Strange Theories on First Ladies

Underdogs, recently I have been reading some very strange theories on the First Ladies of the United States. If you are not from the United States, the First Lady is what the wife of the President is called. There was one instance that the First Lady was Harriet Rebecca Lane Johnston, who was the niece of the unmarried President, James Buchanan. Otherwise, every singe female to fill that role was addressed as the First Lady, and after the end of the term, the Former First Lady. There has never been a female president as of the publishing of this post, so we don’t currently have a term for a male who would fill this role. Most people believe it would be The First Man, but I think that is a bit off putting. Since this is currently a moot point, I hope that this will be an issue someday, and we can find a better term than First Man. Anyway, I have read some very strange theories about these famous women for some reason. I’m not sure where all of this is coming from, but it makes wonder why the distraction? Let’s talk a look at a few of them below.


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Melania Trump:

 If you missed my previous post on Melania Trump being replaced, please follow the link. This theory goes into the through process that Mrs. Trump has not only been replaced, but a look alike has taken her place. Not only is that whole theory going on, but people are now saying Melania is signally us with her clothing choices. People are now saying that Melania is protesting the only way that she can, via fashion. She decides to wear some pretty dark colors during pubic events. While I am not sure about any of this, I think she is doing the same thing the rest of us are doing. She is trying to get through this without losing her mind because she can’t believe it’s real!





Michelle Obama:

Brace yourself about this theory, because it is one of the worst ones I have ever seen about any of the First Ladies. This theory is that Michelle Obama is a man. Yes, you read that right. People for some reason are currently obsessed that Former First Lady Michelle Obama is man. Why? Why would someone think this? I guess people think that Michelle looks manly. Of course, this means that the children were adopted, and that Barack is fine with his man wife. The thing is, this is 2018.  If this were true, would they have hidden it? Why are we so hung up with gender roles at this point in our history? If someone looks “manly,” then they must be a man. If someone looks frail, then they must be a female. This is sad, so lets all drop this theory.



Eleanor Roosevelt:

One of the most powerful First Ladies, Eleanor sure left her imprint on the world. She may have not wanted to do this, however. During her funeral, people gathered to pay their respects, but to also make sure that she was dead. Rumors say that people would mutter to the casket how glad that they were that she was dead. Because of her husband’s ill health, people believed that Eleanor actually ran the country. There is also a lot of thought behind her sexuality. If true, this would have been a huge story at the time. Who knows, but Eleanor sure was a household name!




Jackie Kennedy:

There are many theories about Jackie Kennedy. Mostly because she was married to JFK, who was famous for his affairs and for his terrible murder. Now, people believe that she had something to do with his death. My favorite theory about her is how she answered the phone and spoke to Marilyn Monroe, who JFK was having an affair with. Jackie called Marilyn’s bluff when she told her that John was going to leave his wife and family for her. Apparently, she answered to go ahead and take him. The phone call ended and Jackie stayed married to the President.


There are some conspiracies about famous First Ladies. It is strange that all of a sudden, these have been topics. You can go on to almost any site and see at least one of these theories about the First Ladies. It is very odd. What do you think?