October 29

Black Eyed Children

Hello Underdogs! Recently, I have seen so much about Black Eyed Children that I have had to break down and pay attention to what was being said. Before this year, I have never heard anything about this myth or legend, but there are people in the world who claim that they have not only seen these creepy kids, but they have actually had a conversation with them that they will never forget! While the phrase, “Black Eyed Children,” has only been around since the 1990’s, their stories are much older. You may not believe in the Black Eyed Children, because like many other things connected with the paranormal world, there is little to no proof of them being real. Is this whole thing an urban legend, a good story someone made up, or something that is meant as a warning?

Black Eyed Children are supposedly between the ages of 6, but not much older than a early teenager. They appear as normal as any other child, save for a few differences. First, it is said that these children have very pale skin. The second, and most obvious and alarming difference is the huge black eyes that fill up the entire eye. There is nothing in the eye but a dark black color.  Many times these children are trying to get something like help, a ride, a way into your car, or even your home! Normally, there are no adults around these children anywhere, and they have appeared either on their own, or in pairs. These children are always seeming like they are trying to get in to your space, but can’t unless you invite them inside your home or car.

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The legend goes, the Black Eyed Children will approach you either in your car and seem like they are lost and are in need of a ride. Or, they will knock on your door at all hours and ask for you to let them inside. They will be always asking for some sort of help that would lead them from being outside, to inside with you. Typically, people don’t notice the eyes right away. In fact, they normally describe an overwhelming feeling of wanting to help these children no matter how strange the circumstances may seem. (Example, a small child showing up at your locked apartment building in the middle of the night and asking you to invite them inside. Or, a child showing up outside of your car in a place no one should ever be.) Then they say that they experienced a headache, dizziness, and an overwhelming feeling of fear and dread. That’s when they seem to notice the strange, black eyes of these children and realize that something isn’t right. Even though the people who see these children are afraid and want to run, the feeling of wanting to let them in is so strong that it has been described as hypnotic. They find themselves opening the door to these children even though everything in them tells them to stop!  Many times they are able to fight this off, or simply be able to walk away, and ignore them until they leave. No one really knows what happens if you do let these Black Eyed Children in to your space. Obviously, people are fearful that they are there to do something bad such as bodily harm, or even stealing their souls!

The story of the Black Eyed Children can be traced back to a writer named Brian Bethel in 1996. He wrote about them in a paranormal newsletter and the story has gained popularity since then. However, is this just a work of fiction, someone trying to start a new urban legend, or was there some truth to this story?  There are many cultures that believe that there are evil things in this world that will take the shape of something that seems innocent in order to lure you in to whatever they want or need from you. Many people will see a child, and not quickly think of them as anything other as innocent and helpless. It is a trick to get you into trouble before you realize all is not what it seems, and by the time that you do, it is too late!

Black Eyed Children might be a real thing, but it could also be just like many other urban legends that are not only meant for entertainment, but also for a lesson. This phrase started in 1996, so this is before the onset of the virtual world that we live in today. We can all agree that the world has become more of a dangerous place now, more than ever before. Unfortunately, this danger does not only come from adults, but from children as well. This urban legend could have been invented to warn us against helping people that seem like they are meek, because they might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For example, children have used their position of being young and innocent to gain access to a home to rob, or even kill. Teenagers are famous for violent outbursts and maybe these Black Eyed Children stories are to warn us to always use common sense, and always be on guard. When you let that guard down, and be drawn in by worrying about a child who needs help, you might be opening yourself up to a world of trouble. Adults are also famous for using children to lure people into becoming distracted by helping them while the adult make their move to rob, kidnap, or kill the very people their children are asking help from. It’s very sad, but it happens all the time, and this urban legend could have been used to spread the word to not be so trusting because evil can still be in any form.

Do I think they are real? Well, here is my story and you decide for yourself. About 10 years ago, I was living in a rented house with my best friend. It was around midnight, and we had just been watching movies. We were both laughing and talking. It was a nice evening so I had some of the windows open, but the door was closed and locked. As soon as I turned off the TV, I heard a voice. It happened so quickly that at first I wasn’t sure if I had just caught the last line of a commercial or something that was playing on the TV. But my roommate heard it too and was as alarmed as I was. I felt a sense of dread and fear. I then heard a girl’s voice say, “Let me in.” The first instinct that I had was to ask, “What?” I looked at my friend and she heard it too, but I had no clue what direction it was coming from. It was either from the side window, or the porch. However, I couldn’t see anyone. The girl repeated, “let me in.” By this time, both of my dogs were on high alert. My girl dog was hissing, and the boy dog had his teeth bared and was ready to attack. I was afraid.  Something seemed very off!

