June 17

Can you hear me now?


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Can we trust our own ears? Do we need to be more cautious about what is coming through our precious ears? Keep in mind that “Can you hear me now,” contains affiliate links. Check out the disclaimer page for more information.  Of course, I am talking directly about the whole Yanny V. Laurel debate that has been going viral for the past few weeks. The discussion on what word you hear has people talking about their hearing.  There is a theory  that younger people can hear a wider range than people who are older. If you want to know more about this, and see some examples, there are many videos on YouTube about this subject. You can see group hearing tests with people of different ages. They are all subjected to vastly different tones and as predicted the younger people can hear more than the older crowd. While this is true for the most part, it isn’t true for everyone. There are people that have hearing problems. There are also people who are very old that can hear the same tones as a child. There are also middle aged people who can hear the same tones that aren’t supposed to be heard above someone who is a teenager. So, no big deal, right? Hearing and age go hand in hand. Except, what are we missing that our children are hearing? Should we be worried.

While there is such thing as subliminal messages, this is different. This is using a tone or pitch that can only been heard by people with a certain level of hearing. Mostly, this means that the majority of children can hear things that the majority of adults are not able. Yanny and Laurel brought up a lot of interesting things but it made it clear that we might be living in a spookier world than we realize. Let’s take a look at a few examples of what we might be dealing with and how scary some of this may actually be. Keep in mind many of these things are legends or theories. However, the fear fact is there, and some of the fears cold become a reality if there haven’t already!

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Lavender Town Syndrome:

There is a mythical song out there called Lavender Town. This song has been featured in many different games and shows directed at children, such as Pokeman. According to this legend, this song features no lyrics, but pitches that can only be heard by the very young. As I stated above, you lose the ability to hear certain pitches as you age, and generally, the very young can hear things that even teenagers can no longer pick up. Placing this bit of music is something that you could call intentional. Why would someone do this? To bring about more sales on games, or to have kids continue to purchase more items from the Pokeman line? Not according to this legend. The story goes that children to from around the ages of 7 to 12 years old reported feeling ill after playing this game with the Lavender Town theme. It ranged from headaches to being dizzy or even vomiting. The worst part is some claim that up to 100 children were driven insane and killed themselves. The only common thing that was found that they all had this Pokeman Red/Green game from Gameboy and all had been known to play for hours. While this is a legend, people who worked on this project admitted to putting in a high pitched tone in this theme song to annoy children. It may have worked much better than they even realized.

NewFurby.jpg (1000×1000)


If you are lucky enough to not remember these creatures, then consider yourself lucky! These creepy little animals came out around 1998, and I believe that you can still find them in stores even now. Personally, I have always hated these little demon dogs, but many people adored them and were swept up in the introduction of A.I. and becoming used to things watching and recording you via a toy. They had to start somewhere. Those same people that had these Furbies as children are okay with having a Smart TV today that tells you flat out that they are recording you and don’t have private conversations around the TV. That’s true, and look it up if you don’t believe me! Anyway, these little toys were able to learn words and have a conversation with you. The longer you talked with them, the more they learned and the more they communicated. According to legend, like Lavender Town, these Furbies would let out high pitch tones when your child was alone. These things recorded you, so they would know when your child was alone or not! These tones would make  children act out, go crazy, or get sick. Is any of this true? Who knows, but the truth of a Furby is scary enough!


Pied_Piper2.jpg (1365×1105)

The Pied Piper

Almost everyone knows the fairy tale about the Pied Piper. One day, a strange man came into the city and played his pipe. He lead all of the rats out of town in order to help them fight the plague which has been linked to rats. He saves the day and everyone is happy that these terrible creatures are out of their town! While many versions of this story is out there, this is not the original story. The Pied Piper shows up and plays his pipe and all of the children of the town hears. Parents watched in horror as this strange man played his soundless pipe, but their children couldn’t resist the temptation of the song and ran away with this man and out of their lives. They could hear something that their older siblings and parents could not, and this was the sound from the pipe! They ran away never to be seen again. There are many stories that this was a based on a true story. It could be an example of how terrible that the plague was and how it killed so many children. Other people think that this was a real story and the Pied Piper knew how to manipulate sound to kidnap children! It’s pretty scary to think of because legends like this are meant to be a warning.


What do you think? Do you think these examples could show that sound manipulation is real? Should we be worried about sounds coming from toys, games, and other things directed towards children? If we know sounds can’t be heard after a certain age, should we be worried what is being placed into the mind of a child who won’t recall this later on in their lives? Are they being prepped for something? As a product of the 1990’s, I think I can say we were prepped for something! What do you think? Leave your comments below.


