Myths about the Sun and Moon

In honor of the eclipse, I thought we would honor the Sun and Moon by telling some of their myths. The universe is an amazing place, Underdogs, and we understand very little about it. We don’t have the power and technology to really see into the deep depths of space, or be able to test the contents of the Sun and Moon. We can study them, and sometimes, if we are very lucky, we can observe some wonders of nature such as today’s eclipse. Many cultures still believe in the power of the Sun and the Moon and there isn’t anything wrong with that. Nature is awe inspiring and something that we can never replicate in a lab, or in a big budget movie. Here are some interesting myths about two of our sky favorites.

Sun and Moon kid myths:

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Who doesn’t love a good hunk of cheese once in awhile. If that means you are eating it by itself, or are putting it on a grilled cheese sandwich, cheese is out of this world! Why would someone think that the moon is made out of cheese? This is something that most of us have heard since we were children, and it makes many of us laugh. The simple explanation is that when  you look at the Moon, you will see dark spots which are craters. This resembles holes in a cheese wheel.  There has been references to the Moon being made out of cheese since the 16th century and continues up until present day, with many of these myths appearing in children’s story books. Many people say the Moon is made of green cheese which can be traced back to seeing the reflection of the moon in the water and the color appearing to be green. As far as a children’s sun myth, there are not many famous ones. However, many believed that the Sun and the Moon were married. When the Sun went to bed, the Moon would go to work. When the Moon went to bed, the Sun would go to work. That is how you can explain the differences between night and day.


The Sun and Moon and Behavior:

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Have you ever gone outside and howled at the Moon? What about feeling energized after spending some time in the Sun? Have you heard the tales of how Emergency Rooms are filled during the full Moon, or have heard of the term Moonstruck? People from all over believe that the cycles of the Sun and the Moon can cause human’s to act or behave in a certain fashion. In fact, the female menstrual cycle has been refereed to as her moon for years. There have even been Presidents, such as Ronald Reagan, who have looked to the skies to plan big events and speeches. We aren’t really sure why, but the Sun and the Moon seem to be related to how humans act. It can be tied to how animals act, so it’s not too far of to believe that humans might be enchanted as well. While it is hard to explain the why of this, you are far more likely to get into an accident when the Moon is full, and the Sun is at it’s greatest point in the sky. Researchers can connect a spike in crime during a Full Moon. Interestingly enough, there is an actual phenomena called Photic Sneeze which happens to a small percentage of people who sneeze after looking at the Sun.  The Sun and Moon make the world a more amazing place for more than one reason!

The Sun and Moon in the cards:

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In Tarot Cards, which many people are familiar with or have read them before, the Sun and the Moon have cards that are very meaningful. For instance, the Moon card can represent fear, anxiety, unhappiness, or confusion. It can represent the unconscious mind. There are some who say that if you draw a Moon card as your very first card, replace the cared and put it away for at least 24 hours. While this might seem like a negative thing, this of course, matters on the subject at hand, and the other cards that have been drawn. Getting a Moon card could mean that you need to dive deeper into your untapped self. The Sun is very opposite of the Moon card. It can mean warmth, fun, happiness, and brightness in the future. When you see the Sun, your are either getting a message of strength and encouragement, or you are being shown that the path you are on is a good one. If you get this card and have asked a yes and no question, the answer is saying yes! Tarot cards may be controversial to some, entertainment to others, and deeply meaningful to many. It is a way for some to get insight by using tools.

Those are just some fun myths about the Sun and the Moon. I am very grateful to be able to have been able to witness the solar eclipse. The world is amazing, and sometimes you take for granted the little gifts it gives us. Such as a bright and sunny day, or a night filled with light from the moon. We tend to get to the point where we ignore it, but deep down inside, we all hear the call from nature. That might mean we act a certain way when the Moon is full, or we feel our happiest when the Sun is shining over our heads. I hope you got to enjoy the eclipse today. If not, it is online for viewing!

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