February 22

Tupac Lies: Part 2

Hello Underdogs! If you have not read the first part of my blog called Tupac Lies Part 1, please do so before reading this blog post by following the link here: http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/tupac-lies-part-1/  Doing research for this post has been very eye opening since there are so many moving parts, and no one seems to know the truth of what actually happened.While he is more famous in death than he ever was in life, he still deserves justice for what happened to him. Or did anything actually happen to Tupac? I have been talking polls on my Facebook page in an attempt to see what the people believe happened to Tupac. The majority of people polled believed that Tupac died that night at the fight in Las Vegas. However, an overwhelming amount of people believe that Tupac’s murder was part of a bigger conspiracy. For this post, we are going to explore a step further than the previous post with the amount of people who wanted Tupac dead. We are going to take a look at the conspiracies surrounding why he may have been murdered.

As you may recall, Tupac was murdered in a shoot out on September 13th, 1995. The murder took place right after the famous Mike Tyson fight at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino. This was a sold out fight, with lots of people and media attention. Moments before leaving the building, Tupac and his crew supposedly got into an altercation with Orlando Anderson, a gang member. While this was caught on film, it is very hard to tell who is fighting who, although we can all agree a fight took place that night. Tupac left the building with Suge Knight, and at least 15 other cars in their crew. Strangely enough, Tupac and Suge Knight would leave alone without any of their body guards or anyone else protecting them. At a stop light, women were trying to persuade the two men to go to a club when a white unmarked car pulled out next to them and opened fire. They believe 14 shots were fired, with 4 hitting Tupac with one grazing Suge Knight. Tupac was taken to the hospital after Suge Knight drove them down the street. Tupac passed away several days later after being in a coma. So who murdered Tupac? Turns out that question isn’t as easy to answer as one would think.

First, is the most obvious and least shocking theory. Normally, the things that are the most obvious and the most simple answer are usually true. Tupac was killed because of his actions that he took the MGM Grand. He knowingly got into a fight with a gang member who was known for his own violent past. Tupac had his own violent demons and a fight like this could have caused a series of events that ended his life. He was part of a huge fight in a very public place, in a very public event. While many will rightfully point out how strange this whole situation was, it is important to keep in mind the level of racial tension going on at that moment. You could feel it in the air, and the East Coast Vs. West Coast was a very deadly game that many people were not only playing, but taking full advantage of. Orlando Anderson had the means, motive, and opportunity to carry out the murder of Tupac. This was where he lived, and where he had the advantage. It would have taken very little time to carry out the murder. We will never know the truth because Anderson was murdered a few years later. While this seems like a logical belief, the Las Vegas Police Department stands behind their belief that this fight and the murder of Tupac had nothing to do with each other.

Hundreds of people witnessed this murder, and it can be argued that just as many wanted Tupac dead. If it wasn’t Anderson who killed Tupac, there were a long list of people willing to do the job. Tupac was connected to the murder of a young man during a concert that he paid the family a settlement. That young man had a family and people that loved him. It isn’t a far fetched idea to believe that one of them took advantage of the mass confusion of such a huge event. Tupac also had a very violent past, which included the sexual assault of a woman that he served time in jail for hurting. What would stop the victim, or her loved ones from carrying out their own hit against the man who was brutal and violent. Those aren’t the only people that Tupac hurt. He had a long list of people that he took violent action against, and it wasn’t against people who were just going to sit back and let this happen.

Of course, there could be more to this than a simple answer of a long list of people who wanted Tupac dead, or even gang violence. It could come down to the most simple thing in the universe, money. Tupac owed millions of dollars to Suge Knight and Death Row Records. Suge Knight put up the money to defend and get Tupac out on bail for his various crimes including rape. Tupac fulfilled his record contract under Death Row Records which meant he was free to go do what he really wanted, which was to go solo and open his own recording company. It is rumored that Suge Knight hired a hit man to take Tupac out in order to stop him from leaving the company, and to gain control of all of his future music endeavors. It is well known that a celebrity is worth more dead than alive, and Tupac had a large, untapped vault of music that had yet to be released. Tupac was a cash cow that Suge Knight was not ready to stop milking. Who knows, but Suge Knight was very lucky that all those shots in the car were low and hit Tupac instead of him.

