May 27

Haunted Auctions

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Underdogs, I know that I have done a similar post in the past about haunted auctions on Ebay.  However, it was all about dolls. There are so many listings that are considered haunted actions on Ebay, it deserves another blog post. It may deserve a few posts! As of right now, if you search the word “haunted” on Ebay, you will see over 100,000 auctions listed. Of course, this is a general haunted auction search. I didn’t include any keywords like dolls or cursed items. It is really crazy to me that there are so many listings, and just as many people wanting to purchase these items! There is a policy with Ebay that you can’t technically sell items that are haunted, even though the word is in the description. You can’t prove things one way or the other, so that is a no go for Ebay. However, like the mystery box craze, this hasn’t stopped anyone from finding creative ways around this issue. For instance, a key that was found and considered haunted is being sold as an antique key. While I try not to make light of situations, because I do believe in a lot of things, I have to still question the authenticity of any of these claims. I really don’t want to offend anyone, but you must ask logical questions when you are purchasing anything, including haunted auctions.  Take a look at these haunted auctions that are currently being sold on Ebay!

1. Haunted Spirit Key: Haunted Spirit Key

This haunted auction item listed on Ebay claims that it came from a time capsule in North Carolina. Since it’s listed as an antique key that happens to be haunted, it is fine to sell. The story goes that the time of this burial may be around the 1940’s since newspaper clipping was found from that time. However, no one is sure of this information. Some of the claims for this key is items that fell on the person who dug the key up, and some bad feelings. The seller believes that this key is haunted by a dark entity, or a soul of a woman who was sad about the loss of her life. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of information from the seller due to claims of Ebay policies. So, we have one claim of an incident that may or may not have anything to do with this key.




2.Spirit Shipped to You! Spirit Shipped to You!

This is a haunted auction unlike I have ever seen before. You actually are not bidding on a doll, or even an actual item, but a promise of a spirit named Hayden. Basically, the person who is “selling” Hayden is going to send him to your house with the help of a friend. The spirit will be shipped via atrial plane. Hayden seems to be a very nice spirit who is kind, and brings protection and luck. He also can communicate through cards and other means. Although he is kind, he doesn’t want to be stressed out by people trying to haunt him, but communicate with him in a kind manner. How will you know if you have gotten Hayden? Well, great question because 24 hours after purchasing, you will receive some good feelings at some point in the day. You may also see some things out of the corner of your eyes or orbs, which is Hayden. While this listing is ridiculous, I have a major problem selling a spirit. Ghosts were people too, so isn’t this essential selling a person, and what gives this random person the right?


3.Haunted Family Picture Book: Haunted Family Picture Book

Getting right to the point, the seller says they will not accept any returns on this item at all. They have had it returned to them two times already, and they will not take them again. Claiming that this book was found at Waverly Hills, before it was made into a tourist trap, the seller wants this book gone! For some reason, they decided to take it and not donate it to the museum even though they are having trouble with this item. However, there is no description as to why this book is a haunted auction outside of strange things happening since they had this picture book. Of course my questions are, what are the strange things that are going on, and how can you prove this item is from one of the most known haunted places in America?



4. Old Haunted Scrap Book: Haunted Scrap Book: Main Street

For the price of $4000.00 American dollars, you can own this haunted scrap book. The book itself was apparently found at the seller’s home on Main Street. While this seller does have some great stories about some paranormal activities that their son experienced, it is not clear to me what the scrap book has to do with anything. Meaning, while the stories are great, I don’t really see the connection between the activities and this book. It seems like it’s a collection of things that may be haunted from this one family. This is the first seller that I have seen that will take returns. The seller also says they will add more stories when they think of them. Even if you don’t have the money to purchase this, it may be good to keep an eye on it to read what the seller has to add!


5.Haunted Silverware: Haunted Silverware

Did you wake up this morning and ask why you don’t have a set of silverware that may not only be haunted, but also might have been involved in some sort of mafia murder? If you did, then you are in luck because this is the listing of for you! Please do yourself a favor, and follow the link above and read this description. They are also asking if you have any information about a murder that was unsolved between the years of 1903 and 1911, then email. By the way, it took place 41st or 42nd street in New York City. The thing is, there could be evidence of a crime on these items! Then again, it may be rust, and for some extra money, you can get it cleaned. The seller also wants to include some sage in the package so the poor postman may not have anything happen to them due to this sell. How very thoughtful. I have no idea what this is haunted for, besides the fact that it says some things move. However, the story is excellent. I want to know where this story goes, and what, if any unsolved mystery is attached to this whole listing!


Those were just 5 of the the thousands of haunted auction items on Ebay. Most of them are dolls so it was a bit difficult to find objects that were different. While these had some interesting stories, who knows what the real claims are, or if anything is actually real at all. Ebay is a place to bid at your own risk, and it looks like you are taking a much bigger one with these items. Have you bought any items that you later found to be haunted? Leave your comments below.



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May 24

The Biggie Files: Part 2

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Underdogs, here is your reminder to please check out the link above if you are just joining us! Also, please remember that each of these posts that I write about a person’s death that is surrounded in mystery is not meant to be offensive.  These are stories and theories about a real unsolved crime, and involves real people. While famous, Biggie Smalls had a family, a mother, wife, children, and friends. I don’t believe for a moment that his murder will ever be solved, but it doesn’t mean that people can’t still look into what happened. There were a lot of mistakes made, and a lot of questions that will never be answered. The point is, if we don’t learn from the mistakes that were made, we are are bound to repeat them over and over again. This particular case got a lot of attention because of who was killed, but it didn’t mean that anyone would ever solve the mystery. They may not want it solved. Let’s take a good look at who could have killed Biggie Smalls and why they got away with murder.