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May 20

What was that?

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Imagine sitting on your couch at home. It’s been a long day and you are exhausted. You have just turned off the TV and are quietly going over a list of things that you need to get done the next day. While you are concentrating on your list of chores, you suddenly feel a prickle go down your spine. Your shoulders instantly tense up, and the fine hairs on your arms, and the back of your neck stand up. You hear a high pitched squeal in  your ears and you just feel as though someone is watching you from behind. No one else is home. You take note how eerily silent it is after the corruption to your ears. There is no sound from outside. No birds, no bats, no traffic noises. The lights flicker for a moment and you move your eyes around the room, not allowing your body to betray you yet by running away. You see nothing. You hear nothing. But you smell a faint odor that you can’t place. Cigars? Vodka? Has it been this cold the whole time that you have been home? After taking several deep breaths, you scan the room, this time moving your head and your shoulders, even though they are still tight. Just as you relax and start telling yourself how silly you were to be afraid of nothing, you feel the traces of fingers going down your back. You jump up and yell, “what was that?”

What was that? No, seriously, what was that? What just happened to you? Did you just imagine the whole thing? Have you been very stressed or just finished watching a scary movie? Do you have an over active imagination? Any of these could be very reasonable explanations, however, many people take these as signs of a ghost being around you. We are going to take a look at a few common thoughts and feelings that people have described after they claim to have encountered a ghost. Then, we are going to look at the logical explanations as to why these things may have occurred. There are many arguments as to if ghost are even real, there are several things that these stories have in common. I always so it’s important to be skeptical, but keep an open mind. Either way you believe, it is fascinating to see how many independent people have these common things happen to them when they think they have seen or even felt a ghost. Let’s see what was that!


See the source image1.Silence

More often than not, people describe paranormal encounters as quiet. This means that the background noises that you normally hear, and may even tune out are all of the sudden gone. The silence is loud and catches your attention. It’s like being outside with chirping crickets and have them all fall silent at the same moment. You become so hyper aware that you can’t hear anything else including the wind, rain, or even traffic. It may last a few moments to a few minutes. One of the scariest things in movies is the silence before the big scare. Could there be something very logical about this temporary loss of sound? Of course. You may be getting ill and you have an ear infection, which makes things seem much different than they are. The animals around you could become quiet due to predators or even weather changes. You may not hear the normal background noises because you have become so used to them until you are hyper aware. Then,  you may not have notices that these noises are not constant, but ever changing. Why would a person have an issue hearing when a ghost comes around? The theory behind this is that a ghost is either scaring things around it, or it’s on it’s on another wave length. Which leads to the next theory.


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2. High Pitched Sounds:

Many times in a person’s life, they will suffer from a quick, high pitched sound in one or both of the ears. It can be very uncomfortable, and even painful to a few. This is more common for people above the age of 13, unless there are already hearing problems detected. There are several theories as to why this happens including something called ascension symptoms. This is when a person feels the shifts in vibrations around them. This could from something natural, or something paranormal. For example, a spirit is on a different plane or wave length than what humans are on. This means that if they meet, then the vibrations are off or different and can cause some feedback such as the high pitched sounds in your ears. While this can be the case, it also could be a very real medical condition. Best to get your ears check with a professional doctor if this high pitched sound in your ears happens frequently. For me, this is an indication that I am getting an ear infection, or have a bad sinus infection.


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3.Cold Spots/Electronic Failure

I can’t count the movies that show people starting to shiver and complain of cold just before a ghost is revealed on the screen.  Some of them go so far to show the breath of the person who is afraid. This is a very common complaint when people claim to see a ghost. Either the house becomes cold suddenly, or the person themselves feels very chilled for no reason. It could be in the middle of a heat wave. This theory about cold spots goes back to ghost gathering energy in order to materialize. This could also be the reason the lights flicker, and electronics that drain or stop working. Why would this be such a common thing? Well, if you are in an older house, you could be in the path of a draft. You also could be coming down with a cold. Your electronics could be failing due to their age, or they need a better battery. While cold spots are a common complaint, there is logical explications for them.

