Orbs: Proof of the Paranormal?

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Hello Underdogs! As many of you know, I love the unknown and the paranormal. I enjoy the mystery and the intrigue about the things that we can’t quite explain. Those theories and questions of why and what keep me going. Life is too short to be given all the answers, and too vast for any of us to every find out the truth of the universe. The journey is so important and sometimes, we are lucky enough to see hints and get some small glimpses of answers or another twist and turn. This is one of the reasons I enjoy the paranormal so much. However, you must realize that even though I enjoy these things, I still look at everything with a skeptical eye. This leads me to a very popular subject and many people’s proof of the supernatural, which are orbs.

First, what is an orb and why would someone think that they have anything to do with the paranormal? An orb is defined as a circular item appearing on a photo or in a video. Sometimes they are clear, and sometimes they have their own light. Why do people think that a circle showing up in a photo has anything to do with ghosts? Some people theorize that this is an example of a ghost or a spirit that can’t harness enough energy to show themselves. Instead, they show up in a ball of energy, or an orb, and this results in evidence in a haunting situations. There are people that are so convinced of this, that they have come up with orb guides to let you know what certain colors may or may not mean.



I posted  two photos that I took on my Instagram account to see what people thought about the orbs that I caught. At the time, I was in Bonaventure Cemetery where I was taking several photos. These two photos stuck out to me because I saw a few rambling orbs joining the headstones. I wanted to see what people thought when I posted these photos and I got a lot of responses in the form of messages. Many people were either impressed or really freaked out about what I may or may have not captured! People were either very worried, or they thought it was cool. However, no one seemed to question what an orb really was so this prompted me to do research. I also got some new followers so I hope you go and check out my Instagram feed to keep up on my social media life. Inserting shameless self promotion here: https://www.instagram.com/lisateb







While orbs are cool looking, I no way in any shape or form believe that they are proof of the paranormal or the supernatural. While my photos were not fake, they were mistaken for something spooky. What you saw in my photo was rain drops. It was raining the day I was at the cemetery. While there aren’t orbs in each photo, there is a very good reason for this fact. The rain was intermittent so it was only for a few moments and didn’t appear in any other photos of mine after the rain had stopped. Orbs are not normally faked, but they are logical things. A few years ago, my friend picked up a bunch of dirt and threw it into the air. Her Mom took a photo with the flash on and it looked as though there were hundreds of orbs, both clear and colored, all over the place! It was spooky, but those orbs were not evidence of anything paranormal. They were a great trick of the light and some dust.


Orbs are not proof of anything but something being caught by a camera that is either dirt, rain snow, dust, bugs or other natural things.  There are reasons why historic places seem haunted because they are full of orbs. It is simply because the location is old and there is a lot of dust and other items around that is easily kicked up and photographed when people are walking around. I don’t think that anyone who captures orbs in their photos are faking anything. Please don’t think that at all. They really capturing something, but it’s just not what you think it is. Just because I think there is a logical explanation, doesn’t mean that I’m 100% right or 100% wrong. However, I feel if you are documenting the paranormal, you will need stronger evidence than orbs, which can easily be explained away as something very logical such as dust or rain drops.



What do you think? Do you think orbs are an explanation or proof of the paranormal? Have you had any other evidence to back up your spooky claims beyond any orbs that you have caught? Post your photos below and join the discussion. Also, don’t forget to follow my Instagram account!




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