July 16

Jodie Whittaker is The Doctor

Hello Underdogs!


Look around you, the sun is shining! A new day has begun and I am so thrilled to see the adventures through time and space! Just a half hour ago, the world learned that the new Doctor, will be a female! Her name is Jodie Whittaker and she is a very amazing British actress who recently starred in Broadchurch. I know many are going to be upset about her casting, but it is time to giver her a chance, because she is The Doctor!

Doctor Who means a lot to me, as it does to millions of people around the world. It really got me through the last tough year of my Dad’s life, and it still helps me now. I had such a hard time watching Peter Capaldi’s first show without Dad around. We would call each other and both watch the show over the phone since I lived hours away. It was our way to watch together. I love Peter Capalidi, and I will always be one of his biggest cheerleaders. He, like all the others, will always be The Doctor, it’s just time for someone new to step through the doors of the police box. Peter Capaldi will be greatly missed. But it will not be the last we see of him!

I went to bed last night thinking, it would be great for the Mom in Broadchurch to become the Doctor. I love, love, love, Olivia Colman, but I know she will have many amazing opportunities. Maybe she will play The Doctor someday, because this day, anything is possible! I couldn’t think of her name, but I went to sleep. Here is where it gets kind of personal and crazy for me. My Dad came to me in a dream, and sat next to me on the couch. (He has never been where I live now.) He asked me who I wanted to play the new Doctor? I told him about Olivia Colman, and several others, but I told him it probably won’t be a girl. He then asked me how would I feel if they cast a female. I told him that it shouldn’t matter, but it will. It will be wonderful for many, because this will give so many girls another person to aspire to be like. We are lucky to have Rey, and Wonder Woman, but it would be so amazing to have a woman play a role on this scale, for a show this iconic. It makes me sad to know all the hate she is going to get, and people are going to say all sorts of nasty things because she is a woman. They are going to accuse her of ruining the show. So, the woman who takes over has to be really strong, and ready for this. I hate that she would go through this, but that is the truth. It breaks my heart. Maybe the world isn’t ready for a woman Doctor.

Then Dad looked at me in the eyes and said, “Jodie Whittaker, Lisa. It’s Jodie Whittaker, and she is going to be amazing. You, and the world, are going to love her.” So, when I woke up (I slept late, don’t judge me.) And I grabbed my phone, I goggled the 13th Doctor. There weren’t any results and I guessed it wasn’t time yet. Then I went I Facebook and my heart stopped. The first thing I saw was, “Jodie Whittaker, is The Doctor.” But when I read the article, it said it wasn’t confirmed. I keep digging until I saw the video The 13th Doctor

It was real! It wasn’t a hoax, or a dream! My Dad had told me who it was going to be! I promptly cried for 20 minutes after I found out. First, because of the connection with my Dad. Second, the world needs Jodie! We have been waiting for a very long time to get to the point where female superheros and women can take on these lead roles, and hold their own. We grew up with Princess Leia and I was profoundly happy when she became a general. And deeply sadden when Carrie Fisher died. Jodie Whittaker is going to be this person for so many young girls, and even boys too! When people are upset that the gender of the Doctor changed, we should look at ourselves and see why that bothers so many, and why it took until 2017 for that to be an acceptable change. It has taken a long time, now give her a chance. Captain Marvel didn’t start off female, but she is now.

They have been preparing for this change for years, and The Doctor will be here for Christmas. I am very sad to see Peter Capalidi go, but I can’t express in words right now, how much it means for this lady right here, for Jodie to be The Doctor. Us girls, we didn’t have anyone like this on TV, or the movies. It felt very lonely that all we were portrayed to be was love interests, or side characters. It put a limit on us, and both men and women have been fighting so hard to change that. Look at the world today! Look at all the changes happening, and women are finally becoming the front runners, with their stories being told. Every little girl needs to see this, every little boy needs to see this. We are at an amazing fork in the road, and people resist change! I think it is time, and I am so lucky to be alive to see it happen. I can’t wait to see the faces of these girls when they get to cheer on Jodie, dress like her, see her kicking butt and being smart! Congratulations, Jodie!! I am so happy for you, and for what you will bring!!