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4. Phantom Smells:

In the middle of dinner, you get a whiff of your Grandma’s perfume that you recall vividly. So much so that you expect to see her walk through the kitchen even though she has been gone for the past 10 years. It can be a very pleasant and comforting feeling to smell something that reminds you of a person who has passed away. Scent is actually one of the most powerful memory triggers. When scent is associated with a memory, or a person, it is recalled a lot more clearly and with better details than without. Why would a person smell a phantom sell? Could it be that it’s not phantom at all, but maybe actually around you. Did a friend wear the same perfume? What if you were thinking of your Grandma earlier that day, or even that week and the idea of the scent of the perfume was planted in your subconscious? There is a serious medical condition when it comes to phantom smells called Phantosmia, which a form of hallucination. This could indicate a very serious medical issue such as cancer or tumors. Could a random smell be a sign of trouble? Not really, but if it happens frequently, then you may want to speak to your doctor.


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5. Feeling Hands on You:

What is terrible feeling to have! To feel like someone has touched your back, or your arm, but no one is actually there. It could be a light touch, or even a pinch. Many people have described this very scary event, and it is very unnerving. Sometimes, people feel like they have walked through a spider web, while there isn’t any to be seen. Know, could you be becoming Spiderman? One can hope. Could you have just walked through a very tiny spiderweb that you didn’t see? Of course. Could it be someone from beyond trying to reach out and grab you? I’m not sure, but this is a very common issue for those with ghost encounters.


So, what was that? There are always logical explanations for as to why thins happen the way that they do. People are always trying to make things fit into something that makes sense, even if the events that took place have no logic. We are trained to want answers, and find them with what we have available to us. Right now, there is no proof of ghosts even though there are a lot of personal experience stories. Usually the right answer is the most simple explanation. However, what happens when you no longer have simple answers? Do I think that some of the answers could be paranormal? I do think that, however, I also like to acknowledge that some of these things can be explained away with very logical answers. The reason why this is so difficult is that you can’t measure a personal experience in science. While I have believed these stories, and I will again, it is hard to not look for the easiest explanation. Ghost stories are very real, but sadly, we have no real proof of the ghosts. It’s time to see why so many people have similar experiences. Is it real, or is it all the power of suggestion? I hope that one day we can get some clues as how to solve this mystery. Until then, we will keep asking, what was that?


April 22

Orbs: Proof of the Paranormal?

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Hello Underdogs! As many of you know, I love the unknown and the paranormal. I enjoy the mystery and the intrigue about the things that we can’t quite explain. Those theories and questions of why and what keep me going. Life is too short to be given all the answers, and too vast for any of us to every find out the truth of the universe. The journey is so important and sometimes, we are lucky enough to see hints and get some small glimpses of answers or another twist and turn. This is one of the reasons I enjoy the paranormal so much. However, you must realize that even though I enjoy these things, I still look at everything with a skeptical eye. This leads me to a very popular subject and many people’s proof of the supernatural, which are orbs.

First, what is an orb and why would someone think that they have anything to do with the paranormal? An orb is defined as a circular item appearing on a photo or in a video. Sometimes they are clear, and sometimes they have their own light. Why do people think that a circle showing up in a photo has anything to do with ghosts? Some people theorize that this is an example of a ghost or a spirit that can’t harness enough energy to show themselves. Instead, they show up in a ball of energy, or an orb, and this results in evidence in a haunting situations. There are people that are so convinced of this, that they have come up with orb guides to let you know what certain colors may or may not mean.



I posted  two photos that I took on my Instagram account to see what people thought about the orbs that I caught. At the time, I was in Bonaventure Cemetery where I was taking several photos. These two photos stuck out to me because I saw a few rambling orbs joining the headstones. I wanted to see what people thought when I posted these photos and I got a lot of responses in the form of messages. Many people were either impressed or really freaked out about what I may or may have not captured! People were either very worried, or they thought it was cool. However, no one seemed to question what an orb really was so this prompted me to do research. I also got some new followers so I hope you go and check out my Instagram feed to keep up on my social media life. Inserting shameless self promotion here: https://www.instagram.com/lisateb







While orbs are cool looking, I no way in any shape or form believe that they are proof of the paranormal or the supernatural. While my photos were not fake, they were mistaken for something spooky. What you saw in my photo was rain drops. It was raining the day I was at the cemetery. While there aren’t orbs in each photo, there is a very good reason for this fact. The rain was intermittent so it was only for a few moments and didn’t appear in any other photos of mine after the rain had stopped. Orbs are not normally faked, but they are logical things. A few years ago, my friend picked up a bunch of dirt and threw it into the air. Her Mom took a photo with the flash on and it looked as though there were hundreds of orbs, both clear and colored, all over the place! It was spooky, but those orbs were not evidence of anything paranormal. They were a great trick of the light and some dust.