My friend had enough sense to ask her what was going on. A young girl’s voice again asked to be let in the house, and that she needed help. She told her that we had dogs, and there is no way that we were going to let her in. She then began to beg to let us in the house, and that her boyfriend had just beat her up. I told her if we let her in the house, the dogs would attack her. The girl again begged to be let in the house. In the meantime, my friend grabbed her gun, and dialed 911. The feeling of overwhelming fear and dread was thick. Something didn’t see right, and even though I was sure that nothing but trouble was beyond that door, I had to stop myself from opening the door and helping this girl out, who claimed she was in trouble. My dogs were hissing, and lunging at the door, which was also strange. Finally, a few moments passed to where I could clear up and speak and told her that there is a loaded gun behind this door with a person who is licensed to carry, and will use deadly force if needed. The police have been called, you can stay where you are, outside and they will help you get away from your boyfriend.  She then begged us to not call the police and let her in. I told her they were on the line right now, and will be here in a matter of moments.

I never saw this girl, but she sounded young. She tried many times to get in the house, and only left after she was for sure that the police were coming. I really did have the drive to open the door and see the person who was speaking to me, and if she really needed help, then I wanted to assist her. It’s a natural instinct to want to help someone, especially if they are presenting themselves as being in a vulnerable situation such as being young, and being abused. by someone.  The police didn’t find anyone, but did see some kids roaming around the neighborhood. A week later, I read that there were people a few blocks down who did fall for this act, and let this young lady in the house. They robbed and beat the elderly couple who let them in the house. It was the same story that happened to us, except we didn’t let them in. They were young teenagers that were never caught. This is not a story of a story I heard like many urban legends.  This happened to people who didn’t live far from me. It was recorded in the news. And, the house that was robbed was right next to another very good friend of mine who happened to hear the neighbors being attacked and chased them away with a shovel.  Where these teenagers, Black Eyed Children, or were they the reason that legends like this exist?

There is no proof either way, but there is a very good lesson. You must put your own personal safety and well-being first, and not bee too trusting. If some person is asking for help in a strange situation, such as showing up on your doorstep in the middle of the night, call the police.  If they honestly need help, then the police will do their job. Not everyone who pretends to be in need of help is actually needing your assistance. They mean to harm you. It is a sad world that we live in that we have to think twice before offering help to someone who may need it, but you have to take care of yourself first, or you might not be around tomorrow because someone took advantage of your natural need to help others. Take care of yourself, because you need to always be on guard. The best way to help is to call the police and then back off.

What do you think, are Black Eyed Children real? Leave your comments below!

October 19

Has Melania been replaced?

Hello Underdogs, I hope that you are doing well today! Since it’s Halloween time, I am trying to do things that are kind of spooky and crazy. I heard a conspiracy theory that actually surprised me and I had to dig in it to see what it was all about. Apparently, people are thinking that the First Lady of the United States, Melania Trump, has been replaced by a body double! While this can be laughed off, people also said the same thing about Hilary Clinton for several of her appearances during her campaign trail. What is going on here? Are these women in politics actually being hidden away while an actor portrays them in public, is it just confusion, or is there something very strange going on?

Who’s that lady?

The whole Melania replacement theory started on Friday the 13th, after Donald Trump gave a bazaar interview. More so that usual.  As Trump was addressing the press about helping out victims of all the natural disasters that have been happening the last several months. He said during this interview something about his wife. After skipping small beat, he continued with, my wife, who happens to be right here. Did you not realize that was your wife standing right next to you? Melania Trump was literally standing next to him. It was a very odd statement, almost as though he was trying to convince everyone that the female standing next to him, was in fact, his wife. Then, we all took a good look at the woman standing next to Donald Trump and the conspiracy theories took off! Was that actually Melania Trump behind those dark sunglasses, and double chins? That woman is an impostor! Or, Melania is having a pretty off day and doesn’t even look like herself.

You might ask yourself, why would the First Lady be replaced? There are several very reasonable theories as to why a body double would be hired to take her place. First, there is a safety concern. If there was some sort of threat or reason that Melania would need to be hidden away, but still appear in public to seem as though everything was normal, a body double would make sense. Another reason is that Melania may have been ill, and couldn’t attend. Rather than appearing weak, a body double was hired to stand in for her and not speak. Another reasonable explanation is that Melania is a parent. What if her child wanted his Mother, and she wasn’t going to give up time with her son, she they hired a body double for brief appearances.

She speaks!

Why would be other reasons that Melania might have a double? For one thing, she is fed up and isn’t willing to make public appearances anyone. In order to keep things looking on the up and up, Melania agreed to lay low and have a body double so she wouldn’t show the public her contempt. This could be pretty reasonable.  Melania and Donald may have also actually split up. At one point, there was a story written that Melania wouldn’t be living in the White House, but that caused a lot of uproar! It was because the amount of money that would need to be spent to protect them, and the President in not only separate homes, but states away is way too much for the taxpayer’s liking! Maybe, she really is living in New York with her son and a body double is to mislead the public and keep them from being angry that they are spending so much money on security. I also heard that she has fled to Russia for some reason. I’m not 100% sure why, and I couldn’t find a train of thought to follow this too far, but I thought that I would mention it since it was a theory.

We don’t hear Melania speak very often, so it could stand to reason that she could be interchanged with a body double rather easily. Her body language between her and her husband has never been anything that could be considered to be comfortable, so again, it would reason that a stand-in would easily be used. I feel awful saying this, but it is an observation.  The woman in the strange sunglasses photo looks tired, worn, and old. Maybe this is Melania and she didn’t put on the best make up because she wasn’t expecting to be making a public appearance. Melania is a former model, and she most likely has done some cosmetic enhancements to her face. At a certain point, nature wins out and the age of a person comes through. Maybe, this is Melania and she is sick!

