My Monday: No Hate Space!

Hello Underdogs,

This weekend has been so amazing that I couldn’t do my normal Supernatural Sunday! I can’t begin to describe how profound and history the last 24 hours have been. It might just be a TV show, but it is so groundbreaking. That’s right, I am talking about Game of Thrones! That will come later, because this weekend was a great weekend to be a nerd. It was an even better weekend to be a female nerd. We got a lot of amazing materials to work with, and it seems like the possibilities are now endless. We are now starting to be on an even playing field, and women are really coming into their own!

Like I said yesterday in my blog, Jodie Whittaker is The Doctor we have a brand new Doctor, who is female. What I was concerned about is happening in spades. People are coming from all sorts of dark, dank, corners to shame this woman, the BBC, and the people in charge of Doctor Who for their casting choice. People are entitled to their thoughts, but there is no reason to became abusive, or cruel. There is nothing about this that will ruin your life, or your childhood. As someone said, “The Doctor is not human, so he isn’t limited by human law.” People have been saying that there is no way a Time Lord can switch genders. That is actually something that has been going on through the whole genesis of the series, both on screen and in audio books, so try again! The creator of the series wanted to have a female doctor, and that was back in the 1960’s! Why were we more progressive in such a subversive time?

It is so very hurtful to see such a historic event overshadowed by cruelness. Doctor Who has always been it’s best when it pushes the envelope, so why should this be any different? If it doesn’t work out, they have an out with regeneration. It truly makes me sad to see people trashing this woman for an acting role. I almost fear for her safety. There are just some cruel and crazy people out there. Jodie Whittaker is the first female Doctor, and always will be. This opens up so many doors for both actors and actresses from this day forward. However, the one to take the plunge gets the most poop. I admire Jodie for putting her neck out on the line, but it shouldn’t be that way! Yes, people are always going to be unhappy about a casting choice, but I have never seen it on this level before.  People are becoming livid. I was actually very taken aback by some reactions of some bloggers that I have respected. If you dislike the choice, fine, but there is no reason to start abuse or threats! Why does a woman who is cast as The Doctor make you have that sort of reaction? I think that says more about the person, than the show itself.

I am team Jodie, and I will continue to spread the love of this happy and historic occasion! The world changed in an instant, and Doctor Who said it is time right now! Millions of us agree, and welcome this change with open arms. I want to have people remember, when Peter Capalidi was cast as The Doctor, many people were angry and swore off the show! I was taken aback by people’s reaction 3 years ago, but I was so happy! Peter Capaldi was the number one choice I had after Matt Smith, and literally the best prepared person to play the role. How quickly people forget when something new happens. Then they focus all of their hate for the change into the new actor. Doctor Who was built on change. It thrives on it, and it does not stand still. If you can’t adapt to change, then you will die. Doctor Who will be around longer than most of us will walk the Earth, and happen to be alive the same time that the first female took over the role. Embrace the change, and give Jodie Whittaker a chance! You saw her on screen for 31 seconds and you made up your minds to hate her because she is female! That is the only reason at this point because you aren’t judging her on her acting abilities. Right now, take a deep breath because you are judging a book by it’s cover.

Don’t forget it’s the safe software, just a different case.