Orbs are not proof of anything but something being caught by a camera that is either dirt, rain snow, dust, bugs or other natural things.  There are reasons why historic places seem haunted because they are full of orbs. It is simply because the location is old and there is a lot of dust and other items around that is easily kicked up and photographed when people are walking around. I don’t think that anyone who captures orbs in their photos are faking anything. Please don’t think that at all. They really capturing something, but it’s just not what you think it is. Just because I think there is a logical explanation, doesn’t mean that I’m 100% right or 100% wrong. However, I feel if you are documenting the paranormal, you will need stronger evidence than orbs, which can easily be explained away as something very logical such as dust or rain drops.



What do you think? Do you think orbs are an explanation or proof of the paranormal? Have you had any other evidence to back up your spooky claims beyond any orbs that you have caught? Post your photos below and join the discussion. Also, don’t forget to follow my Instagram account!




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November 19

Terrifying Childhood Movies

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Hello Underdogs, I know I have been doing a few supernatural series recently, but it got me to thinking about some other kinds of movies. Mainly those terrifying childhood movies that were seemed like they should be harmless on the surface, but they ended up scaring you for life! It might be scary because of something very unnerving that happened, very good make up, or an event that happened out of left field. It may not even be something outwardly spooky, but something that you recognize as psychologically damaging that makes these movies terrifying. Here is a list of terrifying childhood movies that really were messed up once you think about it!

1 The Return to Oz: This movie that came out in 1985 was supposed to be a fantasy squeal to The Wizard of Oz. This movie is dark, cryptic, and down right unsettling. You can pretty much point to any scene in this movie and say it’s terrifying and be correct! The hall of mirrors, the shock therapy, the talking rocks, the rollers, it’s all too much! This couldn’t be more opposite than the happy original movie! If Dorothy was having issues before returning to Oz, I’m very worried about how bad it would be for her after coming home again after this adventure! This movie is horrible and I don’t recommend it for anyone who is under the age of 16. It’s just not a children’s movie at all!

2.Song of the South: In the 1980’s, many of Disney’s classic movies were released again into movie theaters. This means that we could see the greats like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. This also included some movies that Disney may actually want to forget about. In fact, the original movie is now banned and you can’t find a release anywhere now since they had to censor it. I have seen this movie exactly once, and I was around 5 or 6. This is how I was introduced to the concept of racism. I had no idea what it was when I walked into the film, but knew what it was after watching this movie. I was so upset, and knew how wrong this movie was that I cried, and threw up. This is  probably the most damaging childhood movie I have ever seen.

3. Fantasia: While this is classic, this is a very terrifying childhood movie! This is a musical that features beautiful music and animation. However,  before I understood what any mind altering substances were, this movie made me realize that there had to be something out there in the world that made this seem like a good idea. I can’t give you an exact moment that bothered me more than the others, but there was just something about this colorful movement that made me realize everyone involved in this movie had to high.

4.Who Framed Roger Rabbit: This terrifying childhood movie is actually one that I really love! There is something so fun about the world of animation interacting with the human world! We get to see a lot of our favorite cartoon characters make appearances in this movie. However, there is that scene where the sweet little shoe gets melted while we helplessly watch it scream. It seemed like a young shoe, and it was murdered for  pointless and scary. What’s worse is when Judge Doom has his eye popping scene! This movie is just as classic as it is scary!

5.All Dogs go to Heaven: While it is already hard enough to think of your beloved dog passing away, it’s even worse watching them go to Hell. There is scene in this movie where the dog, Charlie ends up going to Hell. It’s so disturbing to see a dog fall into a pit of fire and see him struggle with pain and fear. Dogs are part of the family, and if you are an animal lover, this will hurt you deeply. I only saw this movie once, but the damage was done for a life time! This didn’t help me deal with the deaths of my dogs, it made me fear for their souls and mine too!


Those are just a terrifying childhood movies! I know many of you will wonder why I didn’t include “Labyrinth, ” “The Dark Crystal,” or “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.” It’s easy since I am a huge Jim Henson fan, and “The Dark Crystal” is one of my all time favorite movies, and so is “Labyrinth.” I don’t think there was a time that I was ever afraid of either of these movies because I just loved them so much. “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” was just strange. I did’t think it was scary or terrifying at all. I thought it was just there was some very weird moments. None of those movies got to me the way the ones that I listed above has.