No matter what, people from all walks of life have used the practice of using body doubles for a various amount of reasons. Actors, singers, and even people on YouTube have used body doubles. Why wouldn’t political leaders also take advantage of this well known art? It can be a matter of safety, or it can be a matter of not wanting to make public appearances. There is nothing easy about the relationship between Melania and Donald Trump. Maybe they were having an off day, but they don’t have the advantage of living their life in private. Keeping up appearances in this world is more important that keeping up with the truth.

What do you think? Is there a body double for the first lady, or are we all just crazy?

October 17

Lush Bath Bombs

Hello Underdogs, and I hope that you are having a wonderful day! A few weeks ago, I did a Try it Tuesday about making your own bath bombs. Take a look at the link here if you have missed it :http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/bath-bombs/      Today, I am going to take a look at Lush Bath Bombs and give them a review. If you have never been to Lush before, it’s a store filled with lots of bath and body products. They are known for their hand made, and natural products that have a sticker of the person who made the product on them! They also have very attentive staff members who help you with samples, and finding products that you might need. They also give bath bomb demonstrations, which is actually pretty cool.


There is a wall of Lush Bath Bombs, and if you don’t know what you are looking for, they do have little chalk boards that have a small description on each basket. They range in size, colors, smells, healing properties, and of course, glitter! They also range in price from about $5.95-$11.95. Now, you see why I am making my own at home! I think the cost is way crazy! I can get behind the $5.95, but the ones that are more expensive don’t necessarily mean that they are bigger. I’m sure the price of the Lush Bath Bombs have to do with the actual ingredients, but it is still hard to wrap my mind around spending almost $12.00 on an item that you are only going to use once! The smell is awesome, and I did have a hard time narrowing down which one I was going to buy. It seemed like each one that I picked up and really liked turned into the most expensive one! I paid for a small one to try as this demo at $5.95, and then bought 2 more bigger ones for $7.95 each.

I was told that the Lush Bath Bombs don’t last more than a few weeks. In fact, the employees told me to not keep it on hand longer than 3 weeks. I’m not honestly sure what would happen if I did. I don’t know if it would lose it’s scent, or would it not work at that point? I know that it is a delicate matter to make these bath bombs, and if you put too much liquid in at once, then it will set off the chemical reaction. I am not sure then, if holding on to the bath bombs for several weeks will actually do anything or not. I can tell you that I kept them in the small brown paper bags inside of the bathroom, and the whole bathroom smells just like the Lush Bath Bombs! That is actually very nice, and it’s kind of calming!

I like hot baths, so I filled the tube and put in one of the bath bombs at random. I grabbed the yellow one, called Cheer up, Buttercup. It is supposed to be mood boosting. The bath bomb had a nice fizz to it, and it smells wonderful! This Lush bath bomb may have supposed to be a mood boost, but I found it very relaxing, and I felt my stress melting away. I think it fizzed for around 45 seconds before completely disappearing, and the color of the bath tube was very light yellow. It does not stain, so that isn’t something that you need to worry about if that was a concern.  This was a very nice addition to my bath time, and the nice scent not only filled up the bathroom, but I could smell it walking down the hallway for about an hour.

While I really enjoyed the Lush Bath Bombs, I have a hard time spending that much money for one. I think this will be a splurge for me once in awhile, but it won’t be something that I work into my normal bath routine. The scent is very hard to beat. While I honestly didn’t dive into the healing properties of these bath bombs, I understand that some of them help with skin issues and other things. I wanted to find one that fit a price I was willing to spend, and a scent that I didn’t mind to have in my bath. For me, that was the most important factor. While I think these would make a great gift, the time limit to use them can kind of hamper these being given out if you shop for Christmas like I do. I don’t go shopping past November 1st for anything for Christmas, so if I wanted to give a bath bomb, the 3 week time limit wouldn’t work out. I wouldn’t get these bath bombs for a gift, but I would get them for something special for me. I give Lush Bath Bombs a 4 out of 5 because the smell is wonderful, but the price, and shelf life for gifting is not the best. I feel confident that I can make my everyday bath bombs at home, and get Lush everyone once in awhile!


October 16

Favorite Halloween Movies

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Halloween is my favorite time of year! I love everything spooky and scary. I have been doing a cursed movie series recently, but I want to focus on a list of movies that I have to watch every single October! These are staples and it doesn’t feel like Halloween unless I see these movies! Some of these movies are scary, some are funny, and some are kind of plain campy, but I don’t care! It’s important to have fun and sometimes that comes in the form of being scared, laughing, or taking comfort in characters that you have seen over and over again. This isn’t in any order of preference since I don’t watch them in any sort of order, but here are my favorite Halloween movies!