Before we get into this, I  want to specify that I don’t think that Biggie Smalls faked his own death. As I have said before, I think Tupac could have, but I don’t seem to find any real reason that would make me think Biggie faked his own death. Biggie was in a very dangerous situation at the time of his death. He lived with daily threats to his life and there were a lot of people very angry with him if he deserved it or not. People were blaming him for Tupac’s death, or were angry at him for his gang affiliation even though he wasn’t a member. To put it lightly, he had just as many people that wanted him dead as Tupac. I think Biggie was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and took a stupid gamble with his life that he lost. So who pulled the trigger? Or, who paid for the trigger to be pulled? Keep in mind one interesting thought. The 9 MM gun that was used to kill Biggie was very rare. In fact, there were only 2 in the United States at this time. One of those two guns belonged to David Mack, who was a person of interest in this case. Why is this still unsolved? No one wants to know the truth.

Suge Knight:

One of the easiest solutions to this theory is that Suge Knight arranged for the hit on Biggie Smalls. Many people blamed Biggie for the death of Tupac, however, no evidence that he had anything to do with his death. The rumor is that Biggie paid 1 million dollars to the young gang member, Orlando Anderson to carry out the hit. Biggie, himself was said to be in Las Vegas that night, but didn’t leave his hotel room. Instead, he paid Anderson to provoke a fight and kill both Tupac and Suge Knight. Again, none of this could be proven. However, it didn’t stop the rumor mill from going over time and this news eventually getting to Suge Knight.  While he survived the hit, Tupac was murdered and Suge was injured.

Suge Knight was the head of Death Row Records and is a very violent person. He is currently in jail for a few murders and attempted murders. Evidences suggests that Suge Knight hired a LAPD police officer, David Mack, to carry out Biggie’s murder. David Mack was on Suge Knight’s payroll since he moonlighted as a body guard to him and his wife. This is actually featured in several shows, including the “Unsolved” series on USA. There was a real life investigation launched about the LAPD, and there were people who went on record saying this is exactly what happened. This came to light due to the fact that Biggie’s Mother sued the LAPD for extreme neglect on this case, and for possible involvement in her son’s death.  However, once this thread was being pulled, it frayed and was stopped. This may be the most logical thing that got Biggie killed. Mack publicly denied any involvement in this case.

Sean Combs:

There are two different theories as to why Sean Combs had some sort of involvement in the death of Biggie. First, it was due to Comb’s actions that lead to the murder. People theorize that it was Sean Combs who hired the hit against Tupac and Suge Knight, to be carried about by gang members, and not Biggie at all. This meant that people were angry and out for blood. In order to strike back, Suge Knight hired a person to carry out a hit on Sean Combs, and Biggie Smalls. Combs and Biggie were supposed to be in the same car, but since they weren’t, Biggie was the one killed. This means that Combs killed Biggie in an indirect way due to his actions.

Others think that Combs killed Biggie in a very direct way, and wasn’t a case of him getting mixed up in a bad situation at all. People argue in this theory that the death of Tupac and Biggie actually had nothing to do with one another. In fact, Tupac was killed because of the fight he got into the night of his death. It was gang related and nothing more. However, Combs took advantage of this and set up a hit on his friend, Biggie. Why would he kill his friend? Money. The opportunity for money was too great, as a dead rapper makes more money than one who is alive. Tupac was all over the place and his music was selling like crazy. What would be better for Combs than to kill his biggest star? Combs was also put on the map after the death of Biggie Smalls. People knew who he was but only as a producer. After Biggie’s death, Combs had his own hit songs and music career. Did he need to get Biggie out of his way in order to further his career? Combs has publicly denied being part of this case.

Gang Violence:

Another very simple solution is to look for the obvious. The reason I keep saying that Biggie was not a gang member is because of the implication. Biggie ran with the Crips, and even wore their colors from time to time. However, he wasn’t a member of their gang. Why is this a big deal? Well, it puts a huge target on his back from not only rival gangs, but from the Crips themselves. Many gang members were pissed that Biggie was pretending to be part of their world, when he had nothing to do with it. It made them look bad. It made him look foolish. Why keep this act going when they could simply put a stop to it with a hit. Many people believe this is exactly what happened to Biggie.


Stranger than Fiction:

A few theories are very hard to research, but they are out there. One is that Biggie was killed by The National of Islam. However, it is very hard to find research on this matter. Another very strange theory is that both Tupac and Biggie were actually very sick. It seems that they had some symptoms of an unknown virus such as Zika and were killed in order to cover this up. While I don’t give these theories much thought, they are out there. It goes to show that a case such as this, should have been solved. Since it hasn’t, strange and crazy theories keep popping up. Maybe it’s just in order to keep an open dialog.


Those were just some of the very strange, and very real theories that are out there about the death of Biggie Smalls. We don’t know the answer. However, there is a lot of real evidence out there which will never see the light of day. The investigation was stopped, but no one knows why. It can be theorized that both Tupac and Biggie’s deaths actually are connected and to solve one, you will solve the other. What do you think? Who killed these men, or do you think that they are dead at all? People keep saying both Biggie and Tupac are alive and well. Why would they be after all of these years? What are your thoughts?


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May 22

Thirty One:Large Utility Tote

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Underdogs, as you know, I am a Thirty One Independent Consultant. I have been working with this company for over a year now, but have been a customer for years. I absolutely love Thirty One because it’s more than just a bag! This is an opportunity for me to have my own business and do something that I love to do, outside of blogging. It’s been a struggle at points, like everything. However, it means enough to me to keep on trucking and keep moving forward. It is easy to say that you like a product when you sell it. However, I really stand behind these items. You see, I made a choice to take the huge risk and start my own direct sales business. It wasn’t about making money for someone else, it was about being my own boss, and doing something that I love with a product that I love. It was something I invested in because I believe in it. This is not a job that I took in sales and had to learn to like the product. This is a product that I already love that I get the opportunity to sell.

