Famous Satanist

October 14, 2018 ltebrinke 710

Underdogs, the subject of Satanist can bring up a lot of fear and a lot of darkness. While I have no  important opinion on this […]

What was that?

May 20, 2018 ltebrinke 559

The post, “What was that?”  has affiliate links. This means you need to check out the disclaimer for more information on the promotions page if […]

Terrifying Childhood Movies

November 19, 2017 ltebrinke 28

This blog post contains affiliate links for Terrifying Childhood Movies. For the Disclaimer, visit the Shameless Self Promotion Page.  Hello Underdogs, I know I have been […]

Black Eyed Children

October 29, 2017 ltebrinke 43

Hello Underdogs! Recently, I have seen so much about Black Eyed Children that I have had to break down and pay attention to what was […]