1. Teen Witch:

Seriously, how much do I love this movie? I have always wanted to be just like Louise, and find out one day that I am a witch, and I can make myself the most popular girl! First, this is a movie from the 1980’s that is so eighties that it’s adorable! Louise is an awkward young girl who is having a hard time in high school. She is very smart, but wants to have a day where people don’t laugh at her. She also has a crush on the hottest guy in school, Brad, but he won’t look her way unless it’s for help with homework. After a small accident, Louise finds the house of a psychic who is actually a real witch and was her friend in a past life. Together, they go on adventure of testing out their powers and working on becoming more popular and well-liked. They find that getting all you want may not be what you need, and Louise walks away. You should seriously check out this movie if you have never seen it before. It actually has a stage musical, and the soundtrack is awesome!

2. Halloween Town:


This is a favorite among so many people, and it is a very family friendly movie starring none other than the late, great Debbie Reynolds. The story starts off on Halloween, and we learn that this family with 3 children are not allowed to do anything on Halloween for some unknown reason. The oldest child, Marnie, is very upset because she identifies with all things Halloween. That night, their Grandma appears and has dinner with them, and you find out that Marnie is a real witch and she will get her powers this year. Her Mom tells her Grandma that she wants her child to live a normal life and she leaves to go back home. Little does Grandma know, but all 3 kids tag along and they are transfered to Halloween Town, a town where everything Halloween is real! There is a bad guy trying to disrupt the town, and with the help of the 3 children, and their Mom, they are able to save Halloween town! This is seriously one of my favorite Halloween movies because anyone can watch it! There are several sequels that you should also watch!


3. Practical Magic:

This is one of my favorite movies to watch with my best friends! Sally and Jillian are sisters who are witches, but grew up with a curse. If any female member of their family falls in love, the man will surly die. Sally falls in love and her husband dies after she has two children with him. They move into the spunky Aunt’s house and they try to teach their nieces the craft because Sally has turned her back on everything in her mourning. Jillian gets herself into trouble with an abusive boyfriend, and Sally goes to rescue her sister. He kidnaps them, and in an act of protecting her sister, Sally accidentally kills the man. The rest of the story revolves around Sally and Jillian making some huge mistakes, but finding their way back to the craft, and back to themselves. This is a great sisterly movie that you totally need to watch with your friends!


4. Ghostbusters:

“If there is something strange, in the neighbor hood, who ya gonna call.” If you didn’t shout out Ghostbusters, then we can’t be friends! This classic from the 1980’s centers around 4 men who kind of stumble upon a job where they are busting ghosts, and making the city a safer place! While they are trying to help out New York, they are accidentally breaking several laws that lands them in some hot water. The big problem is, that there is a huge increase in spirit activities and they seem like they are the only ones who can help save everyone! With the greatest cast on Earth, they defy the legal aspects and go after the big Stay Puff Marshmallow man. Again, this isn’t just one of my favorite Halloween movies, but one of my all time favorite movies! You should check out the other 2 movies, and the animated series as well! All are excellent movies, but this first one is hands down the best!

5. The Shining:

I have such a love/hate relationship with this movie, but I can’t deny that it’s one of my favorite Halloween movies! This movie from the 1980’s centers around Jack, Wendy, and their only child, Danny who become caretakers at The Outlook Hotel during the long winter. The twist? They are not only by themselves and isolated for months on end, but they also have a haunted hotel, and a physic child who the hotel uses as a vessel. The psychological damage due to just being alone and not being able to really leave a building for months on end is hard enough. But there is also ghosts and Jack is a ticking time bomb, doomed to repeat his own violence, and the violence from the hotel. While this is a great movie, there are times it really annoys me because the book is so vastly different. However, it is a classic film so I can push it aside and enjoy the movie for what it is.


Those are a few of my favorite Halloween movies that I must watch every single year! They are all pretty different, but each one puts a smile on my face. What are some of your favorite Halloween movies? Leave your comments below.


October 16

Ghosts in my house

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well! I was planning on doing a third movie in my cursed series, however, I have been to freaked out! For the last several days, I have been fairly sure that I have been having an otherworldly visitor. I have had a few very strange things happen to me and since I am alone in the house at the moment, outside of two dogs, this has been a spooky week. I didn’t want to tempt anything out there by writing about another cursed movie, right now, especially the one that I had planned. If all goes well, then I will continue this next week. Here are a few strange things that have happened over the last few days. I am not sure, but I might have ghosts in my house.

Image result for free clip art halloween images


First, things have been falling off of the wall. I don’t have a lot of things hung up around the house. What I do, it’s pretty well secured. I have a dry erase board on the wall that has been there for awhile, and it hasn’t fallen down like this before. I was watching TV, and both of the dogs were either in their bed, or right next to me, but all in eye shot. I wasn’t doing anything at all, but this dry erase board didn’t just fall off the wall, it leaped! I’m not saying that it fell skidded across the floor. It flew off the wall and landed in the middle of the floor without hitting the ground first. It made such a large noise, I got up and saw the hooks also came out of the wall. It was so forceful, that there was a chunk of paint that came off with the hooks. Could this be the work of ghosts?