Large utility tote for only $10 in May 2015 with any $35 purchase!!!

Each month, Thirty One has a customer special. This month is the most popular, which is the Large Utility Tote for only $10.00 when you purchase $35.00 worth of product. The cool thing is, you can get several of these specials. It’s for every single $35.00 that you spend. So, if you spend $70.00, you can get 2 customer specials for $10.00 each! It’s a lot of fun! Since the Large Utility Tote is one of the best sellers, this is a very awesome month! I want to take a few moments to talk to you about what the Large Utility tote is and what you can use it for! It is a wired tote that is collapsible. It holds it’s shape, which is a huge help. It is very easy to clean and it can hold up to 50 pounds! Of course with almost any product from Thirty One, you are able to personalize the bag to your liking!

I want to give you some real world ways that I have used the Large Utility Tote. While there are lists that are out everywhere on how to use these, I want to give you examples from my real life. You can see for yourself why this is not only one of the most popular items, but why it’s so essential for every day use. Don’t forget to check out my website to see all the options that you have!


*Hospital Stays: As a caregiver, I am always in the hospital. I took 2 Large Utility Totes with me to carry everything home including clothing and flowers.

*Youth Group Activities: I work with a youth group called Job Daughter’s International. For our last big event, I took SEVEN Large Utility Totes to carry everything. Trust me, I filled each one!

*Fundraisers: Speaking of youth groups, we do a lot of fundraisers. The most recent one was a Mystery Dinner. I took 4 large utility totes to hold food, prizes, cups, drinks, napkins, plates, and more.

*Vacation: I went to Disney World over Spring Break this year. Not only did we take 7 cinch sacks, 1 rolling cooler, 1 weekender bag, 7 mini zippers, but we also took 4 Large Utility Totes. I used them for everything from groceries to packing clothing.

*Big Grocery Store Trips: If you are like me, you hate going to the grocery store and avoid it as much as possible. This results in having to go on some big grocery trips sometimes. I have brought up to 8 Large Utility Totes with me to the grocery store. Mostly because it is so much easier to carry these inside than having a whole bunch of individual bags. It makes it easier on my back, and my arms!

*Carrying Books: I am part of several organizations, and I need to carry books. Not just a few books, but several and a laptop! While there are other options for bags to carry these items, the strength of the totes is the most important thing for me when I’m carrying all these books!

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These are just a few reasons to use your large utility tote from Thirty One! I know there are many other reasons, but I am constantly using mine! I use at least one every single day. I really hope that you take a look at my website, and take advantage of this huge customer special. The month of May is by far the most popular for Thirty One! See what you can create! Remember, you are helping a real person pay their real bills when you support a small, independent business. Try it out today!


May 21

Marvel Moments That Don’t Make Sense

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Underdogs, you all know how much I love Marvel Movies. However, even the best has some story lines that either can be considered a plot hole, strange or just a plain mistake. It’s hard to keep things super straight when you have a huge universe that are working with and around. If you are a fan of a huge multiverse like this, then you can see how hard it can be to keep track of every single thing. Sometimes, things really stick out and make you wonder if they will ever figure this out, or explain away a certain path that was taken. Until then, let’s take a look at some of the things from Marvel that don’t make any sense.


Black Widow knew what Bucky Did:

The other day I was re-watching one of my favorite movies “The Winter Solider.”  This is by far one of the best written Marvel movies in my opinion. However, one thing really stuck out to me watching it this time. One of the last moments in the movie, Natasha hands Steve a folder about The Winter Solider, AKA Bucky. She tells him to be very careful about pulling that string and he may not like what he finds. Essential, we get confirmation that Natasha knew what was in the folder that she handed to Steve. This included the fact that one of his missions was to kill Tony’s parents. This knowledge ripped the Avengers apart, because Tony couldn’t handle the fact that Steve knew Bucky had been the one who killed his parents and never told him. I know that I am over simplifying the matter but the fact that Natasha knew all of this made her just as “guilty” as Steve. Natasha had the power to explain to Tony the contents in the file. Instead, she let Tony and Steve fight, and eventually lead several of the group becoming outlaws. Would it made a difference of the outcome? I think it would have because it could have been one more person who understood the delicate situation between Steve and Tony. As of now, their relationship is still damaged badly. I just don’t understand why Steve had to be punished for keeping the knowledge of what Bucky did to himself when Natasha did the same thing. Maybe it had to do with the fact that she had a very long relationship with Bucky herself.

Why is Coulson Still Dead?

Phil Coulson is the heart of Marvel Universe and the Avengers. If it weren’t for his death, the Avengers never would have come together. In the meantime, he has his own show called, Agents of Shield. He has been alive and sort of well for the past several years. He has been in the background, working hard and even cleaning up the messes of Thor. He was heartbroken when Peggy died,and couldn’t take it when Captain America became a fugitive. While other people have come and gone, I can’t seem to figure out why they are still keeping Coulson’s death a reality. Even the Lady Sith knows that Coulson is still alive but Thor does not. I can’t imagine it’s to save face. Shield has been destroyed.  Nick Fury faked his own death, but they all know he is still alive. What is a good reason to keep him dead to the Avengers? They already know that they have been manipulated and lied to in order to get results. Why would you keep this secret for so long for no good reason?

Why didn’t they use any of  the Infinity Stones?

