Stan Lee

What in the world can be said about Stan Lee that hasn’t been said in the last few says. This is difficult. We all knew that this day was coming, but it just didn’t seem possible. This man who created so many worlds, has left ours behind. Stan Lee passed away this week at the age of 95. For most people, that is a huge feat! For some reason, it feels like Stan Lee was just an infant and getting started with his universe. I choose to think he has simply left and become a Watcher.

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I knew of Stan Lee and his work my entire life. Just like Disney, Star Wars, and Jim Henson, I can’t recall a time when I wasn’t familiar with who they were and what they did. I was a big Spiderman fan as a child. I always related to Peter Parker when he was a student. Stan said over and over again that Spiderman was close to his own personality. And it was flawed. All of his heroes were flawed and had moments of doubt, and darkness. All of his bad guys had reasons, and are even someone that we can relate to on a level that might surprise us. “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

Stan Lee also had Stan’s Soapbox in almost every issue he worked on. This was a format where he could talk about anything he wished, and many times, he would tackle tough issues such as racism, anger, hate, and equality. His voice was in the ears of many people who grew up and tried to make the world a much better place. One of my favorite stories is about how he and Jack Kirby were turned away because of the fact that they were Jewish. They persisted and became some of the biggest writers and creators ever. Stan Lee wrote the character of Steve Rogers after his good friend, Jack Kirby, right down to never backing down from a fight, and standing up for the little guy, even when he was the little guy.

Stan’s wife, Joan, was someone he drew his entire life. At times, he credits Mary Jane as being close to Joan. They were married for over 60 years before she passed late last year. What a wonderful love story that produced 2 children, however, only one would survive until adulthood. Stan had to overcome a lot during his life. He took odd jobs and fought against many money issues with the ups and downs of comics. He overcame all of them. He even created some of the most controversial characters at the time including the Black Panther. This was the first mainstream African American superhero. Stan Lee also had no problem having characters that were of different races, religions, and abilities. This was not only very important, and groundbreaking, but life changing for many people.


There is so much more than can be said about Stan Lee. All can be summed up in one simple word.


Goodbye Stan Lee, and Thank you for all you have given us.