The last few nights, I have heard footsteps walking up and down the hall. They are heavy, like there is someone walking up and down the hall with steal toe boots. I was half asleep, and actually got up to see if my Uncle, who wears steal toe boots, was looking for something such as toilet paper. When I got to the hall, I realized that he wasn’t there, and I was alone. Plus, when he stays over, he normally doesn’t wear those boots at night, and keeps his shoes off until he has to go somewhere. I went back to bed and tried to shake it off. About two hours later, I heard it again, and this time, both the dogs started to growl. I was scared, and I listened very heard to make sure that someone hadn’t actually broken into my house. I have been robbed before, while I was in the home, and I can honestly say that I am hyper sensitive and super afraid it will happen again. I was actually forming a plan to break out my window and take the dogs with me, when I wondered if it was a ghost. Half way between a state of fear, exhaustion, and stress, I passed out, until another 2 hours went by and I heard the walking once again. The dogs growled, and I set them loose into the hall. They both barked, and then they came back. This happened one more time before I had to get up for the day.

Last night was pretty bad with the walking, and I hardly got any sleep. However, that wasn’t the scariest thing that happened. During the day, I knocked over my purse and some change fell out. I picked up my change and just put it down on the table because I was thinking about either putting it into a jar, or my coin purse. I went about my day, and forgot about it. I went to bed, and had to be up pretty early so I tried my best to ignore all the noises. When I got up for the day, I walked out and glanced at the table. There was my change, arranged from smallest to largest, in a straight line. Again, there is no one in my house besides me and the two dogs. The doors and all the windows were locked. There was no sign that anyone had been in my house, or tried to get into the house. That whole thing made my blood turn cold! Now, I am seriously spooked out!


I am not sure what to do with my new ghosts friends. While it startles me, and I really don’t like hearing things move around at night, this ghost isn’t the worst thing in the world. About a month ago, I laid out my shirt on my bed and then went to the bathroom. When I came back, my shirt was gone. I looked all over, making sure that it just didn’t fall on the floor. I gave up and left the house. When I came home, the shirt was in the very middle of the bed in a place where I would never have missed it. I think I have a bit of  prankster on my hands. However, it needs to leave me alone at night, or I won’t sleep, and will be very afraid that someone is breaking in to the house! I am going to wait this out and try to feel out the situation before I see if this ghost needs some help, or is just having some fun. I am sure me hiding under the covers looks pretty funny! However, I am not sure if this is just a guest, or someone who is passing on by.

What do you think? Do you have any ghosts in your home? Leave your comments below!

October 13


I decided to skip Theory Thursday in honor of Friday, the 13th and explore some traditional superstitions. Now, I am not a superstitious person, but I find them very interesting. If you aren’t familiar with superstitions, then let me explain. They are collection of legends, stories, and old wives tales that either encourage you to be cautious or you will have bad luck, or if you do this, it will bring you good luck.  You may not realize that some of these things are even a superstition and might confuse them with a tradition. Either way, they bring up some very real fears and people have even rearranged their lives around these thoughts and beliefs.

Half of the world is terrified by the number 13. It has been associated with bad luck for countless years. This superstition is so strong that many hotels will not even acknowledge the number 13. For example, if they have many floors and you go into the elevator, you will see listed for the floors numbers 1-12, and then right directly to number 14. If you are on the “real” 13th floor, you won’t see anything that says you are on that floor. Instead, you will see the 14th floor. Why is the number 13 such a big deal? There is actually a fear of the number 13 called Triskaidekaphobia.  This is a very real fear, because people honestly believe that something awful will happen to them involving the number 13. Bible traditions say that there were 13 people at the last supper, and they count Judas as the 13th person. So why is Friday the 13th so bad?


Friday the 13th has been associated with evil and bad luck. Mostly because in modern times there is a whole series of spooky movies.  The superstition of Friday the 13th goes back so much farther than a movie. For whatever reason, people believe that during Friday the 13th,  all the little bad omens we all heard while growing up will happen, and the results will be so much worse than any other day of the week! History says the Knight’s Templar may have been killed on this day by the order of the King. The real date is not clear, but this is the most agreed upon date for this terrible event. It seems like this was such a violent and unpleasant situation, this date because associated with terror and horror, and eventually evolved into a superstition.

Some of those childhood superstitions are silly, but many people live their lives by them! For example, if you step on a crack, you are going to break your Mother’s back! If you open up an umbrella inside, then you will have bad luck. If you walk under a ladder, you will have bad luck. If you don’t say the phrase, “Bless you,” after a sneeze, then a spirit may enter the body of the person who sneezed! People don’t make doctor appointments, or do major business such as closing a house on Friday the 13th! People also believe that the phases of the moon effect a person’s thoughts and actions. Nurses and Doctors have reported an increase in people coming to the ER on full moons, as well as police saying there is an increase in crime!

Of course, people believe that if a black cat crosses your path, then you will have bad luck. This is a very common superstition, but the origins of this goes way back to Egyptian times! In Egypt, cats were revered and feared. They believed that cats were guardians to the underworld, and could slip back and forth into both worlds. This could be considered scary. Eventually, this evolved into witches and black cats. This is because cats wonder at night, and that could be considered evil. The belief is witches work at night as well, so they both are cut from the same cloth! Just as scary is breaking a mirror that will cause you to have 7 years bad luck. The origins of this superstition goes back to the days of the Romans. People believed that a mirror carries a piece of the person’s soul who is looking into it. If you break it, then your soul is in jeopardy. Of course, mirrors used to be very expensive, and it could take 7 years to replace one if you broke it a long time ago!