For all those haters, please take a look at this. Just in case you didn’t notice, female leads do not ruin your childhood, or change anything at all. Here is a quick look for why we need these women characters. Look at the children’s faces!

Image result for ghostbusters premiere with little girls
Look at the kid’s faces, and ask me if females should be leads.

Image result for ghostbusters premiere with little girlsImage result for Gal Gadot with kids

July 15

Surprise Saturday: 25 Questions

Hello Underdogs,

I am very happy to have the new followers! All of you make this blogging dream possible. I know there are many new readers, as well as a few who have been with me for years. I have been asked to do a post about 25 questions about me. To do this, I just Googled 25 questions, and randomly choose from the lists under the images.  So, here is my first every answer questions session. If you want me to do this again, post your questions in the comment section below!

1. Name 3 things that make you happy: My dogs,  my friends, and chips.

2. How many tattoos and piercings do you have? 4 tattoos, and 6 piercings.

3. Zodiac sign, and do you believe in them? Aries, and sometimes. Most of the time, it’s entertainment.

4. What was your favorite concert?  Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, and all of Nashville River Stages.

5. Do you snore? Of course, doesn’t everyone?

6. What was your last dream? I had a dream that I was making hundreds of pasta stuffed meatballs. It was strange. Now, all I want to do is try to make pasta stuffed meatballs.

7. What is your favorite perfume? So many! That’s why I worked in fragrance for so long. Stella, Very Irresistible, Coco Chanel, Angels and Demons, Chanel #5

8. Age I get mistaken for? Never my own. I have been both older and younger, but no one ever guesses my actual age. I am pretty timeless.

9. Can you cook? Yes, but I’m not an expert by any means.

10. What is your favorite books? So many! I love almost everything by Anne Rice. I love all the Little House on the Prairie books, Lamb and almost any Christopher Moore books.

11. What is your favorite movies? The Wizard of Oz.

12. Do you take the shampoo bottles from the hotel? Yep! I poodle them!

13. What’s your favorite musical? Hair!

14. Are you lazy? I don’t think so, but I have lazy moments.

15. Do you believe in Ghosts? Yes, but I also always try to find a logical explanation. I guess I am a healthy skeptic.

16. Black or Green Olives? I love both, but I prefer black olives.

17. Would you bury a treasure if you found one? Nope, you wouldn’t hear from me again! It would be well hidden.

18. Were you ever a girl scout? Yes, and I hated it! I became a member of the International Order of Rainbow for Girls. That was a much better fit.

19. Did you ever watch soap operas? Yes, I watched Young and the Restless and Days of our Lives.

20. Peanuts or Sunflower seeds? Sunflower seeds, with no salt!

21. Do you remember your first day of school? Yes, it was awful!

22. Do you agree with the term, “Life doesn’t forgive weakness?” Life forgives nothing.

23. What is the worst song that you have ever heard? That, who rules the world girls, song by Beyonce. It’s so annoying!

24. If you could go back in time and witness something historic, what would it be? I would want to witness the painting of the Mona Lisa.

25. Can you swim? I do alright.


Okay, that was 25 questions! I hope you enjoyed these. Again, if you would like, leave a comment with more questions. Or answer some of these yourself!


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July 14

Bloggers Helping Bloggers!

Hello Underdogs and fellow Bloggers!calamardo me vale - Need a review I can help!

Are you looking for a way to get your products or services to a wider audience?  Do you have a product that you want to sell on Etsy that you want tested before you post it? Do you have homemade items that you are selling that you need an honest review for? Do you have a link to your YouTube channel that you want reviews on? How about a song that you want a review for? The list goes on and on!  Let’s help each other out, and work together!

I would love to try out things for you, and give you an honest review! This will be a great post for me, and a chance for you to get your goods and services out there, and tried in a real-world situation! The potential is endless! We can work together and help each other out on this incredible journey!