The Avengers had 2 Infinity Stones available to them. One was the stones was inside of Vision, and the second was the Time stone that Dr Strange and Wong protected. While they may not have been able to do much with one or the other, why didn’t they at least try to do something? Once they knew there was an issue why did they at least try to use the Time Stone? They had used it before in Dr. Strange to create the time loop. Why would they try to use it against Thanos? It’s possible that they use of the Time Stone could have created another ripple. But why didn’t they at least try? I guess the Time Stone was used for the possible outcomes, but why could they not use it to go back in time and prevent Thanos from ever getting any stones in the first place?

Those are just a few big questions that I have about Marvel movies that don’t make any sense. I know there are several more but these seem to be pretty big gaping holes. They could have changed the outcome of both the movies and the TV series. What do you think? Which Marvel movie moments don’t make any sense to you?


May 20

What was that?

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Imagine sitting on your couch at home. It’s been a long day and you are exhausted. You have just turned off the TV and are quietly going over a list of things that you need to get done the next day. While you are concentrating on your list of chores, you suddenly feel a prickle go down your spine. Your shoulders instantly tense up, and the fine hairs on your arms, and the back of your neck stand up. You hear a high pitched squeal in  your ears and you just feel as though someone is watching you from behind. No one else is home. You take note how eerily silent it is after the corruption to your ears. There is no sound from outside. No birds, no bats, no traffic noises. The lights flicker for a moment and you move your eyes around the room, not allowing your body to betray you yet by running away. You see nothing. You hear nothing. But you smell a faint odor that you can’t place. Cigars? Vodka? Has it been this cold the whole time that you have been home? After taking several deep breaths, you scan the room, this time moving your head and your shoulders, even though they are still tight. Just as you relax and start telling yourself how silly you were to be afraid of nothing, you feel the traces of fingers going down your back. You jump up and yell, “what was that?”

What was that? No, seriously, what was that? What just happened to you? Did you just imagine the whole thing? Have you been very stressed or just finished watching a scary movie? Do you have an over active imagination? Any of these could be very reasonable explanations, however, many people take these as signs of a ghost being around you. We are going to take a look at a few common thoughts and feelings that people have described after they claim to have encountered a ghost. Then, we are going to look at the logical explanations as to why these things may have occurred. There are many arguments as to if ghost are even real, there are several things that these stories have in common. I always so it’s important to be skeptical, but keep an open mind. Either way you believe, it is fascinating to see how many independent people have these common things happen to them when they think they have seen or even felt a ghost. Let’s see what was that!


See the source image1.Silence

More often than not, people describe paranormal encounters as quiet. This means that the background noises that you normally hear, and may even tune out are all of the sudden gone. The silence is loud and catches your attention. It’s like being outside with chirping crickets and have them all fall silent at the same moment. You become so hyper aware that you can’t hear anything else including the wind, rain, or even traffic. It may last a few moments to a few minutes. One of the scariest things in movies is the silence before the big scare. Could there be something very logical about this temporary loss of sound? Of course. You may be getting ill and you have an ear infection, which makes things seem much different than they are. The animals around you could become quiet due to predators or even weather changes. You may not hear the normal background noises because you have become so used to them until you are hyper aware. Then,  you may not have notices that these noises are not constant, but ever changing. Why would a person have an issue hearing when a ghost comes around? The theory behind this is that a ghost is either scaring things around it, or it’s on it’s on another wave length. Which leads to the next theory.


See the source image


2. High Pitched Sounds:

Many times in a person’s life, they will suffer from a quick, high pitched sound in one or both of the ears. It can be very uncomfortable, and even painful to a few. This is more common for people above the age of 13, unless there are already hearing problems detected. There are several theories as to why this happens including something called ascension symptoms. This is when a person feels the shifts in vibrations around them. This could from something natural, or something paranormal. For example, a spirit is on a different plane or wave length than what humans are on. This means that if they meet, then the vibrations are off or different and can cause some feedback such as the high pitched sounds in your ears. While this can be the case, it also could be a very real medical condition. Best to get your ears check with a professional doctor if this high pitched sound in your ears happens frequently. For me, this is an indication that I am getting an ear infection, or have a bad sinus infection.


See the source image

3.Cold Spots/Electronic Failure

I can’t count the movies that show people starting to shiver and complain of cold just before a ghost is revealed on the screen.  Some of them go so far to show the breath of the person who is afraid. This is a very common complaint when people claim to see a ghost. Either the house becomes cold suddenly, or the person themselves feels very chilled for no reason. It could be in the middle of a heat wave. This theory about cold spots goes back to ghost gathering energy in order to materialize. This could also be the reason the lights flicker, and electronics that drain or stop working. Why would this be such a common thing? Well, if you are in an older house, you could be in the path of a draft. You also could be coming down with a cold. Your electronics could be failing due to their age, or they need a better battery. While cold spots are a common complaint, there is logical explications for them.

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4. Phantom Smells:

In the middle of dinner, you get a whiff of your Grandma’s perfume that you recall vividly. So much so that you expect to see her walk through the kitchen even though she has been gone for the past 10 years. It can be a very pleasant and comforting feeling to smell something that reminds you of a person who has passed away. Scent is actually one of the most powerful memory triggers. When scent is associated with a memory, or a person, it is recalled a lot more clearly and with better details than without. Why would a person smell a phantom sell? Could it be that it’s not phantom at all, but maybe actually around you. Did a friend wear the same perfume? What if you were thinking of your Grandma earlier that day, or even that week and the idea of the scent of the perfume was planted in your subconscious? There is a serious medical condition when it comes to phantom smells called Phantosmia, which a form of hallucination. This could indicate a very serious medical issue such as cancer or tumors. Could a random smell be a sign of trouble? Not really, but if it happens frequently, then you may want to speak to your doctor.


