Theory on Conspiracy Theories

Underdogs, if you have ever followed any of my blog posts before, or have know me at all, you will realize that I am a conspiracy theorist. I have been one since I was a very small child.  For most of my life, I have been seen as strange and out there. I’m not 100% sure if that is due to my love of all things conspiracy theories, or if I am just kind of strange. What I have found rather odd in the last few years is the rise of the conspiracy.  Not so many years ago, conspiracy theories were out there in the world, however, it wasn’t mainstream. I couldn’t just go into any bookstore and find a book about conspiracy theories right next to the best sellers. I had to go search for them in the back of the store. I also love YouTube and watch more of it than I should. When I first started to watch YouTube, I hardly ever saw any videos that dealt with any sort of conspiracy theory. Now, all of a sudden, there is channel after channel and so many people doing blogs and videos on conspiracy theories. Me, being who I am, had to ask why? Let’s take a look at  3 reasons why conspiracy theories are so popular at the moment.

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1. Strange Stories Sell:

I heard that Taylor Swift is a cannibal. I am going to have to watch all of her videos and listen to her music for clues. I am sure it is there! The thing is, a story that brings a lot of attention can have the nice side effect of getting sales. The more outlandish a story, the more attention is paid to a star, or project like a movie or an album. It can be as simple as the whole Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz theory, to Katy Perry actually being a murdered beauty star. Conspiracy Theories have become so mainstream and known that Katy Perry even acknowledge this at the MTV Video Music Awards this past weekend and made a joke about it. Conspiracy theories are everywhere! (If you don’t know what I am talking about, please check out my previous blog on Katy Perry here:)

Have you noticed that some of these celebrities are feeding the masses with their conspiracy theory bait. For example, the whole Taylor Swift/Tom Hiddleston relationship. Who in the world wears an, “I love T.S.” shirt on a date with your girlfriend? Either a really sad bloke, or someone who is feeding a story to the masses in hopes that it will take off and gain results. This happens all of the time in the strange world of Hollywood. Let’s look some very fake relationships that had ups and downs just as movies were coming and their stars happened to be dating.  Did anyone actually believe that Kristen Stewart and Robert Patterson were actually a couple? Of course they weren’t, but how many tweens fell for it and spent their money on books, movies and Twilight products because they believed that it was all real. It was just another form of publicity. All the rumors of cheating and other things was just plain conspiracy to generate more money.

The reason people do this is simple, money! Many of these celebrities are finding that conspiracy theories that surround them are getting them attention and will keep their name in the news. This means that more likely, that will equal more sales of whatever they are promoting. The whole reason that the Kardisians are famous is because of a “leaked” sex tape of Kim and her then boyfriend. It was a conspiracy! Turns out it was just Kim’s own Mother who did the leaking, and took advantage of an opportunity. Which is pretty awful on many levels  when you think about it. People are now building their empires based off of a conspiracy theory and celebrities are eating it up!

2. Conspiracy Theories are fun.

Is any of the information about that I have addressed even real? Who knows, but did you have fun reading about it? Conspiracy theories are entertaining in themselves. It can be a lot of fun to see what some people have come up with, and then going about proving their point. I want to know what is going on and I am willing to put in the time and effort to research a really good conspiracy theory. The other thing is that believing in something, no matter what it is, can bring people together. It can be a sense of belonging to believe that mermaids are the monkeys of the sea, or that your phone knows your thoughts. A common belief can be very strong, and very powerful. It can bring people together like they never have before.

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3. The truth in the Lies:

Who can you trust anymore?You can’t trust the news because they are nowhere near biased. They have been known to make up their own stories. You can’t trust the internet because, well, the internet!  Who can you believe? Many people think that there is a small bit of truth in every lie. So, maybe there was a conspiracy to frame Lee Harvey Oswald. Maybe there is a Big Foot out there somewhere. Maybe the best way to handle awful or even scary things is to dress them up in a good story which is a modern day conspiracy theory. What is the best way to either hide or tell the truth than hiding it in plain sight. Their are so many stories about aliens, but right now, they are all stories. What if the truth is that all of it is real, and these conspiracy theories are a way to prepare us for the eventual truth?

We have also become a more split society than ever when it comes to the search of the truth. The internet has given us a lot of tools, yet either people take everything written on it as gospel. Or, instead they form their own opinion by doing a lot of research. The internet has given us the power to do both. It think many of us have fallen into the trap of just taking an article we see’s word of the events that took place. However, many of us have also seen through some of these stories and did the groundwork themselves. I call this urban journalism. This is where people with little to no formal training goes after the story, and not the opinions. Sometimes, what we think is a conspiracy theory is closer to the truth than anything ever reported.

Conspiracy theories are everywhere you look. People have caught on how much they can do for their business or for their personal promotion. It’s just another form of publicity that people are choosing to try out just like having an Instagram page. It is entertaining and even fun, but in some cases, these conspiracy theories may be the closest to the truth as we will ever get. Like all things that are popular, this too shall pass. A few more months, or even a year will go by and a conspiracy theorist will be back to being the butt of a joke. I’m still where I have always been. Looking at the world with both logic, a skeptical eye, and a writer’s imagination. Anything is possible, and sometimes, you need a good story to sell it. When this fad passes, I will still be wearing my tin foil hat and will be searching for the truth.


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