The Black Angel: Revised

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Hello everyone, this is one of my original blogs when I switched over to this site. I hope that you enjoy this being re-posted because you may have not had a chance to read it before.  Take a look and I hope you like the legend of The Black Angel.



Today, we are going to talk about a local legend that I grew up around called, The Black Angel. I was raised in Iowa, but didn’t hear about this until I was in college. This legend is about a supposedly cursed statue that is located in a cemetery in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It has become stuff of teenagers daring one another to spend a night by her side, hoping to see her move or do something terrifying. Some people honestly think that this Black Angel will not only bring you bad luck, but death as well.

Iowa actually has two Black Angels, one in Iowa City, and one in Council Bluffs. As the years progressed, their stories got a bit mixed up and sometimes two legends melted into one. This is the story of the Dodge’s angel.  While many people find solace in this statue, many others find terror. The legend goes, that Mrs. Ruth Anne Dodge had a visions of this angel 3 days prior to her death. Each night, she would go to bed and have vivid dreams.  She would then wake up, and tell her daughters who wrote down the experience. The first two dreams were the angel coming to Ruth Anne who offered her a drink of water. Both times, Ruth Anne refused the water even though she was very thirsty. The third night, the Black Angel came again and once more offered Ruth Anne the water. This time, she drank the water and woke from her dream long enough to convey it to her daughters before passing away.


Before she died, she let her children know that the water wasn’t just liquid, but a grand gift. The angel had offered her the gift of immortality and she took it.  Her children had the angel made as a memorial to stand by her grave inside the Walnut Hill Cemetery, which is now called Fairview. The statue was bronze and was made by the same sculpture who did the Lincoln Memorial. She has one hand that is stretched out while the other is holding the same water vase that Ruth Anne described in her visions. At one point, the statue functioned as a working fountain but as the years went on, it broke down. There was a large hole in her back that stopped the flow of water. That has been repaired in the last few years and now it works once more. The angel was no stranger to vandalism either.

What started the legend of the Black Angel is unknown, but people think it has to do with the fact that the angel was a bronze color. After time, it became more gray, or even appears black in color. People associate an angel with being a heavenly white color, but this one is dark and seems ominous, earning the nickname the angel of death.  This may have started the stories that come from this statue.

One of the stories is that the angel’s eyes will turn red. The color glows Image result for Dark Angel Statue Council Bluffsand is very terrifying. If you see the change of color in the eyes, then you are supposed to die in 2 days. Other legends say that children have gone missing after spending time with the angel. They say she snatches them into the afterlife. People also dare each other to stay the night next to her, but you must be aware, she might move, or she might even call your name. If she speaks to you, then that means you are going to die very soon, or something very terrible will happen to you in 3 days time. There are many different legends, but the statue stands longer than than stories.

I have only seen her once, and it is a very unnerving sight. Especially when it is covered in snow, or if the sun is setting. I feel it’s disrespectful to be in a cemetery after dark unless you have permission. It’s even worse when people have done things to vandalize someone’s memorial. No matter what you believe, it is never okay to spray paint, break, or leave trash on someone’s grave. I only saw her from a car and passed on. I knew that in college people told all sorts of stories, but it never seemed like a good enough legend to match such a spectacular statue. I hope if you ever get a chance to see her, it will be a pleasant experience. Don’t forget to keep your ears open, and your eyes peeled!


What do you think, is there really something spooky going on here, or is it all just a story? Comment and let me know!