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Hello Underdogs! calamardo me vale - Need a review I can help!

Are you looking for a way to get your products or services to a wide audience. How about a fun, creative, and honest review that you can use, and readers of this blog can enjoy and share! Look no further, because I can help you out! I have a wonderful fan base that is growing every day, and they enjoy finding out about new items that they might love! This would give me a chance to blog about it, and you a chance to have a review written that you would enjoy sharing. If we work together, we can achieve an amazing experience that is beneficial for all!

This can be an opportunity for you to get something reviewed in an honest, straight forward manner, that is more cost effective, and can reach an audience that you never had the chance to tap into. My readers may even like and share this review, and your product review could go far!  I like to call this Freelance Journalism, and I would love for you to go on this adventure with me! Let’s help each other out!  Take a look at the breakdown below and see how you can get started.


I would provide to you:

  • A blog post review starting off at 300 words.
  • A clear rating system for readers to understand how well the product or service is liked.
  • 3 color photos taken by yours truly.
  • A link to your website if available.
  • The location of your business if available.
  • A disclaimer at the end of each post sharing that the review was given in exchange of goods, or payment.
  • A giveaway to my readers if you choose to give a SWAG product as incentive for sharing the blog post.


This can all be negotiated via email: ltebrinke@andtheunderdogwins.com

Please email me to start! Please keep in mind that I will only do posts that I can put on this site. I like to keep things as family friendly as possible. Again, please reach out and ask if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with you!

For more reference of my work, please check out my online portfolio here:

Lisa Tebrinke’s Online Portfolio