See the source image

5. Feeling Hands on You:

What is terrible feeling to have! To feel like someone has touched your back, or your arm, but no one is actually there. It could be a light touch, or even a pinch. Many people have described this very scary event, and it is very unnerving. Sometimes, people feel like they have walked through a spider web, while there isn’t any to be seen. Know, could you be becoming Spiderman? One can hope. Could you have just walked through a very tiny spiderweb that you didn’t see? Of course. Could it be someone from beyond trying to reach out and grab you? I’m not sure, but this is a very common issue for those with ghost encounters.


So, what was that? There are always logical explanations for as to why thins happen the way that they do. People are always trying to make things fit into something that makes sense, even if the events that took place have no logic. We are trained to want answers, and find them with what we have available to us. Right now, there is no proof of ghosts even though there are a lot of personal experience stories. Usually the right answer is the most simple explanation. However, what happens when you no longer have simple answers? Do I think that some of the answers could be paranormal? I do think that, however, I also like to acknowledge that some of these things can be explained away with very logical answers. The reason why this is so difficult is that you can’t measure a personal experience in science. While I have believed these stories, and I will again, it is hard to not look for the easiest explanation. Ghost stories are very real, but sadly, we have no real proof of the ghosts. It’s time to see why so many people have similar experiences. Is it real, or is it all the power of suggestion? I hope that one day we can get some clues as how to solve this mystery. Until then, we will keep asking, what was that?


May 16

Top 10 Marvel Scenes

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Underdogs, if you haven’t been paying attention, I love comic book movies. For the most part, I say that I was a DC kid, and a Marvel adult. While I still love both, the Marvel universe has proven to be more on top of their game. Not that I don’t enjoy the DC movies, but I prefer the Marvel writers, and the directions they are willing to take their stories and characters. While Marvel has some very funny moments, the ones that stick to me the most are the ones that are raw, hopeless, and vulnerable. Here is my list of the top 10 Marvel moments. I know there are many lists that could be made, but these are some that have stuck with me the most. I hope you have some fun reading these and comment below on what your favorite moments from Marvel. Keep in mind, I’m not including Fox and Sony studios in this list.  Fair warning, spoilers ahead!


See the source image

1. Captain America’s Reveal:

I’m not going to lie, this one was purely selfish. At this moment, most of us were Peggy Carter, and the nurse in the background. As pretty as he is, this moment was actually very powerful.  This was showing us the the experimental serum that they injected into Steve Rogers, actually worked! It could have killed him, but it also was important for this person to have heart in order to make it through the procedure. The right person for Captain America was picked, and while the road ahead would be hard and bumpy, we can take this moment to admire….pecks! So pretty.


See the source image

2.We are Groot.

Who knew that this movie about a band of misfits would have such emotional moments! These 5 beings from all over the universe somehow banded together to become something great. They had their moments. They had their fights, but when push came to shove, they become a strong unit that literally could not be defeated. What was so incredible about this particular moment is the sacrifice Groot was willing to give for those he loved. He knew the group was important, and protected them with his life. The only time Groot uttered a different phrase than, “I am Groot,” was this very pure moment.

See the source image

3. Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver Death:

This makes me cry every single time I watch Age of Ultron. The very moment that her twin brother is killed, Wanda feels it without any doubt. You can literally see and feel the moment her life rips in half. When she tells Ultron that she just died, I believe her with ever fiber of my being. She died in that moment right along with her twin. It was so painful. It was so raw, and so beautiful at the same time. One of the best moments, even though it was gut wrenching. Marvel, why do you hurt us so, and why do we keep running back for more!


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4. Captain American and Agent Coulson:

One of the best characters in the Marvel universe is good old Phil Coulson. While he has his own series now, the Avengers are unaware that their friend is still alive and fighting. Many times, Coulson is a substitute for us, the viewers. He fills our role, as the guy who seems slightly out of place, has a huge heart, and is kind of a bad ass! The way he fan boys over Captain America is wonderful! There is just something so sweet and pure about this admiration and wanting his mint Captain America cards signed.  PS: He was still very mad at Fury for getting blood on his mint cards. I hope someday, he will get his cards signed!


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5. Get Help!

While this gag is super funny, the scene in the elevator is truly the heart of the story between these two brothers. Moments before the doors open, Thor has a heart to heart with Loki about going their separate ways and how different they really are from one another. Thor is tired of Loki’s games, and Loki still feels like he is the slighted brother. It is very sad, and very raw. It’s looking at a family member that you have tried to love your entire life, and you do, but you have to let them go and move on without them. Following this very hard moment up with “Get Help,” was pure genius because it shows that relationship, the love from childhood, is still there. It sets up the much harder scene in Infinity War when Loki says, “The sun will shine upon us again, brother.”


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6. Avengers Assemble:

This was a movie moment most of us nerds have been waiting for! The moment that Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye stood as one to fight! It was a long road to get to this, with a lot of ups and downs! I remember watching this in the theater and everyone cheering! It is a cheer worthy moment!


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7. Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good:

This one hurt. So bad. So very bad. Peter Parker become a surrogate son to Tony Stark. He took the young man under his wing and helped him become an Avenger.  In the Spiderman movie, Tony tells Peter, someone could have died, and that would be on Peter. But if Peter dies, well, that’s on him. When Peter fades away, we see Tony die with him. His pain and suffering is real, and raw. Don’t cry ugly tears… Don’t cry ugly tears…. I’m sorry…


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8. Peter and Yondu

“I may not be your Father, but I am your Daddy.” Dear God, who knew how much this funny and light movie would hurt. Yondu had a very complicated relationship with Peter Quill. So much so, that he used to threaten that he would let the crew eat Peter! He never took Peter to his Father, Ego and we find out there is a great reason why. Because Yondu not only was protecting Peter, but he loved him. It goes to show sometimes the best family is the one you create.