It’s your turn, what is a terrifying childhood movie that stayed with you after all these years? Would you watch it again now as an adult?



October 30

Two Sentence Story

It’s almost the best day of the entire year, Underdogs! I am so very excited for Halloween, and before you know it, the day will be over and I will have to wait 354 more days. In the meantime, I’m protesting Christmas until the week of because seeing decorations out 6 months in advance is way to much in my opinion. There are many holidays being glossed over and it’s time to take them back!!! In the meantime, I am going to share with you one of my favorite writing exercises. Tell a scary story, except it has to be a two sentence story only! Feel free to try this out on your own! Since it’s Halloween, all of the two sentence story will be creepy!


I woke up with my blue comforter pulled tightly around me. The thing is, I donated that comforter to charity three weeks ago!

I never knew what true fear was. That is, until the day I laid eyes on my first born.

I woke up during my knee surgery to a cold dark room where people were whispering. Oh God, they think I’m dead!

“I swear, Officer, when I went to bed my husband was right next to me, already asleep! I have no clue how this knife got through his eye, and why there is blood all over my hands!”

The feeling of fear prickled down my neck and spine, tingling down to my toes. The hairs on my body stood on end and I started to shake uncontrollably.

I don’t know where I am, and I can’t tell you how I got here. Please, if anyone can hear me, there are so many bodies in here and I don’t think I have much time!

“It’s just a dream,” I repeated to myself over and over again. “No, it’s not,” said the cold voice from behind

“I miss the big slide at school, what do you miss the most?” “That’s easy, I miss the taste of flesh the most.”

I never knew that other people didn’t have a home with a backroom like ours That’s where Daddy takes the people who walk in, but they never walk out again.



Okay friends, I am a bit short of time, but I hope you enjoyed the two sentence story! Leave yours in the comments below!



October 29

Black Eyed Children

Hello Underdogs! Recently, I have seen so much about Black Eyed Children that I have had to break down and pay attention to what was being said. Before this year, I have never heard anything about this myth or legend, but there are people in the world who claim that they have not only seen these creepy kids, but they have actually had a conversation with them that they will never forget! While the phrase, “Black Eyed Children,” has only been around since the 1990’s, their stories are much older. You may not believe in the Black Eyed Children, because like many other things connected with the paranormal world, there is little to no proof of them being real. Is this whole thing an urban legend, a good story someone made up, or something that is meant as a warning?

Black Eyed Children are supposedly between the ages of 6, but not much older than a early teenager. They appear as normal as any other child, save for a few differences. First, it is said that these children have very pale skin. The second, and most obvious and alarming difference is the huge black eyes that fill up the entire eye. There is nothing in the eye but a dark black color.  Many times these children are trying to get something like help, a ride, a way into your car, or even your home! Normally, there are no adults around these children anywhere, and they have appeared either on their own, or in pairs. These children are always seeming like they are trying to get in to your space, but can’t unless you invite them inside your home or car.

Image result for free images of black eyes

The legend goes, the Black Eyed Children will approach you either in your car and seem like they are lost and are in need of a ride. Or, they will knock on your door at all hours and ask for you to let them inside. They will be always asking for some sort of help that would lead them from being outside, to inside with you. Typically, people don’t notice the eyes right away. In fact, they normally describe an overwhelming feeling of wanting to help these children no matter how strange the circumstances may seem. (Example, a small child showing up at your locked apartment building in the middle of the night and asking you to invite them inside. Or, a child showing up outside of your car in a place no one should ever be.) Then they say that they experienced a headache, dizziness, and an overwhelming feeling of fear and dread. That’s when they seem to notice the strange, black eyes of these children and realize that something isn’t right. Even though the people who see these children are afraid and want to run, the feeling of wanting to let them in is so strong that it has been described as hypnotic. They find themselves opening the door to these children even though everything in them tells them to stop!  Many times they are able to fight this off, or simply be able to walk away, and ignore them until they leave. No one really knows what happens if you do let these Black Eyed Children in to your space. Obviously, people are fearful that they are there to do something bad such as bodily harm, or even stealing their souls!

The story of the Black Eyed Children can be traced back to a writer named Brian Bethel in 1996. He wrote about them in a paranormal newsletter and the story has gained popularity since then. However, is this just a work of fiction, someone trying to start a new urban legend, or was there some truth to this story?  There are many cultures that believe that there are evil things in this world that will take the shape of something that seems innocent in order to lure you in to whatever they want or need from you. Many people will see a child, and not quickly think of them as anything other as innocent and helpless. It is a trick to get you into trouble before you realize all is not what it seems, and by the time that you do, it is too late!