This can be an opportunity for you to get something reviewed in an honest, straight forward manner, that is more cost effective, and can reach an audience that you never had the chance to tap into. My readers may even like and share this review, and your product review could go far!  I like to call this Freelance Journalism, and I would love for you to go on this adventure with me! Let’s help each other out!  Take a look at the breakdown below and see how you can get started.


I would provide to you:

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This can all be negotiated via email: ltebrinke@andtheunderdogwins.com

In the subject of the email, please put, Bloggers Helping Bloggers

Please email me to start! Please keep in mind that I will only do posts that I can put on this site. I like to keep things as family friendly as possible. Again, please reach out and ask if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with you!

For more reference of my work, please check out my online portfolio here:

Lisa Tebrinke’s Online Portfolio

July 14

Fan Friday: Welcome to Night Vale

Hello Underdogs, and happy Friday to you!

Have you ever heard to the podcast, “Welcome to Night Vale?” If you haven’t, then do yourself a favor and follow the link at the end of my blog and start listening! Welcome to Night Vale is a podcast that comes out on the 1st and 15th of every month. It started in 2012 and is still going today with the podcasts, and even some live shows from time to time. The show is centered around the fictional town of Night Vale which is located somewhere in the deserts of the United States.  The local radio station host, Cecil Palmer, is doing his radio show and reporting on the happenings of this small town. If you have ever grown up in a small town in the United States, this is very accurate to the local radio stations and their shows. They have local gossip, events, high school sports, job openings, local commercials, and the weather report. We  get glimpses of the personal live of Cecil, his thoughts on the town, and even his hatred of the rival town next to them, Desert Bluffs. Oh, and Night Vale is basically a town where all the strange things and conspiracy theories actually exists.  Image result for welcome to night vale quotes

That’s right, all the strange things that you could possibly think of are alive and well in this town. The citizens of Night Vale seem to be obviously to how strange their world is, but they keep getting hints from outside sources. For instance, in the first episode we meet a scientist named Carlos who tries to tell everyone that there are some very strange things happening. Instead of listening to him, Cecil falls instantly in love and only cares about his dinner plans. In the first show alone, we meet Cecil, Carlos, and we hear about the angels that change the light bulbs. There is also a long running joke of the poor interns that keep disappearing. For a quick moment, the town is taken over by a Glow Cloud raining down animals onto the town. While this is something that is scientifically impossible and intriguing to Carols, poor Cecil is taken over and tells everyone, “all hail the glow cloud.”


All of these things are mixed in with very real aspects of a local radio show. For example, you will hear commercials for the library, the boy scouts, and the bowling alley. Although none of those are what they seem. They also have the normal warnings for the public’s safety, such as staying away from the dog park, and not looking directly at the cloak hooded figures who are occupying it. The traffic report can be anything. The weather is a full song from bands all over the world! Once in awhile, a guest or local citizen from the town of Night Vale will stop by and be interviewed. It might just be a lady without a face. We learn a lot about the townsfolk through Cecil and their stories are just as interesting as what is going on inside the town.Image result for welcome to night vale quotes

The thing I love most about this podcast is just when you think it can’t get any more ridiculous, it pulls an emotional and profound thought out of nowhere that leaves one speechless.  It doesn’t matter if the 5-headed dragon named Hiram is running for mayor when you have such wonderful thoughts and insight into the human mind and heart. They might have the secret police doing strange things to people, but the love story between Cecil and Carlos is heartwarming. There might be an evil giant glow cloud, and the station management might be some kind of fiends, but hearing Cecil’s narration makes you feel less alone. They might have a male cat who is stuck floating 3 feet above ground in the men’s room at the radio station, but Cecil takes this chance as a learning opportunity for kids taking care of pets. Night Vale makes the very best out of the situation, no matter how strange things may seem.

I truly love this podcast. I found it after my Dad died and it truly helped me through some of the toughest parts of those early days of grief. I needed to hear from Cecil, “you too, have survived everything up until this moment,” and “If you ever look into the sky and doubt the existence of other worlds, remember, somewhere a creature is looking up and doubting you.” Those little words made me realize that I was not alone, and even when things seem bad, there is always a reason to find hope. The world is a strange, strange place, and we know nothing about the universe. What we do know is that there is some kindness and goodness that we are lucky to come across one in awhile. This podcast has no barrios because anything is possible and you are never alone. I encourage you to listen to this podcast for free, and be entertainment with laughter, and be delightfully surprised with the profound messages of hope.


