The Biggie Files

The post, “The Biggie Files,” contains affiliate links. For more information, see the Disclaimer on the Promotions page.  Underdogs, we dove deep into the Tupac conspiracy theories which you can find here: However, we can never separate one great conspiracy theory about this prominent rapper from the 1990’s, without including the Notorious B.I.G, AKA Biggie

Tupac Lies: Part 3

Tupac Lies contains affiliate links. For more information, see the disclaimer on the promotions page.    Hello Underdogs, if you haven’t caught up on the Tupac Lies series, please check out the links for both part one and two here.   This story has taken so many twists and turns, that it is

Brittany Murphy’s Death: Part 2

When we last left off about Brittany Murphy’s untimely death, we discussed how unlikely it was that she died of natural causes. If you didn’t get a chance to read that article, please take a look here. keep in mind that this is theory and speculation only. There are real people who are involved in