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Hello Underdogs, and I hope you are having a good Monday! It has been a bit of a mystery as to why I have been absent, so I thought I would go ahead and make this post a Mystery Monday! First, I have been incredibly busy as a caregiver. Then, on December 9th Sunny came into my life. Who is Sunny? She is my new puppy! I didn’t get up that day thinking that I would get a new dog, yet here she is and she is home to stay! I have been thinking about getting a new puppy for the past several months. My dog Indy, who is a black lab, is 11 years old. He is truly my baby and my heart. However, I know he is getting up there in puppy years and I wanted to give him a thunder and cuddle buddy. My roommate has a chihuahua, named Rose who is awesome, but not a cuddly dog to Indy at all. Indy needs a cuddle buddy and I’m hopeful Sunny will help him during a storm since he gets so scared. Most of all, I love dogs so much and I hope to give little Sunny a good life and a good home!

I looked at several rescues for the past month, but none of them leaped out to me. The ones I really like had a huge price tag! For example, a lab that I really liked cost $700.00 to adopt! This was insane and I couldn’t find any reason why that price was so high! The other problem that I ran into was that I am a renter and I have certain breed restrictions to bring home. All the dogs that I saw fell into those categories. I was sad because I wanted to help all of these dogs. They were in no kill shelters so they were in good hands until they find their forever homes. I officially gave up and said if there was supposed to be a new dog for me, it would come. I wouldn’t go overboard doing research, making phone calls, and visiting shelters. It was getting heart breaking.

Then, on Sunday, I got a call from a friend who told me to come quickly because there were several puppies that needed to be rescued. I couldn’t make it, so she went on my behalf and picked out the sweetest, most cuddly girl that they had. The adoption took place, and Sunny and her sister were rescued. Her sister went to my friend and Sunny came home with me. I fell in love instantly! In fact, the reason this puppy is called Sunny is because the first thought that went through my mind when seeing her is how how she was a ray of Sunshine.  She is a beagle/terrier mix and was 7 weeks old. This means that Sunny was born right around Indy’s birthday! They are soul mates, sort of!

The puppies full name is Sunshine “Sunny” Amelia Pond Tebrinke. Yes, I had to put the Doctor Who reference in there but it fits so perfectly. Sunny is very active, cuddly, and has a heart on her nose. She loves to play, and is still walking around like a drunk puppy. Indy is still not super happy with her being in the house, but if he is sleeping, he doesn’t mind that Sunny climbs all over him and sleeps on his back. Rose is pretty indifferent when it comes to Sunny. She wants to be the number one girl in the house. Sunny has other plans.

I’m a bit nervous on how this is going to work out with the three of them. However, I think in time they will all be thick as thieves. There are moments when they seem okay, but Indy still only likes Sunny when she is sleeping! It is not unusual for a male dog to not want anything to do with a puppy. I think as she grows, he will fall in love with her and she will be the cuddle buddy that Indy needs. She is a lot of work right now, but that is okay! A few things take a back seat while I am a caregiver and a new puppy mom. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Welcome home Sunny!

I love dogs! Would you like to see a dog day during the week, or another entire blog about dogs? Let me know in the comments.


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