Have you heard, “Welcome to Night Vale” before? What are your favorite podcasts? Leave your comments below.


Listen to the podcast free here: Welcome to Night Vale Podcast


Check out their book available here on Amazon: Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel

July 13

Contest Update: Win a Prize!

Hello Underdogs!

I have decided to update the contest, and have it run for a bit longer. The rules are simple and haven’t changed at all. I got some new readers who wanted a chance to win the prize. Please read below the rules and see how you can be a winner! If you don’t follow the rules, you won’t be able to win. I want to see how people are engaging with my blog, and you could be rewarded!

One lucky winner will win an Avon prize package with at least 10 samples! Sounds like something you would like to win? I want to see who is reading my blog, and get some feedback so here is a fun contest!

Let’s go over the rules!

  1. You must leave at least one comment on 3 separate blog posts. This means you will have 3 comments on 3 different blog posts, not 3 comments on 1 blog.
  2. No rude, or vulgar comments. I will delete anything that I deem inappropriate. If I have to delete the comment, you will not be able to win.
  3. Subscribe to my Facebook page. This is where you will get up to date information on my blog: Follow the link and hit the like button: And the Underdog Wins on Facebook
  4. You must reside within the United States. I’m sorry, but at this time international shipping is too much. This may change at a later date, but for this contest, you must live within in the United States.
  5. You have until 10 PM EST on July 16th to complete this to be qualified for the give away! I will draw the winner and post on my blog on July 17th, who won!


Don’t forget that you need to follow all the steps before you will be able to win the prize! Stay tuned for the drawing and thank you for supporting my blog, and my page!


July 13

Theory Thursday: Paranoia in the 90’s

Hello Underdogs!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! I was a 90’s kid, and I loved it! My life was filled with lots of TV because I didn’t have any friends. I’m not trying to exaggerate or gain sympathy, I am just stating fact to give you reference as to why I was so involved with pop culture at such a young age. For example, for my 10th birthday, my Mom kept asking me for a list of 5 friends to do an activity for my birthday. I avoided the conversation as long as possible until I finally had to tell her that I didn’t have any friends. However, all was not lost because this made me the creative person that I am today!  I made the most of the colorful cartoons, the silly sitcoms, and of course, WWF wresting.  The combination of all of this, and my Grandpa, helped me become a writer, and a conspiracy theorist to this day!

I would sit with my bowl of Coco Pebbles and watch TV at all hours. Then, I would go the library and read whatever I could put my little paws on!  For some reason, around that same time there was a huge influx of all things paranormal. There were Big Foot sightings, alien autopsy, and eventually the X-Files. Shows like “Eerie Indiana,” and “Are you Afraid of the Dark” sprang up for younger viewers. Unsolved Mysteries took a turn from crime to the paranormal. To this day, the voice of Robert Stack sends chills down my spin! So, what happened? Why was all things paranormal all of a sudden front and center in all forms of pop culture? I’m not going to lie, some of these things scared me, and I spent many sleepless nights wondering when the aliens were going to come and abduct me in my bed! I was convinced by the time that I was in fifth grade that my Mom had been taken by aliens and I was living with a replacement pretending to be her. I wasn’t afraid of ghosts, but boy, what would happen if I ran into Big Foot unprepared?

I have questioned this for years, and have had conversations with some friends about it, who also think it’s strange that all of this paranormal stuff came out of nowhere. I have to assume there is a reason for it and I think I may have a few answers. The first is something actually happened. Sometime in the 1990’s, either someone was actually going to publish or leak something that showed that there were actually aliens. What better way to distract the public at large than to hide the truth in plain site? While this leak may have been stopped, it didn’t happen without some escaped knowledge! The corneal of truth about aliens, and other paranormal things was out there. To distract from the full reality of the situation, people in Hollywood were given an absurd about of money to make their art about anything mythical. Some of these shows seemed to have a pretty big budget, so why not believe that there were being sponsored by the government as a distraction. What would be more iconic than distracting the public with the truth by hitting over the head with it, and call it entertainment?

