The 13th Doctor

This past weekend, the world was introduced to the 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker. This wasn’t just a new series of a TV show that has been on the air over 50 years. This is a major start to an exciting chapter in a ground breaking way. This is the first time ever that The Doctor has been casts as a female, and it is not without it’s controversy. Many people were upset over the casting choice of Jodie Whitaker because the Time Lord has always been a male. However, in recent years, or in “New Who” as some people call the seasons starting in 2005 to present, the seed has been firmly planted that Time Lords can switch from male to female, and back again. Last season with Peter Capaldi as The Doctor, reminded us more than ever that The Doctor is not human, but an alien, and our rules don’t apply to the Time Lords. I’m not going to lie, a few years ago, I was worried about the eventual casting of a female Time Lord. I even wrote about it, but I realized quickly that I was wrong. Why couldn’t The Doctor be a woman? There really isn’t a good reason. It’s science fiction, after all, and nothing is impossible in this world.

Before we go on, this post contains spoilers, so keep that in mind as River tells you!


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I was not able to watch the simulcast of “The Woman Who Feel to Earth,” which is the debut show of the 13th Doctor. I was working, but this event was watched by over 8 million people around the world! We were introduced to Ryan, who is making a YouTube video and telling us events that htappened in this past. He starts by telling us of the story of how he, as a 19 year old, was still learning to ride a bike. He suffers from an illness called dsyphraxia disorder, which is a muscle disorder. He is with his Nan, and her new husband, Graham who are trying to help. In frustration, Ryan throws his bike over a hill and his grandparents tell him to go get it, and catch up with them later.

Ryan gets down a hill and sees his bike stuck in a tree. All of a sudden, a strange light pattern appears and Ryan reaches out to touch it. Then a huge Hersey kiss looking pod shows up, and is very cold to the touch. While this is happening, Ryan’s Nan, and Graham are on the train home with a few other people. The train stops after a crash, and a strange twirling electrical object burst through the door. Then, as strange woman, the 13th Doctor, also falls through and crashes into the train and helps to stop the object for a moment. It then takes off. In the meantime, Ryan has called the police and his former school friend, Yaz, stopped by and he showed her the strange pod. Nan called Ryan about the train, and Yaz takes him to the scene. They all meet The Doctor who is struggling to remember her name, and they all agree to investigate the strange happenings. The Doctor figures out that there are 2 aliens on Earth, one that they just saw, and the second was in the pod.

The Doctor is at a bit of disadvantage at this point. The TARDIS has thrown her out, and she doesn’t have her sonic screwdriver. She also is having trouble getting adjusted to the new body, and is a bit scattered. Just like the 10th Doctor, we see how the regeneration being difficult and even painful. The 13th Doctor passes out and Nan and Graham take her to their home to look after her. We see energy escaping The Doctor just as we did with the 10th Doctor. She wakes because everyone around her needs her help, even though she needs the rest, she is going to help. She realizes that she needs her sonic, and decides to build one herself! Using her sonic, she finds the out that the electric bursts is like a recorder. The other alien is using it to get information. They try to stop this alien from getting info because his race comes to abduct a certain person, and take them to their planet as proof that they can be leaders. The chosen person was one of the people on the train.

The gang finds the man on the train who is a works on a crane. They go to help him because they aren’t sure what will happen to him if he gets taken. The Doctor is able to help save the man, but the man pushes the alien off the side of the crane. We aren’t sure if it lives or dies since it vanishes into thin air after using a time jump. During this shuffle,  Ryan’s Nan is killed. This is heartbreaking because she was such a great character, and being in the show such a short time, she made a huge impact. The Doctor remembers who she is, and finds a way to get herself back into the TARDIS. The last scene is The Doctor using the sonic to get her to the TARDIS, but it goes wrong and Yaz, Ryan, and Graham all get transported with her, but they are falling through space! To be continued at the next adventure!

 My thoughts on the 13th Doctor’s introduction were these. I was so excited to see The Doctor. As it was said by Rose in the 50th anniversary, “It’s the same software, different case.” Right away, Jodie felt like The Doctor. There was nothing strange, or hard about going along this adventure with her because she melted into the role flawlessly. It was like she has always been there, waiting to come to the surface. There is no reason to fear this change, because it’s like there is no change at all. It doesn’t change the past  history of the show. It doesn’t change anything more than having another actor play The Doctor, and that’s happened 12 times already. I say this is one of the easiest transitions that I have ever seen for a Doctor. It was exciting, it was emotional, it was The Doctor. I’m so excited to see what is next for The 13th Doctor!


What are your thoughts on Jodie? Are you just as excited as I am for the 13th Doctor?