The Cult of Childhood Fears: Introduction

Underdogs, I want to put a disclaimer on this series right away. If you are upset by certain harsh subjects, including: stalking, murder, death, suicide, and other things, please don’t read. This is an introduction into a series I am doing about things we grew up with, and how terrible they really are in life! For example, I will be taking in depth looks at fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and cartoons and the horror behind them.

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I went to school for creative writing and literature, and I have had an fascination about all of these strange and upsetting things that were supposed to be meant for children! The purpose of this post is to warn you that there will be very sensitive subject matters discussed about these childhood things that induced fears and terrible explanations. As a child, I remember being told some of these nursery rhymes and being very disturbed.

My Grandparents were older, and they had an amazing collection of books. I grew up with Bryor Rabbit, and Grimm Fairytales. Even then, I understood that there was something very wrong with these stories that were being told to me. I also watched Loony Tunes and was shocked at how many of the characters killed themselves. I don’t know if you can watch these now, but when I was a kid, these were on all of the time. The shows would leave me depressed, upset, and feeling sick. Sometimes, I would cry about it. I would get so sad that I wouldn’t know how to describe and vocalize what I was feeling. I sort of understood that it wasn’t real, but what I was feeling about the very upsetting event was very real.

I often wonder why we plague children with such sad and disturbing stories. This isn’t anything new at all. Going back and looking at stories that were meant for children is like taking a ride on a horror roller coaster. I know at some point, people didn’t know, or care that children are not adults and do not have the understanding of an adult. Children weren’t expected to live long, so were these horrible stories to remind these kids that their short little lives would be cut short? Was this a way to help kids understand that there is only harsh and terrible things waiting for them if they make it past being a kid?

I call this a cult just for that reason. We have been brought up in a society where we have been brainwashed in more ways than one. Nothing is easier than including ideas to impressionable young children. A whole bunch of cartoons from the 80’s were nothing but 30 minute ads for toys and other things from their brand. Ideas are presented to children in a very pretty wrapping. At first, it seems nice, but when you look closer, the reality peeks through. It is a way of thinking that we have all been set up for, and if that isn’t cult like, I don’t know what is.

I hope you are excited to dive into the series with me. Again, I hope that you take this warning to heart. While all of this is readily available online and pretty much anywhere, I will be breaking it down more and looking deeper. Some of the things that I will be looking at are: Loony Tunes, Disney, Grimm Fairy Tales, and more. Stories are a powerful thing, and a tool that is used to pass history and to entertain. What about the darkness behind these stories? Join me to find out as we explore this world.