If there wasn’t a story that was about to be leaked on a large scale, then what else could this all be about? What if there was another alien landing. and this was all part of a cover-up? Unlike today, in the 1990’s we didn’t have cell phones. Hardly anyone had a computer, and if they had the internet at all, it was for work. No one surfed the web, or even knew what to do with it. Technology has grown in spades since those days. It really hasn’t been that long ago. Think of it, when I was a kid, a cell phone was only something that the very rich had, and it only functioned as something to make calls with. I would never have dreamed that I would have a tiny computer at my finger tips, with the government tracking me at all times. It was the stuff of science fiction, and some people’s nightmares, but it is a strange reality today. What if this technology came from aliens?

It is really amazing how fast technology has risen in such a short amount of time. Today, we have a more powerful computer in our pockets than what was inside Apollo 11, which made it to the moon! We have had some pretty significant advances in medicine as well. At the same time, we have such an increase when it comes to diseases. Now, more than ever people are getting cancer, and  all sorts of other diseases, that it can be considered a crisis. Did something happen in the 1990’s that caused the surge of technology, pop culture, but left us with debilitating sickness? It is a very sobering thought, but something has to be causing all of this illness. Something caused all of the technology, and it’s hard for me to believe that the stars aligned for the right people to sudden have this explosion of creativity.  What happened? Did the creative people of the world know something, an

To this day, I am not sure if there was actually anything going on that caused all of this paranormal in the media. You couldn’t turn on the TV, listen to the radio, or go to a bookstore without something from the world of aliens or Big Food being in your face. Was this just another fad? It might be, but it really was dominating the air waves. I think there is some truth to thinking that there was a cover-up going on. We didn’t have the instant access to the world as we do now, so it wouldn’t be impossible to sweep something big under the rug. I can tell you that all of this stuff made me a bit crazy, and I still am worried about meeting Big Foot unprepared, but the truth is out there. We just ma never find out what the actually truth is without paying the price for the knowledge.


What do you think? Was all of this media covering some big event up, or was it just entertainment. What was your favorite show for the 1990’s? Leave a comment down below!


Vxd168 evergreenassociateads benefit assoc 300x250

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July 12

Way out Wednesday: What is the Deal with Katy Perry?

Hello Underdogs! Lately, I have been reading and seeing some very strange and way out there theories about Katy Perry.Image result for katy perry non copyrighted photos Katy Perry is an American singer who has several number one hits such as, “I Kissed a Girl,” and “Dark Horse.” She is 32 years old, and has been making albums and touring all throughout the 2000’s. Her music is very pop, and her style has changed rapidly throughout the years. For some reason, people are now focusing on some very weird theories about her. However, her recent strange behavior hasn’t been helping her out much. I am pretty taken aback by how out there some of these are, because some don’t make a lick of sense. Let’s take a look at how Katy Perry went from Pop Star, to a person who is actually a dead girl.

  1. Katy Perry is JonBent Ramsy:Image result for katy perry conspiracy theories Um, what? For those of you who are not familiar with JonBent Ramsy, she was a 6 year old, American girl who was killed 20 years ago. The whole case surrounding Jon Bent is filled with controversy. The investigation was botched, and her killer has still never been found. Her case became very big because she was a child pageant star, and both her parents, and even her brother were suspects in her kidnapping and murder. Everything that happened with her case was strange, and it was lie on top of lie. We will probably never know the truth of what happened to this poor girl. Unless you believe that this whole thing was staged and Katy Perry is really JonBent Ramsy!