Many of you have either been to a wedding, or have been involved in a wedding at some point in your life. There are actually many superstitions that happen during a wedding that people don’t even realize! Have you ever wondered why the wedding couple can’t see each other the night before their wedding? People say it’s bad luck, but this goes back to the days of mostly arranged marriages to make sure the couple wouldn’t change their minds. The groom carries the bride over the threshold not for a romantic gesture, but as a superstition. They are doing this to sweep the bride over the evil spirits attaching themselves to her, so they won’t enter their home and new life. Why do weddings have tiered wedding cakes? It is a good omen because they want a child to come soon after. By combining the wedding cake with more than one tier means you will have many things to celebrate!

Those were some of the typical and traditional superstitions. I hope you enjoyed reading about them, and I am curious if you believe in any superstitions yourself? If you do, leave a comment below and let me know!


October 11

Pumpkin Spice and Chai Tea

Hello Underdogs, hope you are having a great week! I am a bit behind this week due to some personal trauma, but I figured it’s better late than never when it comes to this awesome blog! During the Fall, a whole lot of products come out and that includes drinks. I decided to try two pre-made drinks that I got from Kroger. I want to let you know, that both of these products were free because Kroger has free items of the week. Since I didn’t pick up one right away, I was able to get both at the same time.  The first was from Gold Peak called Chai Latte. The second was from Starbucks and it was Pumpkin Spice Latte. Both of these came in plastic bottles that were 14 ounces. They are both to be kept chilled, and you have the option of pouring over ice. Here is what I thought of the Pumpkin Spice and Chai Tea.


The Pumpkin Spice comes in a very orange bottle. This screams not only Fall, but Halloween as well. I honestly tried to come up with a way to use this bottle for some sort of decoration because the orange color is so good. The cost of this product is normally $2.99. This is cheaper than what you could get at Starbucks. For comparison sake, this would be closest to the grande size, which is around $4.00. I decided to put this in the fridge overnight, and skip on the ice. When I opened the bottle, I took the mandatory sniff and smelled pumpkin. I know, this is a shocker, but I want to be very specific here, this smelled exactly like the pumpkin spice from Starbucks. In my personal experience, the product you find in stores and the product that you can purchase directly from the vendor have a lot of differences. This would be comparable to buying frozen product from a chain store at a grocery store, then realizing that the taste is slightly different, and no where near the same as what you could get from the actual location.

When I took a drink, I was very shocked at how similar the bottle taste was compared to the store bought! If you have read some of my reviews on similar products, then you will see how rare this has been. This was the first time ever that I tried a bottle product and honestly can say I couldn’t tell the difference between this and a Pumpkin Spice that I got directly from Starbucks. I know that the reason for these kinds of products is two fold. First, it’s a great way for people to try this product out when they don’t have a Starbucks around them. There are still many places like this even though in many cities and towns there is a Starbucks on every corner! The second is a convince. Sometimes, this is a nice, quick drink to get and take with you or drink on the go. I am going to give this Pumpkin Spice a 5 out of 5 stars. I am honestly very impressed with this product.



The second product that I tried is the Chai Tea from Gold Peak. Gold Peak is very well known for the selections of teas. I normally get the unsweetened Tea, and once in awhile, I will also get the sweet tea, so I am pretty familiar with their brand.  If you have never tried Gold Peak, it is a very smooth tea, without a lot of bite from the bitterness. Chai tea is a different flavor than your traditional tea. Chai tea is a black tea that comes from India. They usually make this with milk, and there is a variety of spices in the Chai tea. In fact, almost every single brand of Chai tea that I have ever tried has the same basic taste, but the spice profile is very different. I really enjoy a Chai Tea and this is one my go to for some relief when I am having a sore throat. Normally, I get Chai tea over ice, and I like to put caramel flavoring in it. I also kept this in the fridge overnight, and decided to skip out on the ice, and I didn’t use any additional flavoring. The cost of this product is normally $2.49.


Again, I did the sniff test after opening and I could smell the Chai Tea, but it was light. When I took a drink, I was meet with a light version of this product. I instantly thought that this drink was made with all water, and no milk. That was debunked because it says right on the front that it contains milk, and it also says that on the label. However, it also says it’s made with water. I worked in coffee shops for years, and I will admit that I can be kind of spoiled when it comes to certain drinks. In a shop, you will get a Chai Tea, hot or iced with part water, and part milk. I can’t stand having it made with any water because traditionally it’s severed with heavy milk, and I really think that you lose the taste. If you use only milk, you will be able to enjoy more flavor. I like this drink, but I don’t like that it was made with part water.  However, I understand that this is a personal taste, and I couldn’t find anything wrong with the product. It was nice, just not steller. I actually did end up pouring over ice and I think that helped a bit. Again, not a bad product at all, which is why I give it a 4 out of 5 stars. I still think it was a bit too weak in general, but I would still drink it again.