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Another theory is that Biggie Smalls had Tupac killed. While literally no one close to the families of the late rappers, believe this, the story is out there and been hashed over and over again by several news media outlets.  It was rumored that Biggie Smalls was also at Las Vegas that night, and hired gang members to carry out a hit on Tupac. No one can connect Biggie Smalls to being at Las Vegas that night. Most people now understand that the tension between these two was mostly fabricated for story purposes and getting record sales. Unfortunately, these men could have been unwittingly maters for their own cause. While Biggie was there when Tupac was shot and robbed the first time, there is still no reason to believe that one event had anything to do with the other. It was all a bunch of circumstances evidence that happened, but both of these men paid with their lives.

There is also rumors that Sean “P. Diddy, Puff Daddy, Puffy” Combs had something to do with both of their deaths. First, it was rumored that Sean Combs hired a person to take out both Tupac and Suge Knight. Combs and Smalls were friends and Combs apparently hated both Tupac and Suge Knight. The death of Tupac had repercussions, which was the accidental murder of Biggie Smalls. Some investigators believe that Biggie was never supposed to die that day. They believe that Sean Combs, who was directly behind Biggie in a car following him, was the intended target. Given that his death happened in broad daylight with lots of witnesses including police officers, anything is possible. Lucky enough, the two men said to be responsible for the hit of Tupac, and the hit of Biggie are dead and there is no way to prove this story.

As strange as this is, Tupac being killed may have also been a mistake. Suge Knight has come out to say several things, including how he thinks Tupac is alive and well,and also how he witnessed Tupac die. Suge Knight said that the reason Tupac was killed that night was pure accident. Suge theorizes that his ex wife, and a friend hired a hit man to take him out. Suge had done a lot of lying, cheating, and killing, and his wife had enough. Afraid to take him to court because of his powerful status, she opted instead to have him killed. Tupac was not supposed to be at Las Vegas that night. He wanted to stay home, but was convinced at the last minute to join Suge Knight. Suge and Tupac getting together in a car alone also seemed like a last moment choice, and Tupac paid with his life.  Who knows, but with Suge Knights track record, it is really hard to take anything he says seriously. This is the same guy who tried to claim self defense on running over a man repeatedly, and then running down a second man. Sadly, Suge Knight might actually be the only real witness left, but we will never know.

While there are multiple people who wanted Tupac dead, and theorizes of accidents, we still haven’t covered the government. While this may seem like a tin foil hat theory, there is enough reasonable proof to go down this path. Tupac’s entire family was involved with politics, mainly the Black Panthers. While there are many non violent sects of the Black Panther party, several were violent and outspoken. Tupac’s own Mother was a suspect in murder. His Father was on the FBI most wanted list. Aunts, cousins, and step family all were politically charged people which was dangerous in the height of the Black Panther Party in the 60’s and 70’s. Several members of his family were followed by the government, had their phones tapped, and even took political exile in Cuba and other countries. Fast forward to the 1980’s, and 90’s where a young, outspoken black man is shining a light on gang violence and the never ending cycle of poverty, AIDS, and violence within their community, and all of a sudden, Tupac has a target on his back. Both Tupac and Biggie made police brutality, front and center to their music, and they talked about racism and race relations every chance that they could get. This made Tupac a very dangerous person in the eyes of police and the government, and it was easier to take him out than to let him live and keep spreading the word. There has been stories of Tupac being followed and even being on FBI watch lists, not just for who his family was, but for his own thoughts and actions. We all know from history what happens when a person who speaks for the voiceless gets a little too powerful.

Most people believe if Tupac was murdered, then a conspiracy follows and this rabbit hole goes very deep. Tupac’s death is very strange and nothing adds up. There are more and more questions as each year passes, and a few more people are coming forward with their own version of the truth. The thing is, there is enough evidence to really look into the fact that Tupac may have faked his own death. This is not as far fetched as one would believe, and in the next post, you will see how feasible this may be. The song remains the same, but we will never hear it’s end. In the meantime, we can explore all avenues to see what could have happened to this super star that was silenced.