The story that people came up with is that JonBent’s family were involved with some sort of ritual for either the Masons, or the Illuminati. Her Mom and Dad had to take part in this sacrificial ritual to kill their daughter,or there would be Hell to pay for the whole family! Instead of risking the life of their daughter, they staged an impossible kidnapping and murder so JonBent could live in the shadows, only to emerge later on as an adult as Katy Perry! Even though Katy Perry would have been 6 years older than JonBent at the time of her death, people seem to think that these 2 girls were one in the same! Apparently, Katy Perry and JonBent’s parents look similar. However, JonBent’s Mom died several years ago, while Katy Perry’s Mom is still alive and well today. Why people think this is a viable theory is beyond me! They don’t look alike, and nothing adds up. You can argue that Katy Perry’s records have been faked, but it all just seems to crazy to be anywhere near real.

2. Katy Perry is a robot:Image result for Microsoft Free Clip Art robot There is no Katy, only robots! At least that is what some people are saying. Once upon a time, there was a pop star named Katy Perry. She was loved and adored by millions of fans who were fooled by the Illuminati that created a perfect robot to spread their evil agenda! Or, Katy Perry was created for Science to see how far that they could go with realistic robotics! This explains why Katy Perry sometimes seems like she is on drugs, confused, or spaced out. She recently took a spill while she was on stage performing. Katy said something like she wasn’t feeling well and become incoherent. This was just the robot malfunctioning and it needed to be rebooted or worked on. Either way, a robot Katy Perry could be the ultimate test in robots to see how the public reacts. What better way to introduce a robot to the world than a fun, loving pop star?

Image result for free clip art pyramid   3. Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are working together to become the newest heads of a cult: Whatever kind of cult that you would like to call it, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift are going to be the next big thing! Most likely, people are referring to the Illuminati since that seems to always be the buzz word. The rumor is that when Taylor Swift was interrupted by Kayne West during the MTV Video Music Awards, that was her start into the climb to be the head of the Illuminati! She had to be publicly shamed in order to get sympathy so people would be more willing to listen to what she says. As far as Katy Perry, currently, she has been acting pretty odd lately. Katy  mentions that she would love to be part of the Illuminati in several interviews. Her music videos and her live performances also seem to be filled with symbolism and messages. They say Katy is heading for a break down, which would mean that she might be publicly humiliated. Then, she will gain sympathy and people will be more willing to hear her message. This means that Katy is a bit behind Taylor, but both will soon be the highest ranking officials of a strange organization, or a strange cult.

Those are just a few of the rumors going around about Katy Perry. I am fairly confident that Katy Perry is not JonBent Ramsy. As far as the other two theories, who knows? If we already have such advance robots in this world, then we need to be more concerned with a Sky Net situation. Is Katy trying to become a head of a cult? She could be, but it is just as laughable to think that any of this is true. Katy has been acting strange lately. She has appeared to be confused, or out of it while doing interviews. She could be nervous, sick, or she could be on drugs. But, it all could be a show for a deeper, more sinister reason. I will continue to have fun with her music, but sort of be worried about the path she seems to be going towards. Maybe, Katy Perry just needs a long vacation!


What do you think? Could Katy Perry be involved in something strange? Leave your comments below.

Witness [Explicit]

In the meantime, enjoy some of Katy’s music that you can purchase here: Katy Perry’s Witness


July 11

Try it Tuesday: Ready Made Coffee Drinks

Hello Underdogs, and a happy Tuesday to you all! Do you like coffee? If you do, you are like the majority of Americans who wake up each day with a warm cup of Joe. There are many ways to get your liquid gold including making it yourself, buying some from your favorite coffee shop, or purchasing a ready made drink from a convenience store. I am not a huge fan of buying these drinks because they aren’t as good as what you can get in store, or what you can make on your own. However, I saw two new products that I haven’t seen before so I decided to try it out, on Tuesday, of course!

Image result for dukin donuts in bottle

The first new product that I saw was from Dunkin Donuts, called Iced. That is one of my favorite places to get coffee, so I thought it would be fun to try this coffee out. I haven’t seen these before, so I really didn’t know what to expect. I decided to try out the French Vanilla flavor. The bottle is plastic and comes 13.7 oz container. It says it is a “Rich, Smooth, Coffee Taste.” The smell of the coffee was very, very sweet. I know that they use fake vanilla when flavoring coffee drinks because that is more cost effective. That normally doesn’t bother me as much as it should, but the smell of this particular vanilla was overwhelming, and kind of chemical. It made me very nervous about trying it. I didn’t see anywhere on the bottle that says to shake the bottle. However, since I was worried about the smell, I hoped that giving the bottle a good shake would help things out. It did take away some of the chemical smell, but not very much. When I took a drink my first reaction was, “Wow! That is sweet, but with more of a coffee aftertaste.”