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9. Tony Stark’s Vision:

The nightmare came from the fact that it wasn’t because his friends died, but because he didn’t die as well. The vision that Wanda gave Tony utterly destroyed him and set up events for all of Infinity War. Most of the Avenger’s were dead in a pile in front of him, with Captain America asking Tony why he didn’t do more? Two strong things are doing on here. First, Wanda was going for their deepest and darkest fears. This is Tony’s, the death of his loved ones. Secondly, it was a true vision for things to come. This was amazing character shifting for Tony, as we see a part of PTSD that wasn’t fully explored until that moment. Now, it is part of who he is, and why he is fighting so hard.


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10. Lifting Thor’s Hammer:

I loved just watching all the Avengers and their friends sit around at the party and talk. It was awesome to just see them talk about their girlfriends, tell funny stories of childhood, and even do some flirting. This is truly one of the best scenes because it’s real. Everyone trying to lift Thor’s hammer is also awesome. It’s something that I can see real people doing, which makes that moment even more fun and special with the audience. Marvel truly knows how to connect with their audience and I know many of us were saying how we could be the ones to pick up the hammer!

Those were my top 10 favorite Marvel Movie Moments! I had a lot of fun with this list. I know these may not be the traditional moments people think of, but it’s what I keep coming back for more! They have some great writers, and actors who understand the characters that they play. Also, there seems to be an air of fun around these people, and you want to believe that they really are a team, and really do care for one another!  What about you? What is your favorite nontraditional Marvel Moment?

May 16

The Biggie Files

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Underdogs, we dove deep into the Tupac conspiracy theories which you can find here: However, we can never separate one great conspiracy theory about this prominent rapper from the 1990’s, without including the Notorious B.I.G, AKA Biggie Smalls. Both of these very young men were killed via gun violence after a much publicized feud between East Coast and West Coast rappers. They were the poster children of this feud, and it cost them their lives. Of course this is if you believe that Tupac is actually dead. Both of these men deserve to have their story told because their murders have never been solved. They are still cold cases that will never have the truth see the light of day. The murder of Biggie, however, is so terrible that the LAPD was sued about their possible involvement and cover up with his death. Who killed Biggie Smalls and did his murder really have anything to do with the death of Tupac?

Christopher Wallace was only 24 years old when he was shot and killed on March 9th, 1997. This was right on the heels of the death of Tupac and the world became chaotic. While Biggie was not associated with gangs, he was definitely no stranger to breaking the law. As a high school drop out, Biggie sold drugs as his source of income. This was also in efforts to help support his baby daughter. He ended up in jail for almost a year because of his drug activities. He also had charges of assault, gun charges, and suspension of robbery, which the latter was never proven. All of this, but people always claimed that Biggie was a kind and gentle person. It was many people’s opinion that Biggie did what he had to do in order to survive and provide for his child. He was not seen as outwardly violent.

After his second time in jail, Biggie decided to do whatever it took to keep him from going back. He and some friends recorded some tracks and sent them to several radio stations in New York. Eventually, Sean “Puffy, Puff Daddy, P. Diddy” Combs heard one of Biggie’s tracks and arranged to meet him.  Sean Combs was impressed and signed Biggie to his record company, and became a very good friend. Eventually, Biggie would start recording albums after being a guest on other rappers albums. He eventually struck up a friendship with another up and coming rapper named Tupac Shakur. Their relationship was complicated at the least. At first, they were good friends. However, when Tupac was recording in the same studio as Biggie years later, he was shot outside. Biggie was noticeably absent from the scene thus making Tupac very angry. Some think Tupac blamed Biggie for the hit, while others knew he was hurt that his friend wasn’t at his side.

This single incident blew up the East Coast and West Coast rap feud. At least, that is what the media would have the general public believe. The media had a filed day with the shooting and made these men unwittingly participants in their game to get the best story. Both Biggie and Tupac were angry at each other, but many close to them say that it was blown way out of proportion.  While this incident damaged their relationship, it did not end it. In fact, they were smart enough to play along with the media in order to get records sales, at first. Then, they focused on bringing attention to the race and gang wars that were so prevalent in the 1990’s. People couldn’t tell reality from fiction, and while they were trying to promote a platform for the realities of gang violence, people couldn’t separate Biggie and Tupac from the media storm.  They not only become the icons, but the voices of those who they represented, which proved to be very dangerous. Specifically, Biggie was associated with the Crips, but never was part of the gang. The fact the he ran with them, and wore their colors made him a walking target for a lot of people.

The simple story of Biggie’s death is as follows. Following an appearance on the Soul Train Awards, Biggie and his entourage left the building.  It was right after Tupac was killed and tensions were very high. Rumors were already spreading that Biggie had been the one who called the hit on Tupac. Biggie was actually meet with boos on the stage during the award show so things were not going well. Outside of the awards ceremony was a bunch of gang members from both the Bloods and the Crips.  At this moment in time, the tension was overwhelming, and people had told Biggie to stay home. The entire week before his murder, Biggie was meet with threats and even spoke about it during radio interviews. He was well aware that his life was in danger, but he decided to keep making public appearances. This was either out of stubbornness, or in an attempt to show he wasn’t one to be pushed around.