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February 15

Tupac Lies: Part 1

I honestly believe the following people faked their own deaths, Tupac Shakur, Andy Kaffman, and Jim Morrison. Each one deserves an in depth story because the truth is stranger than fiction. Tupac’s story is more than strange, it is outrageous! It is still one of the most haunting, and famous unsolved homicides that is still an active case. However, I believe there will never be a chance that this case will ever be solved. The truth is out there, but no one is talking. It is important to remember that when discussing the following thoughts and theories that nothing is proven.  He is legally dead. Tupac was a real person, with a real family who lost their loved one. Whatever is discussed during this series, please keep that thought in the back of your mind. There has never been a crime quite like this one that we are no further from understanding the truth as we were the day it happened. Why would someone murder this prominent rapper? Was it manufactured by the media, was it the FBI, fellow rappers, a mistake, or was it all fake?  For this part of the blog series, we will explore the reasons Tupac was murdered and some of the people who wanted him dead. We may never know if Tupac faked his death, or was killed since the list of suspects and players is enough to fill a sold out stadium.

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Tupac Shakur was only 25 years old when he was killed on September 13th, 1995. For someone who lived such a short time, he sure made a huge impact. Tupac has also done a surprising amount of work for someone who is supposed to be dead! He was born in New York to a very political family. Both of his parents, step parents, Aunts, and cousins were involved with the Black Panthers. This will be important later, but keep in mind his Mother was tried for over 100 counts of conspiracy, and his Father was on the FBI most wanted list. Tupac has a very prosperous career. He was an actor, poet, writer, producer, and rapper. His lyrics were intelligent, each word well thought out and full of meaning. He won many awards both for rapping and acting. It seemed like there wasn’t anything that Tupac couldn’t master. He has become an icon for a reason, but it wasn’t smooth sailing for Tupac by any means.

Tupac was also one of the biggest players in the famous East Coast Vs. West Coast rapping feuds that happened during the 1990’s. While he in no means started it, he did use it as a means of furthering his career like many other famous rappers did during that time. For example, while he and Biggie Smalls seemed to have an actual fight going on, and even had dis tracks, it was all made up. They both used the tension going on in the world, and the fiction of a good story to sell records. It worked, but it may have cost them both of their lives.  Later, Tupac became disenchanted with this line of fiction, and spoke out about it. He admitted how he used the created story, but the truth underneath was more important. Tupac tried to shine a light on real the gang violence in the Untied States, and how people are turning a blind eye to it, including police. For the first time for many, people were being educated and informed about the realities of gang life and the corruption of authorities. While I respect police officers, this time in history proved that the LAPD, and NYPD had done some pretty unspeakable and very illegal things, and the world wasn’t willing to keep it in the shadows any longer. People like Tupac ushered this truth in, and many wanted him silenced.

His life was full of turmoil as well since he lived the gang life. Tupac had a wrongful death suit brought against him after his gun was proven to be used in a murder of a young man during a music festival. The suit was dropped after Tupac agreed to pay money out to the victim’s family. No one knows for sure if he killed the young man or not.It could have also been his brother who used his gun to kill the young man. No one knows for sure, and they never will.  He also had many incidents of violent assault. There is also the famous sexual assault case that he was found guilty for rape, assault, and weapons charges.  He did appeal, but still was still found guilty on several charges and was sentenced to only 4 years in jail even though the judge called this one of the most brutal attacks on a woman he had ever seen.  During the appeal, Tupac was out on bond and was outside of Death Row Studios where many rappers were working. He was robbed, and shot five times outside, in broad daylight. Because Biggie Smalls was there, he was rumored to have been part of this crime even though he was in no way connected to the incident.

Bringing all of this up is not an attempt to drag someone’s name through the mud. It is to set the tone of the world in the 1990’s, and the reality of the person himself. Tupac had many people who wanted him dead, and that is not even including any person who would murder him for business. He lived a very dangerous and outspoken life with acts of violence and cruelty. There is a possibility that Tupac was getting his life together after serving his time in jail. By the end of his life, he had found a higher power, and was becoming an outspoken advocate for the gang youths, and a voice for those stuck in an endless cycle of violence. He grew exhausted of keeping up the front of the East Coast, West Coast war, when he tried to make clear that the real story was not the celebrities, but the real people going through Hell every single day. While shining light on this subject is very needed, and noble, it doesn’t come without it’s price. It opened a whole spiral of race, poverty, and a system that was corrupted and kept people down. It also showed a world of police and other authorities were just as brutal as the people they were arrested. How long would a voice like that be able to keep going without being silenced? History is not on the advocate’s side.