Black Eyed Children might be a real thing, but it could also be just like many other urban legends that are not only meant for entertainment, but also for a lesson. This phrase started in 1996, so this is before the onset of the virtual world that we live in today. We can all agree that the world has become more of a dangerous place now, more than ever before. Unfortunately, this danger does not only come from adults, but from children as well. This urban legend could have been invented to warn us against helping people that seem like they are meek, because they might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For example, children have used their position of being young and innocent to gain access to a home to rob, or even kill. Teenagers are famous for violent outbursts and maybe these Black Eyed Children stories are to warn us to always use common sense, and always be on guard. When you let that guard down, and be drawn in by worrying about a child who needs help, you might be opening yourself up to a world of trouble. Adults are also famous for using children to lure people into becoming distracted by helping them while the adult make their move to rob, kidnap, or kill the very people their children are asking help from. It’s very sad, but it happens all the time, and this urban legend could have been used to spread the word to not be so trusting because evil can still be in any form.

Do I think they are real? Well, here is my story and you decide for yourself. About 10 years ago, I was living in a rented house with my best friend. It was around midnight, and we had just been watching movies. We were both laughing and talking. It was a nice evening so I had some of the windows open, but the door was closed and locked. As soon as I turned off the TV, I heard a voice. It happened so quickly that at first I wasn’t sure if I had just caught the last line of a commercial or something that was playing on the TV. But my roommate heard it too and was as alarmed as I was. I felt a sense of dread and fear. I then heard a girl’s voice say, “Let me in.” The first instinct that I had was to ask, “What?” I looked at my friend and she heard it too, but I had no clue what direction it was coming from. It was either from the side window, or the porch. However, I couldn’t see anyone. The girl repeated, “let me in.” By this time, both of my dogs were on high alert. My girl dog was hissing, and the boy dog had his teeth bared and was ready to attack. I was afraid.  Something seemed very off!

My friend had enough sense to ask her what was going on. A young girl’s voice again asked to be let in the house, and that she needed help. She told her that we had dogs, and there is no way that we were going to let her in. She then began to beg to let us in the house, and that her boyfriend had just beat her up. I told her if we let her in the house, the dogs would attack her. The girl again begged to be let in the house. In the meantime, my friend grabbed her gun, and dialed 911. The feeling of overwhelming fear and dread was thick. Something didn’t see right, and even though I was sure that nothing but trouble was beyond that door, I had to stop myself from opening the door and helping this girl out, who claimed she was in trouble. My dogs were hissing, and lunging at the door, which was also strange. Finally, a few moments passed to where I could clear up and speak and told her that there is a loaded gun behind this door with a person who is licensed to carry, and will use deadly force if needed. The police have been called, you can stay where you are, outside and they will help you get away from your boyfriend.  She then begged us to not call the police and let her in. I told her they were on the line right now, and will be here in a matter of moments.

I never saw this girl, but she sounded young. She tried many times to get in the house, and only left after she was for sure that the police were coming. I really did have the drive to open the door and see the person who was speaking to me, and if she really needed help, then I wanted to assist her. It’s a natural instinct to want to help someone, especially if they are presenting themselves as being in a vulnerable situation such as being young, and being abused. by someone.  The police didn’t find anyone, but did see some kids roaming around the neighborhood. A week later, I read that there were people a few blocks down who did fall for this act, and let this young lady in the house. They robbed and beat the elderly couple who let them in the house. It was the same story that happened to us, except we didn’t let them in. They were young teenagers that were never caught. This is not a story of a story I heard like many urban legends.  This happened to people who didn’t live far from me. It was recorded in the news. And, the house that was robbed was right next to another very good friend of mine who happened to hear the neighbors being attacked and chased them away with a shovel.  Where these teenagers, Black Eyed Children, or were they the reason that legends like this exist?

There is no proof either way, but there is a very good lesson. You must put your own personal safety and well-being first, and not bee too trusting. If some person is asking for help in a strange situation, such as showing up on your doorstep in the middle of the night, call the police.  If they honestly need help, then the police will do their job. Not everyone who pretends to be in need of help is actually needing your assistance. They mean to harm you. It is a sad world that we live in that we have to think twice before offering help to someone who may need it, but you have to take care of yourself first, or you might not be around tomorrow because someone took advantage of your natural need to help others. Take care of yourself, because you need to always be on guard. The best way to help is to call the police and then back off.

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