The Anthony Case

It has been said that if you don’t know anything about the Casey Anthony case, then you must have been living under a rock. Let me remove my rock and tell you that I literally knew anything about the Casey Anthony case until very recently. While this case was going on, I was working 2 full time jobs on top of being a caregiver, so I knew little to nothing about it. When she was found not guilty of killing her child, I couldn’t understand the rage that people were feeling. Sadly, this is not the only child that has been neglected or killed. Why was this any more important that those other cases. It’s not, but now I know that the child was missing for over a month and the Mother didn’t report it. That makes it a bit more sinister than most stories. I encourage you to keep all missing and neglected children in your mind and in your heart. I will be adding links for missing and exploited children, and THORN at the end of this page for your information. No child should ever have to go through any of this type of danger. That being said, let’s explore the case of Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony is described as the most hated women in America. While I don’t know if she is worthy of that title, she sure is, in my opinion, delusional and a possible sociopath. Casey is the youngest child of George and Cindy Anthony. She grew up in a home where her Father was a gambler, and a liar. So, she learned how to lie, and lie a lot. Almost every single thing out of her mouth was some type of lie. It seems as though Casey had several mental disorders that were never found as a child, which meant that they were never treated. She was able to hold down jobs for a time, but was famous for lying and stealing from her family, and her Grandmother.

Casey became a Mom when she gave birth around the age of 20 to her only child, Caylee Anthony. No one knows who her Father is, but Casey allowed an old boyfriend to believe he was the Father for some time. Even though Casey couch surfed with friends, she lived with her parents with her daughter full time. One day, Casey told her parents that she and Caylee were leaving for awhile, which wasn’t unusual, and took off. This was the last time George or Cindy saw Caylee alive. After that point, whenever the grandparents asked about Caylee, or asked to speak with her, Casey would always have an excuse. She never actually left town. In fact, she was couch surfing at many friends and lovers homes, but all on her own. She had stories about where Caylee was, but each one was different. This included that Casey was working and she hired a nanny named “Zany,” to take care of Caylee. It seemed as though every phone call that the grandparents made was sadly a few moments too late to talk to Caylee because Zany took her somewhere.

Casey had also randomly abandoned her car, which was also in her Mom’s name. Eventually, the car was towed, and her Mother, Cindy was called to collect the car. When she did, a nightmare began. The car the baby seat, and the same bag that she had last seen Caylee with in the back seat. The car had also had trash in the trunk, and Cindy smelled death. This is what started one of several calls that Cindy would make to 911 about the strange situation. She eventually was able to track down her daughter. When she did, she called 911 again because her daughter couldn’t produce Caylee. Finally, Casey admitted to her Mom, that Caylee was missing and had been gone for 31 days! Cindy, not Casey, would then again call 911 to report a missing child. When questioned by the 911 operator why she waited so long to report her child, Casey said she knew she was with Zany the Nanny, and that she was using other avenues to find her child.

The questioning of Casey Anthony was rough to say the least. She lied so much that she got herself back into a corner. She said she worked at Universal Studios, which she had, a long time ago, and tried to convince the police that she still worked there. No one knew who she was. It went so far as to have Casey walking around Universal until she had to admit that she no longer worked there and hadn’t for years. More questioning happened and Casey ended up getting arrested for being a suspect in her child’s missing persons case. Eventually, it would come out that Zany the Nanny was not a real person. She most likely was a name that Casey picked out of the phone book. While there was a real person who this name was based off of, she had never met Casey or Caylee, and was never a nanny. She ended up suing Casey later on for dragging her innocent name into the dirt. This women destroyed many lives, and this is just one of them.

In October of 2008, Casey Anthony was charged with first degree murder. Caylee’s body was not found until December 2008, yet the police had enough information to charge Casey with murder before her child’s remains had been found. The trail went from May to July 2008, and if you didn’t know, she was found not guilty on almost every charge. What happened to Caylee is muddled with confusion. Sadly, this child was found yards away from the family home. She was stuffed inside a trash bag, with a Winnie the Poo blanket wrapped around her, and duct tape over her skull. The body was so badly decomposed that no cause of death could determined. Everything in the bag, including clothing, was wasted away. Caylee had been in an area which had flooded, and dried so much of the evidence was gone. Stories still are being told about how the duct tape was found close to the body, and not around Caylee’s head like reported. The truth is, no one knows what happened to end her life.

This is where I will end part one. In part two of the Anthony Case, I will talk more about how Caylee was found, and the trail itself. We will also explore the life of Casey after the trial ended, and what kind of impact that this had on the world at large. Don’t forget to check out these two websites to help out missing and exploited children.