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We need to explore how Tupac lived for the suspects, and how he died for the onset of corruption, confusion, and conspiracies. What happened on the day he died? Tupac, Suge Night, and several other people in their group went to the Mike Tyson boxing matching at the MGM Grand Hotel. This was a huge, and highly publicized event that had many famous people attending.  It is reported that Tupac didn’t want to attend the fight. In fact, he didn’t even want to fly out to Las Vegas since he was working. He was talked into it by Suge Knight and his crew. They ended up going to the fight with a huge crew that totaled 15 cars. This included personal body guards for both Tupac and Suge Knight.

After the match in the hotel lobby, a group fight broke out between gang member Orlando Anderson, and pretty much everyone else in the room. This was all caught of security films, which seemed all too convenient. However, it is hard to pick out who started to the fight or who was even throwing punches.  While Orlando is seemingly a prime suspect, he was never arrested, or charged, and has since been killed. After the fight cleared, Tupac and his crew got into their 15 cars and started to travel away. They didn’t make it very far.  While they both had security teams, they were 5 cars away from them for some reason.  This was an extremely busy night, so there was a lot of traffic and a lot of people around. Normally, there is a lot of people around this busy area, but this night there were many more people than usual. There were literally hundreds of people who witness the shooting, however no one knows what happened.

Supposedly, this is what happened. Tupac was in the passenger seat, and Suge Knight was driving the car with no one else in the vehicle. At 11:15 P.M. their car was stopped at a red light. Moments before, Tupac was talking to two women on the driver side of the car. While that conversation happened, a white Cadillac pulled up and shot through the passenger side door 14 times. Tupac was hit 4 times including in his chest, that collapsed his lung, his arm, and his thigh. Original reports said Suge Knight had been struck in the head with a bullet. Later on, it turns out he was not shot in the head, but was grazed with a bullet that hit Tupac. Amazingly enough, Suge was able to drive the car with flat tires, a mile where he was stopped by police who called an ambulance to get them transported to the hospital.

Everything after this moment is all hearsay with stories that have been changed multiple times. Original news reports stated the Tupac was in stable condition and would most likely make a full recovery. Suge Knight even said that Tupac was alive and well when he left the hospital. He  even stated that they were laughing and joking. All of a sudden, Tupac was in a coma and stayed in that condition for several days before his Mother decided to take her son off of life support. Other reports from inside the hospital said that Suge Knight couldn’t even speak, and Tupac was placed in a medical coma for his own safety. Suge didn’t see Tupac again before he passed, and Tupac never regained consciousness after the attack, eventually passing away due to his injuries. The cause of death is conflicting. One says he died from his injuries while another report states he died of cardiac arrest, while others still claim it was blood loss. These are all official statements from his doctors. Strangely, they did an autopsy on Tupac very quickly. It was not just a recovery of the bullets, but a full autopsy, which would have been pointless given they knew he was shot. So what happened? This conflict is how the fake death theory started, but it wasn’t the only supporting evidence to this thought process

Taking a step back, let’s take a good look at who would want Tupac dead. First, there is the families of the young man that was killed with his gun, and the family and loved ones of the woman he assaulted. There are also countless other people whom Tupac assaulted during his lifetime that put a target on his back. He lived a very dangerous life, and none of it was talk. He made a lot of people angry. The very fact that Tupac was an outspoken black man who was shining light on the corruption of police and the realities of gang life also earned him a target. He made a lot of people in very high places angry. Tupac got on a lot of radars including those who kept his family under surveillance for his entire life. If he was labeled a danger, he could have been easily taken out by government officials. This is not a theory, but a realistic assessment given his family history. None of this has included the people  Tupac owed money to. Tupac didn’t have enough money to cover his bail, and pay for his legal fees. This is where Death Row records stepped up and footed the bill for a man worth more dead than he was alive. Rumors also were circulating that Tupac was getting ready to leave Death Row Records and start his own label. If this was true, it isn’t a far leap to let think that a powerful studio was going to do whatever they could to stop this from happening and getting their money back.

This is nowhere near the end of this strange case. There is so much going on, and so much that has been changed over and over again. Tupac’s case is by far one of the strangest ones that has never been solved, let alone even had any leads. Silence is all we are left with, so other people are connecting their own dots. No matter what the truth is, there was a long list of people who truly wanted Tupac dead. Thee are even more who are keeping the truth hidden. Next time, we will explore the faked death theories.