Melting Sugar Face Mask

Every once in awhile, you need to treat yourself, even if that means grabbing a fun Face Mask from a general store. This weekend, I picked up Melting Sugar Pore Clearing Face Mask in Matcha Ice Cream. I love Matcha, so I was really excited to try this out. I have never seen this product before, and there is a clear circle in the middle of the packaged showing a clear liquid with specks of green. Of course, I had to try it out!

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If you have been a long time reader, you will know that I have very sensitive skin. Recently, I found out that mostly every single person has dry skin. The surface of people’s faces are oily, but “skin deep,” your skin is most likely dehydrated. Only around 10% of people’s faces are actually oily according to skin expert Nerida Joy. Your hormones also have a lot to do with your skin, which most of the time can’t be helped without intervention of medication. I have endometriosis, and according to my doctor, it has caused over flaming and very sensitive skin. I have to use very gentle products on my face, so if I try something and I feel anything that is painful or itchy, I abandon ship right away.

Of course, I was concerned about my skin, especially when there is any fragrance attached to a mask that is added. There was a slight scent of Matcha, and I was worried. I went ahead, and poured some on my fingers and let it rest for a full minute. The mask itself is clear, gel like, with little specks of what they call, sugar in them. This sugar was the Matcha Ice Cream specks that were not a different texture than the rest of the mask. If it was, I honestly couldn’t tell. Without any issue, I put on my face. The directions say to apply to a clean face, and spread evenly over the face. It also said to watch the sugar disappear before your face. Those suckers melted really fast! By the time I had applied the full mask, they were gone.

The next step is to wait 10 minutes before washing your face off with warm to hot water. This is an important part of the step. I washed mine off while I was in a very warm shower. I knew that if I had used cooler water, it would have been very difficult to get off. The good news is, I never had any ill side effects by using this mask. I wasn’t itchy, or hurting at all. I was able to easily go for the full 10 minutes that was instructed on the package. Having the mask on felt like a huge layer of gel. I put in all over my face, neck, and even chest since I wasn’t having any issues with reaction.

After getting the mask off, I inspected my face. The face mask did what is said it was going to do, which was to clear pores. I have pores that you can see from outer space, and they were happily clear! I did feel some tightness in my skin for a few minutes, but it wasn’t bad. It was on the apple of my cheeks, and my chin, but like I said it wouldn’t last very long. There were some spots that very overly dry, which was on my nose, and on the lower part of my left cheek.

I don’t like to go from a face mask, to putting on face lotion right after I am done. I like to give my face a bit of time to calm down. I will use something before I go to bed. I’m not sure if this is the “correct” way to do this in skin care, but this is what has worked for me. Everyone does things different, so do whatever works for you. I don’t wear any makeup so I never think about that during my face routine. With most face masks, you won’t see the results right away. Usually you will see the next day, or even the next few days depending on the quality of the product that you use.

My final thoughts on Melting Sugar Face Mask, Matcha Ice cream is that it is a fairly good product. It didn’t hurt, itch, or bother my skin in any way. That is a huge thing for me. The cost of this one package, which I found at Walmart, was $1.37 per package. That was worth it to me, and I would buy this again. I could see that my pores had been cleaned out. As I checked this mask out on the internet, this price was a steal. It is normally more than 2 dollars. There are many other versions of the sugar face masks, so I will be happy to try them again. I would give this mask, a 5 out of 5 stars.