Supernatural Sunday: Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse is coming, Underdogs! We need to be prepared either for the end of the world, or just seeing something really cool! While a solar eclipse is something that happens about every 18 months, the one coming up on August 21st, 2017, is rare for the Untied States because we will be in the direct path to see a total eclipse. It will depend on where you live in the country if you will be able to see the full or a partial eclipse. This makes the eclipse rare for many of us who may not get many chances to see this in our life time. If you are not sure what a solar eclipse, it is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth. This means that for a temporary time, the Sun will be blocked out by the Moon and it will be dark. The Sun will slowly reappear as they Moon goes on it’s merry way. There are many strange things that will happen during the eclipse, and there is a lot of amazing myths that are associated with them.  An eclipse can be very amazing or terrifying depending on what you believe.

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Of course, I want to take a moment to give a stern warning. I know this may be annoying to some, but you only have your eye sight to protect!  Do not look directly at the solar eclipse! It is always dangerous to look at the sun, and even more so during an eclipse. Regular sunglasses are not strong enough to help you out, so if you want to watch you will need NASA approved glasses.  You can also get wielder’s glasses, or use the pin hole method. You can’t use your cell phone to take a video because it will not only damage your eyes, but it could fry your phone as well! Here is a link to some ways that you can safely observe the eclipse.

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Now that is taken care of, let’s talk about the real life strange things that can happen during a total eclipse of the sun. First, since there will be total or very close to total darkness, animals will be confused. The temperature will drop slightly and it will be dark, which will make the animals believe that it is actually night time. This means that many animals will be agitated because they feel “off.” They could start acting like they do before night time including eating, chirping, and going to sleep. Don’t be surprised if you hear roosters crowing when the eclipse is over and the sun is visible again. This could also cause a lot of mass confusion for animals because it’s only been a short amount of time. They may act aggressive due to their confusion. One of the coolest things is like I stated above, that in some places it will be so dark that it will appear to be night. In those spots, you will be able to see the stars and other planets. This is very cool because how many times can you see such a wonderful things during the day? You may also be able to see rainbow spots due to so many natural prisms. There will be shadows going across the ground as the Moon moves and there might be a ring around the Sun.

Of course, when it comes to something as this event has many legends attached to it. Not that long ago, in 1995, a solar eclipse happened where Japan had the total darkness. Some soldiers grew very fearful, thinking that the blackout was due to a dragon. They then fired several rounds of gunfire into the air, killing several innocent people.  This goes back to several cultures believing that the sun is being eaten by a huge being such as a dragon. Other cultures believe that the Sun and the Moon are fighting and it’s result is the eclipse. People also believe that if they go outside and bang pots and pans, it will scare away all the monsters away who are trying to steal the sun. They have had a 100% success rate, and the sun has always come back.

Some of the more supernatural aspects of a solar eclipse are very different. There is a legend that women who are pregnant are in some danger. People are afraid that there is danger to the unborn child because of radiation spikes. (This is not true so don’t worry.) The flip side is that if you are born during a solar eclipse it is an Oman. You might be a very spiritual being, or even evil. The total darkness during the day can be very unnerving to many. This means that some will take this as a sign of unbalance. It can be taken as a message of impending doom or a warning of bad things to come. Other’s take a more positive approach such as Buddhist who believe that this is a very powerful time and you should do more good deeds. The sun and the moment of the planets are very powerful, so it is best to do good things because the ripple effect will be very powerful and positive.

From the astrology side of things, there are people who think that the effects of the solar eclipse happen a few weeks before, and up to a few weeks after. Some describe this time when people are feeling a lot of anxiety and they can’t pin point why. The anxiety may not be because of any impending doom or anything negative. However, it might be due to change. According to some in astrology, a solar eclipse brings new possibility, and change can cause anxiety. They also think that this is the time where the world of the living and the world of the dead are connected for a few moments. You should take this time to reach out to lost loved ones and let them know how much they are missed, or just  listen for the messages you might receive.

People think this is a very magical time that many possibilities are born. It might be good or bad, but you can take the chance and make it your own. These myths and legends are just a small example of many in the world. It is very interesting to read about and I encourage you to do your own research.  No matter what you think or you believe that will happen during an eclipse, it is truly amazing part of nature. We are lucky to be able to experience things in nature every single day, and we don’t always appreciate how awe inspiring it can be. We are so immersed in the wonders of technology that we fail to see the real wonders of the world that are right in front of us every single day. Take a moment every single day to observe the sun, the stars, the trees, and all of the animals. True wonder can never be matched with technology. Take time to smell the roses, or take a walk in nature

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