Mystery Monday: Outback Steakhouse

Hello Underdogs, have you ever eaten at Outback Steakhouse? It’s the restaurant that has the famous Blooming Onion that is out of this world. (Outback is not a sponsor, I just really like the Blooming Onion. But if you want to partner, I will talk. Recently, a very interesting conspiracy theory has popped up involving this restaurant. I know what you are thinking. You are asking why I didn’t save this for Theory Thursday. This is because it is kind of far and it’s more a mystery than a conspiracy.  Earlier this year, someone decided to connect the locations of Outback Steakhouses in their city. It formed a pentagram. It wasn’t just one city. City after city had their Outback Steakhouses located in the shape of a pentagram.

Image result for outback steakhouse pentagram

So what exactly is a pentagram? It is a symbol that has been used for many years. It is a star with five points which has been associated with the devil, or witchcraft. While it is greatly debated, the pentagram is not a symbol of evil, but a symbol representing the elements. Those are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.  It is a protection against evil and has origins going back to Greek and Roman life. Since there is so much confusion about this symbol, people are taking this whole Outback thing as evil. This whole conspiracy started from a guy on Twitter called @eatmyaesthetics who connected the dots and let people come up with their own thoughts on the matter.


My attempt at making a pentagram.

Why in the world would a chain steakhouse go so far to set up their restaurants like this? The most obvious answer is that they didn’t. It’s all just a coincidence. I am guessing that you can pretty much do this with anything, and make up any sort of shape if you really want to. In fact, you could probably make a cat face, or if you are like me, you can’t make anything out of it. I tried to connected the dots going from location number one, to location number 4 and got the photo on the side. I guess if you work it, you can come up with a pentagram. However, there are 4 locations, not 5, and that really wouldn’t make up the shape without some creative art work.

Another reason that Outback may actually have a pact with the devil is because of the Illuminati. It’s always the Illuminati or the Freemasons that get blamed for all the strange things in the world. That’s right, Outback Steakhouse was a struggling business once upon a time. The heads of the company decided to sell their soul in exchange of bringing affordable steaks, terrible Australian stereotypes, and fried onions to the masses. In order to make this happen, Outback had to obey what the Illuminati wants, including building their locations in the shape of a pentagram. That very settle truth will get into the minds of people who frequent their restaurants. It’s so simple that it’s maddening! It’s mind control at the most basic. You are controlling people in such a settle way that they don’t even know it! I know they are using mind control by making that Blooming Onion so tasty that I am willing to go spend way too much money on it, so this isn’t far fetched at all.

I honestly don’t know any other reason that Outback would make their locations in the shape of a pentagram. The whole thing is a mystery, not a conspiracy. I think it’s just plain funny! You can make up almost any shape if you are artistic. You could also do this is you are bored. I am not trying to be really rude, but this whole thing just seems so far fetched that even me, a known conspiracy theorist, is not impressed by this. It is kind of a mystery in a way because I can see why people think that there is a pentagram. I can also see some very creative people who decided to see how far this could go. Obviously it got my attention several months later, so it worked! I wouldn’t keep away from Outback out of fear that you will lose your soul to the devil. I would stay away if you aren’t willing to pay their prices without a coupon. ( or a sponsorship, right Outback?) Go at your own risk, but don’t forget the Blooming Onions!


What do you think? Is there a real mystery here, or is Outback just a victim of someone who was having a bit of fun?

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