Pumpkin Spice and Chai Tea are very different drinks, but they both are very good. I was pleasantly surprised to find that both of these bottled drinks were actually pretty tasty! This is one of the few times that I have tried bottled drinks that I really enjoyed as much as the store bought products. I am very happy that I got to try these for free first, since I feel like I could give it an honest review. If I saw these in the store now, I would pick them up on my own dime, and not via freebie from Kroger. Of course, I would use a coupon if I had one, because I am all about saving money. However, I think both the Pumpkin Spice, and Chai Tea are worth trying out yourself!


Let me know down in the comments about your favorite Fall drinks! Would you try the Pumpkin Spice and Chai Tea?

October 9

On the sidelines with the Colts

Last week was awful. In fact, it was one of the worst of my life. We all needed a pick me up for the battle ahead, and were pleasantly surprised when we won a prize package to the Colts game!! Honestly, we all thought it was a prank at first until the tickets came in the mail the very next day! Thanks to replybuy.com, we were given 2 seats in the lower bowls, a parking pass in the stadium, and a fan experience on the sidelines during warm-ups. I have been to several Colts games before, but nothing like this! This was truly a VIP experience and I am glad that I got to be apart of it! Here is the breakdown of the day.

We arrived to Lucas Oil an hour and a half before kickoff. Since we had the parking pass, we didn’t have to pay to park several blocks away.  We were able to pull right in the stadium parking, and was through the gates in minutes. To compare to the normal routine going to a Colts game, we would have to pay anywhere from $15.00 to $30.00 for a random parking spot and walk. The walk could be a few blocks, of close to a mile depending on the day. The longest we ever waited in line to get into the building was the Thanksgiving game last year. It took about 3 hours to get through security and get to our seats. Apparently being a winning VIP is enough to get you through the gates in lighting speed!

After got through the door after being handed the programs and the “Thank you Peyton,” signs, we got a bit lost trying to find the location of where we were meeting the contact. For those of you who aren’t football fans, Peyton Manning, a former football player from the Colts, was having his jersey retired during this game.  Basically, it was kind of a big deal in the world of football.  After we found where we were going, we had to sign a waiver to get on the field. I actually didn’t read through what it was that we signed. I hope it had nothing too bad on it outside of not suing if we got hit by footballs. Maybe it said I owed them 15 gold coins and  I  must do the chicken dance every time I hear the word sunshine. We then got taken to a super secret elevator and got to go down to the tunnels! We walked through the same place that team members, staff, and NFL personality gets to run through every week!

We were given free reign of the sidelines, as long as we stood within the lines. We could walk up and down and watch the Colts warm up. We were only supposed to be there for about 20 minutes, but actually stayed about an hour where I made a ton of Facebook live videos, and took about 100 photos. I think I took more photos than I did when I was in London. However, it’s easier to get back to London that it is to get on the field of a Colts’ game, so I ended up killing my battery before the game even started. The Colts players were so kind! They played catch with the littlest fans, invited a few out on the field, and they spent time talking to many of the fans. We got to see some pretty big football players getting ready for the game.

Image may contain: crowd, football and stadium


After we were done, we went to the seats provided for us, which were lower level bowl seats. We didn’t have to watch the screens the see the game, because we were close enough to watch without it’s help! We also sat next to drunk Tim and Tom, which was an adventure in and of itself.  We got to watch this very exciting game that went into overtime, which is not typical for a football game!  The Colts won so this was a very fun game!!


A shout out to Replybuycom for the tickets! https://www.replybuy.com/ This was such a fun day, and we tried to enjoy every single moment. Again, it was such a hard week, and there are a lot of challenges a head, but I think this day was a nice break, and a bit of good news to help us get through the times that are coming. It was pretty cool to have the equivalent of a back stage pass, and trust me, I Wayne’s World it up! We weren’t expecting to win anything, so my advice is to enter every free contest that you can! You may not win anything, but once in awhile, you just might! Why not, it only takes a moment. You never know what you could win, and what amazing life experience you might get to have.

October 8

Cursed Movies: The Omen

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I hope you are all excited to read about the second cursed movie, called “The Omen,” in this series of posts!  The Omen is another movie that has a lot of potential evil and curses surrounding it’s making, and release. All of the following events that took place could all be just a strange coincidence. However, when you read all of the things that happened, it is very hard to believe that it didn’t have something to do with other worldly reasons. In fact, this movie came with a warning before it even started to film by the creator, himself.  Writer, David Seltzer warned that the worst thing you could do was take take the veil away from Satan, and show him publicly, to the entire world. That is exactly what they were about to do, and they would all pay for this choice. If you haven’t had a chance to read about the cursed movie, Poltergeist, check out the link here! http://www.andtheunderdogwins.com/cursed-movies-poltergeist/

If you have never seen The Omen, I suggest that you start with the original movie from 1976. The movie is about the Thorn family who start off the film very tragically. Husband Robert, and wife, Katherine are in the hospital awaiting the birth of their son. Robert is told the son dies shortly after his birth. Instead of telling his wife about this, he and a staff member steal a child who’s Mother had just died giving birth and therefore is an orphan. They don’t tell Katherine about the switch, and they have no clue what they are bringing home. Their son, Damien, has lots of strange events happening to him, including not being able to enter a church, dog attacks, animals having an adverse reaction to him, people killing their selves or others in his name, people being fearful of him, and people finding violent ends who mean him harm. Basically, everyone thinks he is the devil born into the world. Everyone around Damien dies tragically, and he ends up becoming a ward of the President, showing that he will have a lot of protection, and a lot of influence.