Biggie, his wife, Faith Evans, and several other people went to after hour parties in hotel and clubs. One of these places was a hotel that shut down the party due to fire hazards. This, in turn, shut down several streets because of the amount of traffic from all of the people leaving this party. Biggie was in a car with a few friends, followed by Sean Combs, and his wife farther behind them. At a stop light a black Chevy Impala drove up next to their car and opened fire. The first reports say the gunman was an African American male with a 9 MM. Biggie was hit in the chest and the only one injured. He died at the hospital less than 45 minutes later.

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The investigation into Biggie’s death was almost nonexistent. Just as quickly as the murder happened, was just as quickly as it was forgotten by the LAPD. It was very strange that a homicide, and of a very famous person at that, was pushed aside like nothing happened. People were outraged and demanded a proper investigation. However, they never really got one. Biggie’s Mother sued LA, and the LAPD for neglecting a crime. A massive investigation was launched years after the murder. However, it was stopped the moment they were able to clear their department of any involvement. That didn’t mean that there wasn’t some very serious things uncovered with this investigation. The rabbit whole ran deep,and it looks like people got away with murder. How far did this plan go?Did Biggie really have anything to do with Tupac’s death? Did Suge Knight or even Sean Combs have a hand in killing Biggie? Tune in next time to find out!

May 7

Duty Calls

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Hello Underdogs,


I am sorry that I have been, and will be absent for a time. You see, blogging is my dream, but there are days when I just can’t work towards that goal. Many times, I have told you that I am a caregiver. While only a few people read that sentence and understand, I feel like I must explain to the rest of you why I can’t always be here as I wish I could. As you can see, duty calls.


What to Expect When Your Loved One Has Cancer:: A Caregiver's Guide by [Tebrinke, Lisa]

For the past two months, I have been inside of a hospital more often than not. That is because I am taking care of my loved ones who are ill. But they don’t just have a cold or the flu, but serious medical conditions that require a lot of help. It is very easy to understand what it is like to care of someone who isn’t feeling well. However, being a caregiver is nothing like that, much more detailed, and has no time off. Once you become one for a loved one, or several loved ones, your life ceases to exist. The work is never done, and you never get time off. I hear some of you saying it’s like being a parent. Unless you have seriously ill child, it’s nothing like being a parent. It is so different that it isn’t worth the comparisons.

Please don’t think I am bitter. I am exhausted beyond words. I haven’t slept in about 6 days and everything is getting on my nerves. I can’t eat. I’m to stressed to function, and I have to deal with life that doesn’t just stop because duty calls. Money is always an issue, bills need to be paid, other people in my life need to be taken care of. I have commitments I’m ignoring, and I’m hardly able to enjoy time with my dogs. Life is 100% stress right now. It could be so much worse, and I’m thankful for what I have in my life. But I just can’t keep up right now, and that includes blogging.

I hope you will stay with me, all two of you who actually read this, and know that I want to be able to bring you the promised posts and their normal dates. I can’t even write ahead at this point. I’m taking much needed sleep time away from myself to write this, because I don’t want to lose the few people that do read this, and enjoy my blog. This keeps me going sometimes. When things get me down, I get a comment, or a post and I see that someone really is reading my blog and liking my hard work.

Duty comes first, but I will write a true experience of a daily life of a caregiver at one point. In the meantime, check out my book that will give you a small, small look into part of the reality of the situation. Until then, I will see you when I can, and hopefully you will still be there when I can get back. If not, I will keep trying because giving up is not an option.

May 6

The Curse of the Wizard of Oz

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One of my all time favorite movies is The Wizard of Oz. Like many people, this was one of the first movies that I ever got to see. To this day, I have never grown tired of it. I watch it at least once a year, if not more if it’s possible. This movie was based off the second book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, by L. Frank Baum. Every since he wrote this story of the people of Oz, and Dorothy going on her adventure, it has never been out of print. In fact, many different versions of this story exists including stage, and other books based off of this world. This movie is one of the most loved, and of course, one of the most studied.  People think that there many have been a curse associated with the movie. Here are a few examples, and you make up your mind about the Curse of the Wizard of Oz!


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Back in the 1930’s, the rules and regulations for make up weren’t anywhere near what they are today.  Basically there were no rules, or regulations, so many different substances and chemicals were used in the makeup, no matter what kind of damage that it could do the person wearing it. For the tin man, they used a toxic combination of paint and aluminum dust. Buddy Epson, who played the Tin Man had to be hospitalized due to complications from wearing this make only during the first 9 days. Because of this, he suffered lung failure and the filming of The Wizard of Oz was shut down for over two weeks. Buddy Epson suffered with issues for the rest of his life due to this choice in makeup materials.


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Speaking of makeup, one of the biggest painting jobs had to go to the actress who played the Wicked Witch. Saying it ain’t easy being green is an understatement is an understatement. Actress Margaret Hamilton played the Wicked Witch of the West. She was painted green to make the character a little bit more scary. Her makeup was made with paint and copper. This is toxic to anyone, and Hamilton had to wear a variation of this mixture the whole film. While bad enough to have toxic makeup on every pore, it wasn’t as terrible as what happened next. An accident happened on set when the Witch leaves during the first scene. The fire came too early, and ended up burning Hamilton. The makeup actually made it much worse, and help spread the burns. She ended getting first and second degree burns across her hands and face. She was able to come back to work almost a month later. However, her hands were so badly burned, she had to wear gloves which covered her injuries.


