The Reflection Files: Madeleine McCann Case

Underdogs, I have decided to revisit some of the big cases that I have written about because their dialog is still alive and ongoing. There are some case files that are ingrained into people’s minds. One such case has to do with the missing child, Madeleine McCann. I have written 2 blogs on this previously, but it is still an active case, and theories are born every single day. Do I think this case will ever be solved? Not a chance. I do think that Maddie is gone and all who were involved got away carry the truth with them to their own graves. Please take a look at my previous blogs here before reading on, then let’s take a look at this reflection on the files of Maddie McCann.

The post, “The Reflection Files: Madeleine McCann Case” contains affiliate links. See the Disclaimer on the Promotions page. All claims here are opinions. Keep in mind this is a real and active case with a child who is gone.

One of the biggest and saddest things about this whole ordeal is that the thousands of children who are not Maddie McCann, and do not have the pull of the family, will never get this level of attention. They may not get any attention at all.  All of them deserve to be found, and all deserve justice. At one time, the McCann’s had a fund set up to help their search, as well as trying to help fund other missing children’s cases.  It ran out in early 2018 after a house had been purchased and personal bills had been paid. However, they were recently granted more money for this case that starts in 2019. This will literally take money away from other missing cases in the UK. Parents argue that Maddie didn’t go missing in the UK, so the UK should not be funding a search. This is a no win situation, and very sad. Children missing is a serious issue that effects all of us. No matter what we theorize about these files, make sure you do your part in helping spread the word about missing children. Educate yourself about tips to keep your loved ones safe. Please visit this website for missing and exploited children.

Looking back on these files, one thing I keep seeing over and over again is questioning the odd behavior of the parents Kate and Gerry McCann. What does a missing person’s family supposed to act like? I’m not sure, but I think that we can all agree that if our loved one was missing, and we had any way that we could help, we would do so. This includes answering all the police’s questions, searching for your loved one, and not disturbing the scene. All of these things did not happen with the McCann’s. They refused to answer questions, including never being formally questioned by the police in the same town their child went missing from. They never joined the physical search for their child. They also famously called everyone they knew, and cleaned up the apartment including Maddie’s clothing and her favorite toy. How strange is this behavior? It’s just the surface of what people in the UK are calling, the “McFable.”

Many people in both the UK and Portugal are both embarrassed and enraged at this whole case. Millions of pounds have been spent of the public’s money, and thousands of hours have been devoted to this case with no leads. Four different Prime Ministers personally had reached out the McCann family and stated in public that the McCann family were innocent. The police also went out of their way to state that they do not suspect the McCann family in any wrong doing. The kidnapping angel has been the only one explored. No one has looked into murder, an accident, or anything else terrible that could have happened to this poor child. This has become a huge stain on both of these areas. To date, the only kidnapping or missing children’s case in the area where the McCann’s stayed, was Maddie. That says a lot. It can happen, but why this child? Why not any of the other several children that were left unattended by their parents while they ate dinner? Why not the sleeping twins that were right there in the same room? This doesn’t make any sense at all.

One of the biggest points of concern outside of everything else I’ve mentioned here and in the other blogs in Kate’s refusal to answer all questions asked of her during the police interview. The list of questions are online and I will link them at the end of the blog. The list of questions, in my opinion, were not out of line, or strange. They were very straight forward questions that could have  helped investigators find leads. Why did she refuse to answer them? She did state that she understood that not answering these questions could result in hindering the investigation of her missing child. Why in the world would any person in their right mind not answer every single question unless they were out of their minds, or had something to hide. Not one person has stated that they thought that either Kate or Gerry were suffering from a mental breakdown, or any issues with mental health.

What were some of these terrible questions that Kate refused to answer? Did she ask for a Priest? That seems like a normal request from any person who religion is a big deal. That would have been any easy question to answer. What was Maddie’s behavior like that day? Does she have any illness and need medication? This very general question could be life and death for someone if they had an issue, yet her own Mother refused to answer such a basic question. What hospital do you work for, and what are your hours? Again, she refused to answer such a basic question.  Kate and Gerry were asked to not alter the media, especially during any questioning. Both Kate and Gerry involved the media since the first few moments, and Kate texted out information while she was getting questioned by the police. Sadly, the police in Portugal have been portrayed as being wrong, and mishandled the case. It looks as though they were following a different path than the approved theory that Maddie was kidnapped. In fact, many of them believed that she was dead and her parents were covering it all up.

They were not prepared for a kidnapping investigation, which is why there were some issues. They did mess up, but they did do many things correct. They got zero cooperation from the McCanns or any of the people who traveled with them. However, they did conduct a full investigation along with sniffer dogs who found evidence of blood and DNA of Maddie in the apartment, and in Kate’s car. They found no signs of forced entry like Kate claimed. Why is this family being treated like victims when they have been standing in the way of all possible leads of their child being found. According to British Law, the McCanns legally neglected all of their children by leaving them in a building on their own. This lead them to emotional and physical harm. Their daughter went missing during a time they had left her and her siblings alone. Kate even neglected her twins after finding Maddie missing. She ran away and left them to fend for themselves even though Kate was quoted as saying, “They took her.” She didn’t say who, at that point meaning it could have been Maddie, or her sister. It seemed she didn’t care for the welfare of her other 2 kids by leaving them behind as she started her dance.

By revisiting these files, I have found more and more questions that could take up several more blogs. I will come back to this again, because this is all so crazy! Maddie would be around 17 or 18 years old today. Many kids could have been 17 or 18 years old today. The difference is that I believe there is information that her very own family knows which will explain why she never even made it to her fourth birthday. This is why the public is so obsessed with this case. Because we all smell a rat, and one and one are adding up to nine. I hope her twin siblings are safe, and I hope they can have some hope of a normal life. I hope this will also bring attention to other missing children.



Link to Questions: All photos are credited to the McCann Family who let the public use these images for free.–did.html