Moth Man, in Indy??

Moth Man, in Indy??

There has been a Moth Man sighting in Indy. Well, there might have been. Let’s look at the facts. Last Saturday, Amy (cousin, roommate, best friend) and I were heading downtown for an event. All of a sudden she shouts out, “Did you see that?” I turned to look at her, and then out the window where she was looking and told her that I didn’t see anything.

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Amy went on to describe ¬†seeing a huge vulture. It was the biggest one that she had ever seen in her life! She told me it look like it was human size with huge wings. Amy couldn’t believe what she had just seen. I asked her if it had red eyes but she didn’t notice because she was so taken aback by the size of the thing. Fast forward to a few hours later, and Amy is having a medical issue and is taken away by an ambulance to the hospital. I know she has a pre-existing medical condition but that did not bring this particular issue. It came out of the blue. It could very well have been something that medically happened to her, or it could have been because she saw the Moth Man!

For those of you who don’t know about the Moth Man legends, here is a ¬†brief explanation. The Moth Man or Moth Men are unknown beings that seem to appear before disaster strikes. Sometimes, they interact with people, while other times people just spot them. Supposedly, there were many sightings and interactions with these Moth Men before the collapse of the bridge in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Are these beings here to foretell us of impending doom, or are they the ones causing it? No one really knows for sure as it is always been a mystery.

Moth Men have been described as huge winged creatures. They stand taller than most people at 6 feet or higher. Their wings have a very long span and their eyes glow red. They appear to be on the skinny side because no one is sure what is in their diet. Some people say that the Moth men are aliens from outer space sent here to do damage, or to warn us. Others say that people are simply mistaken very real animals and confusing them for a Moth Man. Some of the animals accused of being the Moth Men have been owls, vultures, some kind of diseased bird, a hoax, or human error.

While doing research about this, I found that some people have mistaken the Moth Men as a Thunderbird.

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The Thunderbird stems from Native Americans culture. The Ojibwa describes the Thunderbird as large winged birds that can resemble other well-known birds. The purpose of a Thunderbird is to fight underwater spirits. This is the time for migration, and just like any other bird, the Thunderbird moves during Springtime. Could Amy have actually seen a Thunderbird during it’s migration?

No one knows for sure if there was an actual Moth Man sighting here in Indy. It could have been a mistake, or it could have been a Thunderbird on it’s migration. It seemed all too strange for Amy to sight this thing, and then end up in the hospital later on that night. I didn’t see it, nor did anyone else that we knew who was driving the same direction as we were to the event. Could this be the start of a supernatural event, a warning from an alien race, or just a huge bird big enough to eat a small toddler? We will never know for sure. In the meantime, Amy is doing better than she was last week, but we will not being keeping an eye out for these strange winged creatures!

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