Terrifying Childhood Movies

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Hello Underdogs, I know I have been doing a few supernatural series recently, but it got me to thinking about some other kinds of movies. Mainly those terrifying childhood movies that were seemed like they should be harmless on the surface, but they ended up scaring you for life! It might be scary because of something very unnerving that happened, very good make up, or an event that happened out of left field. It may not even be something outwardly spooky, but something that you recognize as psychologically damaging that makes these movies terrifying. Here is a list of terrifying childhood movies that really were messed up once you think about it!

1 The Return to Oz: This movie that came out in 1985 was supposed to be a fantasy squeal to The Wizard of Oz. This movie is dark, cryptic, and down right unsettling. You can pretty much point to any scene in this movie and say it’s terrifying and be correct! The hall of mirrors, the shock therapy, the talking rocks, the rollers, it’s all too much! This couldn’t be more opposite than the happy original movie! If Dorothy was having issues before returning to Oz, I’m very worried about how bad it would be for her after coming home again after this adventure! This movie is horrible and I don’t recommend it for anyone who is under the age of 16. It’s just not a children’s movie at all!

2.Song of the South: In the 1980’s, many of Disney’s classic movies were released again into movie theaters. This means that we could see the greats like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. This also included some movies that Disney may actually want to forget about. In fact, the original movie is now banned and you can’t find a release anywhere now since they had to censor it. I have seen this movie exactly once, and I was around 5 or 6. This is how I was introduced to the concept of racism. I had no idea what it was when I walked into the film, but knew what it was after watching this movie. I was so upset, and knew how wrong this movie was that I cried, and threw up. This is  probably the most damaging childhood movie I have ever seen.

3. Fantasia: While this is classic, this is a very terrifying childhood movie! This is a musical that features beautiful music and animation. However,  before I understood what any mind altering substances were, this movie made me realize that there had to be something out there in the world that made this seem like a good idea. I can’t give you an exact moment that bothered me more than the others, but there was just something about this colorful movement that made me realize everyone involved in this movie had to high.

4.Who Framed Roger Rabbit: This terrifying childhood movie is actually one that I really love! There is something so fun about the world of animation interacting with the human world! We get to see a lot of our favorite cartoon characters make appearances in this movie. However, there is that scene where the sweet little shoe gets melted while we helplessly watch it scream. It seemed like a young shoe, and it was murdered for  pointless and scary. What’s worse is when Judge Doom has his eye popping scene! This movie is just as classic as it is scary!

5.All Dogs go to Heaven: While it is already hard enough to think of your beloved dog passing away, it’s even worse watching them go to Hell. There is scene in this movie where the dog, Charlie ends up going to Hell. It’s so disturbing to see a dog fall into a pit of fire and see him struggle with pain and fear. Dogs are part of the family, and if you are an animal lover, this will hurt you deeply. I only saw this movie once, but the damage was done for a life time! This didn’t help me deal with the deaths of my dogs, it made me fear for their souls and mine too!


Those are just a terrifying childhood movies! I know many of you will wonder why I didn’t include “Labyrinth, ” “The Dark Crystal,” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” It’s easy since I am a huge Jim Henson fan, and “The Dark Crystal” is one of my all time favorite movies, and so is “Labyrinth.” I don’t think there was a time that I was ever afraid of either of these movies because I just loved them so much. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” was just strange. I did’t think it was scary or terrifying at all. I thought it was just there was some very weird moments. None of those movies got to me the way the ones that I listed above has.

It’s your turn, what is a terrifying childhood movie that stayed with you after all these years? Would you watch it again now as an adult?