This Dunkin Donuts drink reminded me of the Starbucks Frappuccino in the bottles. Which isn’t really a Frap because it’s not a blended ice drink. It’s not even a comparable sub to something that you can get in the store. Anyway, the Dunkin Donuts drink tasted very much like the bottled Frap, but with a stronger coffee taste.  The French Vanilla flavor is something that you can get in store, but it doesn’t taste like this! It just doesn’t translate well over the the ready to go drinks in a convenient store. I actually only took a couple of drinks and it’s still sitting in my fridge. I don’t like it at all, and I would not buy it again. For comparison sake, this drink costs $3.49. You can go to Dunkin Donuts and purchase a large iced coffee with the flavor of your choice, with cream and sugar if desired for around the same price. You are better off just going to Dunkin Donuts and getting a drink there instead of this packaged drink. If you don’t live around a Dunkin Donuts, this is not a good alternative. I would suggest that you either make your own ice coffee at home, or go to another coffee shop if you have one close. I am rating the Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla Drink a 1 out 5 stars.

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The next drink is from Starbucks, called Cold Brew Coffee. It comes in a heavy duty glass bottle that is 11 oz and costs $4.99. There is no flavoring or creamer of any kind in this drink. The bottle says it is a , “Super smooth cold brew coffee.” The lid of the bottle was a bit of a struggle to get off. I first smelled this drink like I did the last one. Instead of an overwhelming chemical smell, my nostrils were filled with the pleasant smell of coffee. I haven’t had a cold brew before, but the smell reminded me of Starbuck’s blonde roast, which means very light with a hint of citrus. I was worried that I would need to add something to make this coffee drinkable because it might be too strong. My first drink was smooth, and very pleasant. I really liked this coffee, and never ended up adding anything in addition. I like my coffee in many different styles and flavors, and that includes drinking it black. If you like iced, black coffee, then I would suggest that you try this drink. It is a bit pricey for what it is, but so is Starbucks in general. I would say try this out. It also comes in a pretty nice glass bottle that I feel like I should do something with instead of throwing it out. Trashing that glass seems pretty wasteful to me, but it can always be recycle. I am giving this drink a 3 out of 5 stars because of the price, and the smaller amount of liquid in this compared to other ready to go drinks.

While I really enjoy coffee, I do have a hard time really liking these drinks. It is easy to grab them if you are in a rush, but to me, why waste the money? The purpose of these packaged drinks is conveniences, and price. While the same can be said about soft drinks, many people don’t make them at home themselves, and it’s worth paying for a drink that would have cost more for you to make than to just buy. These are not even a good representation of what you can buy in the store. The Starbucks is a lot closer, but the one from Dukin Donuts falls flat! Instead of getting these packaged drinks, you can make your own, or go the your favorite coffee shop. If you don’t have a local coffee shop, then it might be fun to try these out. But, I think you are much better off staying away from these, and making your own brew at home.


If you would like some tips to make your own home brew coffee, even without a machine, check out my previous blog, “Coffee 10 Ways.” Coffee: 10 Ways

July 10

Contest with Giveaway!

Hello Underdogs!

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I am rolling out a contest with a giveaway! One lucky winner will win an Avon prize package with at least 10 samples! Sounds like something you would like to win? I want to see who is reading my blog, and get some feedback so here is a fun contest!

Let’s go over the rules!

  1. You must leave a comment on 3 of my blog posts. This needs to be on 3 separate blog posts, not 3 comments on the same blog.
  2. No rude, or vulgar comments. I will delete anything that I deem inappropriate. If I have to delete the comment, you will not be able to win.
  3. Subscribe to my Facebook page. This is where you will get up to date information on my blog: Follow the link and hit the like button: And the Underdog Wins on Facebook
  4. You must reside within the United States. I’m sorry, but at this time international shipping is too much. This may change at a later date, but for this contest, you must live within in the United States.
  5. You have until 10 PM EST on July 11th to complete this to be qualified for the give away! I will draw the winner and post on my blog on July 12th, who won!


