrauding the police and wasting their resources. If the person faking their death got a new identity that they are using, that is fraud. This can be a federal crime. If you have traveled outside of the country, it can be considered an international crime. The list is endless, but it all adds up to a lot of trouble, and a lot of jail time. I can’t see that anyone in M.J’s camp would assist in anything like this. If they did, I would make damn sure he was never seen in public. Not only would M.J. be on the hook, but so would anyone involved or had any knowledge of the crime, including his children.

It is very hard to think that M.J. would do anything to cause this much harm to his children for any reason. He may not have been close with the rest of his family, but his kids were his life. The damage of putting your children through this, even if they knew about Dad faking his death, is unimaginable. That means that they have to pretend the rest of their lives that their Dad is dead, yet he alive. Do they have access to him? Do they get to call him and see him whenever they wish? They must get really good at being liars, and they have to be very careful who they bring into their lives. What must this mentally do to a person? This is a cruel torture that no one should be subjected to. It is not a joke, and there is real fear trying to keep such a vast secret. It would be life consuming. It would be mentally exhausting. Not to mention the fall out if the truth were to come out. Anyone who knew about the plot could be subjected to time in jail. Would his youngest son be in trouble? Probably not, but his oldest two were old enough to be held legally accountable for their actions. What person would put their loved ones through something so horrific?

The fact that the people see so many clues in things that prove that M.J. is alive such as hidden signs and symbols. For example, apparently the words ALIVE are seen in Michael Jackson’s lips.

Image result for michael jackson alive lips
Alive, or dry lips?

This is seemingly proof that his alive. There are also countless things “hidden” in pictures such as the words “alive,” and “believe” everywhere. These are supposed to mean that M.J. is alive and well, and believe and he will come back. This guy ain’t Jesus so there is no coming back from the dead. If you look for things, you will find them. You can connect any dots, but it doesn’t mean that they form any sort of logical story. Yes, as a conspiracy theorist, I understand that sometimes things take a leap of faith. There is a point when it is too far fetched, however, you need to start chipping away at the sensational story and see if you are actually left with anything concrete.

I do not want to downplay anyone’s feelings towards Michael Jackson. His loss has left a huge hole in the hearts of many. All of your feelings, sadness, and grief are understandable. He brought a lot of joy to people and touched their hearts in a way that is very personal. I felt that way when David Bowie died. I was so distraught about his death, that I had a dream that my dead Dad told me it was going to be okay. It hurt, a lot and I hoped it was all a mistake. We don’t know what happens to people when they die, which makes their passing a whole lot harder, and a whole lot crueler to those who are left to pick up the pieces and try to move forward. Some people get by on their faith, while become depressed, or find motivation they never knew that they had. Everyone mourns in a different way and you need to do what is best for  you to get through it. That includes allowing yourself to be sad and cry, even if it has been years. Could Michael Jackson still be alive? Anything is possible Truth is stranger than fiction. I don’t want people to feel that their hope should be dashed. This particular theory, if true, is just so cruel and horrible to his family and his fans. It has been years since he has passed and the longer time goes by, the less likely that this theory could even possibly be true.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and let me know if you think M.J. could still be alive. Maybe I will be proven wrong……Keep an open mind, but read with a skeptical eye!



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