The biggest curse and controversy surrounding The Wizard of Oz has to do with the famous hanging. Or lack of hanging? For years, people have debated if their was a person hanging from a tree in the background when the group happily sins that they are off to see the Wizard. This urban legend has been told at countless slumber parties, camp fires, and of course, on the internet. No matter what you think happened, there is clearly something in the background. Some people think that there was a munchkin that hung himself , while others think it was an extra walking around. There are also those who  think it was just an animal. My personal story with this theory is that as far back as I can recall, I thought someone was hanging from the tree. Keep in mind, movies get “remastered” all of the time. This means that they change things, edit others things out, and add things in. Think of the Star Wars movies that you grew up with verses what they are today. They have new scenes that weren’t filmed or finished in the first place. When The Wizard of Oz was remastered, the hanging person was replaced by a big, walking bird. The official story was that this bird was wondering around the whole time, but people misunderstood what it was and thought it was a person hanging.


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Most of us called that explanation BS! My thoughts on this matter are what follows. The Wizard of Oz didn’t have any birds walking around. Why would they appear in this one random spot if they aren’t in any other scene? Yes, there were scenes that were filmed and deleted. In fact, there was an entire music number that was cut. No one can seem to find why this random bird was there because it wasn’t in those deleted scenes. Could it be a person who hung themselves? That is truly what I always thought, but I know it could have been people walking around. Unfortunately, like The Song of the South, you will not find an original version being sold of The Wizard of Oz today. They  only show the remastered version on TV as well, so the answer may be lost in time.

Those were some examples of why people think that the Wizard of Oz was cursed. It had a lot of terrible things happen on set, that included some very scary injuries. We aren’t sure if someone killed themselves, but we do know that Judy Garland was abused by the movie studio, and drugged. Her life was tragic and her time on the set didn’t help her any. Her life is worth a blog of it’s own, but it isn’t hard to see that the studios didn’t really care about their stars, and put them in life threatening situations. It’s hard to look at footage from the past because HD didn’t exist. You will not get a clear shot of what happened in that forest. What do you think? Is this movie cursed?


May 1

Is Thanos Nature?

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Attention: From here on out, you will see Spoilers from Avengers Infinity War. If you don’t want to know, don’t continue to read this post. 





Underdogs, if you haven’t seen the Avenger’s movie, please think about reading this at a later time. As you know, I am a huge Marvel fan and was super excited to see Infinity War. I knew going in how tough this movie would be to watch because many of our beloved super heroes wouldn’t make it out alive. Of course, this all comes at the hands of Thanos, the biggest baddie in the Marvel Cinematic universe. He has been a huge presence and threat for the last several years, however it seems as though no one really understands why. Thanos is set on destruction, but what is the point to all of his anger and rage? Is he actually angry? Or, is Thanos not a villain at all, but is actually the one that brings about the cycle of life no matter how hard it seems, and no matter how high the cost is to himself or others.

See the source imageThanos is on a mission of death, but in his view, he is bringing life. He tells Gamora when he took her as a child, he saved her life. While she argued this thought process, he pointed out that she would have starved to death if he had left her. Her home and people were starving and poor. The land was dried up and there was little vegetation to support those who lived on the planet. Now, children’s bellies are full and a land that was once dying is alive and thriving. Thanos is traveling the universe to get the Infinity Stones in order to destroy half of all life in the known universe. Why? Not because he is angry, but because he is determined to bring balance,rebirth, and regrowth. This is a very pragmatic view and he will stop at nothing to obtain his goal, including doing things at a tremendous personal cost. Because of his power and his vision, Thanos also had very loyal followers who were known as the Children of Thanos.


Why is all of this important? It is to plant the seed that Thanos is not a hero, nor is he a villain. He is nature and brings with him the cycles of life. It is not pleasant, but it is something that needs to be done. Nature brings life, but it also takes it. The seasons change from death to life, however you can’t get life without death. Nature can be beautiful such as a sunset, beautiful flowers, and green grass. However, it also brings tornadoes, earthquakes, and flooding. Thanos is the one who believes that he needs to bring death in order to have a better life for those who remain after the storm. Could he be correct in this assumption and have to do something terrible and destructive in order to bring balance? The seasons change, but if they didn’t and the natural process of life and death did not happen as it needed, all balance would be lost. This cost could be a lot higher than the lives taken through Nature. If Nature is abused, it will fight back at any cost.


Image result for hindu goddess kali

Could Thanos be more like Kali? (This thought process is not meant to be offensive at any way, but a comparative narrative.) If you are not familiar with Kali, she is a Hindu Goddess known for being the destroyer. Kali’s name means death, destroyer, and time. She is also presented as blue and has been accused of having a heart made out of stone. Sound kind of like Thanos? Kali is a warrior, and a killer. She doesn’t just murder for fun, however. She kills to bring balance. While she may seem scary to many, Kali is revered as the Mother of the Universe and has fiercely loyal followers. People see her as a protector. Because she is part of the universe, or was around before the universe as some think, she isn’t good or bad but just is. The universe needs to be restored and that is what Kali’s calling is all about. Doesn’t that seem a bit like Thanos? (


While the ones that are lost during Thanos’ reign of terror is heartbreaking, could Thanos just be doing a very tough job that needs to be done? There is no arguing that people abuse the planet which is our home. We misjudge it and misuse it, as well as ignore the messages of Mother Nature. Thanos is not a hero, but is he really a villain? He is doing what he thinks needs to be done in order to save the universe and restore balance. However, he does this without much thought or care as to the cost of what he is doing. Never the less, he makes the choice to continue down his path even when he could have walked away, because his goal is so important to him. His children help him with this task, knowing that they too could eventually be part of his deadly solution. Is Thanos a madman, or is he just acting on the cycles of life?


What are your thoughts about Thanos? Is he Nature? Does he represent Kali? The Marvel universe is full of mythology and gods and goddess so I think any of this is possible. What are your thoughts? Leave your comments down below.