Alright, that is all you have to do! It is simple enough! Keep it kind, comment on some blogs, and have a chance to win a prize! I will be checking back! Have fun and good luck!



July 10

Birchbox Reveal

Hello Underdogs, I hope you enjoy this bonus blog today about my Birch Box Reveal. If you aren’t familiar with this product, Birch Box is a subscription box that comes the first week of each month. It is focused on make-up, fragrance, plus hair and skin care. Each month, you get 5 deluxe size samples from many different companies. They also include a handy guide to give you a breakdown of each product that they put in the box. The cost is $9.99 plus tax. There is no contract, so you can cancel at anytime. You can pay in advance for 12 months, or just pay for a month at a time. My current plan is a month by month basis. I know what you are thinking, Underdogs, why would you pay for samples when you can just go get them at a department store for free. The days of sampling is pretty much over. I worked as head of a fragrance department for 5 years, and I personally saw how many companies were fading out their samples. Yes, there are still companies that do samples, but that is harder and harder to find. It is also very hard to find the products that you love in travel size, and this really gives you that option.  Let’s take a look at what was in the box for me this month!

  1. Orbie Wave and Shine Spray: I have not heard of the Orbie company before, however, this is a great size item for traveling! This spray is supposed to help with hair shine and well as hydrating dry hair. I’m really excited about this, because I have skin conditions that cause my scalp to be very dry and itchy. I am looking forward to seeing if this will help me out at all.
  2. Air Repair: Complexion Boosting Moisturizer: This is supposed to be good for all skin types. It says that it is supposed to help with stressed-out skin! That’s me! I just applied this to see how it would work. I had clean skin already, so I didn’t wash my face directly before use. What I noticed first was the sweet smell, which I don’t like. It’s a personal thing for me, but I don’t like anything that I put on my face to have a perfume smell. I have to worry about skin conditions like I said above, so I don’t want to have irritation. I tried it, for you and for science. It goes on smooth, and I don’t feel sticky or oily. However, I do feel some pain on my nose. I may not use this again. I will see how the next few hours go, and will determine if I will use it tonight or not.
  3. Benefit Cosmetics: Roller Lash Mascara: This is the pink box. I don’t use mascara at all. I have a strange fear of things around my eyes so this will be a gift! That’s one thing that I like about this box. If I don’t like the items, no problem, I will be giving it to someone who I know will enjoy it.
  4. Marcelle: 3 in 1 Make Eye Remover: This is supposed to be a eye make up remover, but it also claims to help relief puffy eyes and is soothing to the skin. I will be trying this later on because I just tried the moisturizer. Lord knows I have the bags under my eyes that need some serious help! The life of a blogger.
  5. The Beauty Crop, Blush Duo: The color is called Papaya Don’t Preach! Love it! There is two shades called pinky peach and papaya! I think this will be cute once my face calms down a bit!
Sorry, it’s a side view! Tech Issues!

Here is the full list and description of what was in the box just in case you are curious. This list show the product, and the full size price of each item. If you have ever wanted to try out a subscription box, this is a great one to try.  It is not expensive, and you don’t have to sign up for multiple months and have to pay in advance. You have that option, but you can also pay per box. Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, and I think Birchbox is a great one to start off with. Are there items that you may not like? Of course, but you run that risk with any sort of subscription box. I equate these to grab bags! I loved grab bags as a child, and this is like an adult version! If you don’t know what a grab bag is, it is a usually stapled shut paper sack filled with several items. You pay a set price for the bag, and pick one out, never knowing what you are actually getting. The items in the bag are worth the price that you pay, and you may like them, you may not. If you don’t, then have no fear, because you can always gift them and make someone else’s day bright!


What do you think about subscription boxes? Have you ever used them before? Which ones do you like?

I’d love to read your comments!







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