While the movie premise is pretty spooky, what happened in real life is even worse. Here is a list of strange things that happened while filming, “The Omen,” and directly after! As if they weren’t already driving the point home of all things satanic, this movie was released on June 6th 1976. (See how they got a 666 there?) In the movie, there is an actor who is beheaded after he is threatening to Damien. The special effects creator who set up this scene, and did the very realistic beheading actually suffered a similar fate. He was in a car accident with a female, and they were both killed on Friday the 13th. Unfortunately, he was killed by beheading due to the accident. The accident took place in Ommen, Netherlands, and happened at the mile marker 66.6.

If you were involved in this movie, then you should have stayed clear of airplanes! Actor Gregory Peck lost his son right before filming to a gun shot wound. They ruled  it a suicide, but there was no note. After he boarded a plane, in his deep grief, the plane was stuck by lighting. The plane almost crashed, but it didn’t. However, these events changed Peck forever. The producer of the film was also in plane that had lighting strike it less than 2 days later. The production also rented a plane for some air shots for the movie. However, they changed their plans and went with another company. A bunch of business men rented the plan instead, but the flight records were never changed and it still said that the Omen was renting the plane. That plane crashed and killed everyone on board.

Animals didn’t have a good time on The Omen either. There were several scenes shot that had dogs, and other animals that reacted to Damien in a negative way. This includes dogs attacking, and other animals acting strange and agitated. The dogs nearly killed the stunt man during the shoot. During one of the other animal scenes, a tiger got loose and mauled a zoo keeper to death. It is always dangerous using animals in a movie because they are still wild, and those instincts kick in. Maybe it had to do with the devil, or maybe it had to do with tired, over worked animals, and people not handling them correctly and safely.

There were also issues of production members being in a place where bombs were going off. The same man who’s plane was hit by lightning was staying in a hotel in London during filming. The hotel to get bombed, and he survived. A few weeks ago, other members of the staff were eating at a restaurant in London. This place was also bombed, but each of them survived. It was like a game of cat and mouse with tragedy and death while The Omen was being filmed.

This movie had a lot of tragic things that happened during the shoot. It seems like a curse was following some of the members of the crew. If I were part of this movie, I wouldn’t travel in planes ever again! Could these events be due to the devil being angry, or dark forces being upset about the making of this movie? It very well could be, or just some pretty bad luck going on instead. There is a lot of fear and heartbreak surrounding this movie as well. It is up to you to believe if The Omen is a cursed movie or not!



October 5

Are Ghosts People, Too?

When it’s that time of year for spooks, ghouls, and goblins, we like to  think of all things that go bump in the night. This includes theories about ghosts, and what they might really be. We don’t know what these beings are, or if they are even real. However, since the beginning of time, people have reported seeing ghosts. There are countless ghost stories, movies, and TV shows that cover this topic, but no one knows the truth. Today, we are going to take a look at a very interesting theory about ghosts, and how they may not be dead, but us observing slips in time, or we are seeing splinters of our own souls.

I had a conversation with a few friends about if they believed in ghosts or not. Most people that I’ve talked to think that there is something out there that could be considered a ghost. One friend was convinced that there is no such thing. It had to do with clothing. Why would ghosts have clothing if they are dead? To me, that was an interesting question that I never thought about. Clothing isn’t alive so why would it return with a person after death? What if this has to do with a multiverse. For this example, you will need to put on your nerd hat!

In the show, “Doctor Who,” Clara jumped through a time line and she splintered. This means that she broke apart and scattered throughout time and space. Clara then had many different lives, both living and dying at the same time, but in many different universes. What if we are scattered throughout time and space ourselves? What if we are living and dying in different universes, and sometimes, those universes converge. If that is the case, are we actually capturing a glimpse of another world, and instead of seeing ghosts, we are seeing either ourselves, or another person who is just living their live in another vibrations? If we go by this theory, then wouldn’t our past lives be happening right now too? Not only could we get some sightings of ghosts that may be us in another world, but could that explain things that we believe that we have done or said before? If time is not a straight line, then anything is possible.

I know that this is a short one, but with ghosts, and time, anything is possible. We all want to know what happens after we leave this life. Is there a next one, or is there not? No one will no or sure since we will never have actual proof. There are lots of beliefs, but no one knows for sure. That is why we all keep searching for answers, and why we all want to find more than what goes on in our world. There are things that we can’t explain, and in order to do that, we should be open to more possibilities.


What do you think, are ghosts just people who are in another universe or are they not real at all.